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Downward is Heavenward
by G
Citation:   G. "Downward is Heavenward: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe & MDMA (exp94347)". Jan 24, 2012.

T+ 0:00
800 ug buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 150 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 2:00 800 ug buccal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00 1 hit smoked Cannabis  


I took the first tab of 800 mics 25C-NBOME at approximately 8:00 pm, holding it in between my gum and my cheeks for roughly 20 minutes. A numbing sensation soon follows and I find my body tingling with electrical pulses from the psychedelic stimulation.

This was a mistake. The set was atrocious, along with the setting. I had just returned to my country from holiday and I was sleep deprived. At roughly 9:30 pm the NBOME peaked, leaving me with a sense of euphoria along with heightened empathy. Mild closed eyed visuals occurred, and very light trails of patterns started forming in the open eyed. I was unable to trip in peace as I was constantly being asked by the family to do chores. The whole scenario seemed hilarious to me, especially when taking out the trash while tripping. Eventually I manage to find some time for myself, and that’s when it got even stranger.

I took another tab of 800 mics 25C-NBOME along with a capsule of 150 mg of MDMA. The onset was quick, within 20 minutes I was chatty and I called up a friend to talk. Waves of ecstatic relief constantly washed over my body as I felt lighter than a feather. The world seemed brighter, and the patterns seemed to form at warp speed. At this point, as my body moved I would be able to see visual and motion trails of my ethereal self warping through. Just moving my arms, I would be greeted with an after image burned into my visual sensors.

At around 12 am, the both chemicals were at their peak. I was feeling relief and joyous to start out the year with a bang, and was intent on using this experience to wrap up the last year’s issues. I went to smoke a bowl of “grape fruit” marijuana and that’s when it shifted gears from the ++++ level to +++++. Upon exhaling, what seemed like infinite thought loops went into hyper-drive. I was bombarded with very vivid and realistic scenarios of quests and milestones I had to achieve in life, and as I shut down my eyes to attempt to calm myself, the closed eyed visuals were taking realistic forms of 3D models warping through me. It all accumulated to the point where I was completely overwhelmed, and as I lay there on my bed I felt my ego shattering. I felt omnipresent, infinite and timeless.

The next 3 hours were the most horrifying and intense moments in my life. My shapeless body was now conversing with entities of energy. They welcomed me into the rabbit hole and I had known that this was the deepest I had ever traversed into my psyche. I felt welcomed by their presence and was relieved to be amongst them. I slowly regain my composure, and I find myself completely numb, devoid of emotions. I was able to look at what happened in the past hours with an analytical view, without bias or emotions clouding my judgement. I was simply, numb and cold. I acknowledged then, that nothing will ever be the same. I felt as if my mind’s eye was finally open.

At 4:00 am, my ego was finally mending itself. My mind was slowly transported back into the physical world and I had come to terms with my rebirth. I felt pieces of negativity in my personality disappear, replaced with positive reinforcement. The whole event felt very much like the six million dollar man, NBOME and MDMA had the technology and they rebuilt me from scratch. I was surprised at my mental fortitude at the whole trip, and while it got intense I never broke. I never backed down and it surprised me at how easy I came to terms with it. I accepted it, taking full responsibility of the consequences when I ate the substances. I bought the ticket, and I had taken the ride.

Sleep came easily at 5 am, by that point I was physically and mentally drained. I woke up the next day at 11 am, refreshed and relieved to be alive. I still cannot fathom nor put fully into words the mystifying experience that happened to me yesterday, my set and setting were stupid but it was the most valuable insight into my psyche. 2012, I start the year with the hardest task I had ever undergone. Knowing that I can withstand this, I am ready to take on anything the year can throw at me. My depression, and social anxiety have left me and I finally can be my normal self once more. I simply feel as if I transcended.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94347
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 24, 2012Views: 12,513
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MDMA (3), 25C-NBOMe (540) : Alone (16), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Difficult Experiences (5)

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