Winter Unraveling
by Jack the Tripper
Citation:   Jack the Tripper. "Winter Unraveling: An Experience with LSD (exp94307)". Aug 22, 2018.

T+ 0:00
100 ug oral LSD
  T+ 1:15 200 ug oral LSD


It is a rare experience that I think is one for the internet, and this is one of them. This is the first time I ever did acid. Prior to this I had taken shrooms about 10 times and smoked weed.

I had wanted to try LSD forever, as long as I could remember, but it was so elusive. Finally with my new job and my life in order I sought to find it again. This time I came armed with a bit of knowledge that to my surprise, most people (even drug users) are not privy to- Silk Road. I narrowed down my purchase, from LSD to shrooms, back to LSD, etc. Made a list of potential products and vendors and the price in bitcoins, which I converted into dollars.

I ordered 5 hits of 100 ug Sour Patch Kids from a vendor in the U.S., one who was trusted and had many rave reviews. I spent the next few days breathless, not knowing if anything would come, if it would be fake, or if cops would come with it... It came 3 days later, and this was during the holidays.

I went to my mailbox after getting off of work Wednesday, I work the night shift, and found a small package that I thought looked like it might be it. Breathless with anticipation I took my mail up to my apartment. I put everything else away then set about opening my mysterious package. This had been a great night already because I girl I liked texted me at work all night.

Inside was some more packaging and pack of candies in black packaging. I opened the candies carefully and looked inside- there were 5 of them. Check. This was going well so far. Next came out the blacklight. They lit up on one side or another, not both (except for one, which my seller told me he had double dosed), so this was another confirmation. Okay. Now time to put them away in a really good hiding spot until I find the right time to do them.

I did this and waited until Saturday (New Year's Eve) afternoon, after my couch had been delivered. All morning was spent going back and forth with myself over taking something that I had no experience with, and from a seller on the internet (good reviews notwithstanding) that I had not seen. I didn't know if I would freak out or if something bad might happen. I had read enough trip reports on a reputable harm reduction website to know that bad things can happen with unknown substances.
I had read enough trip reports on a reputable harm reduction website to know that bad things can happen with unknown substances.
To my credit I felt like an experienced psychonaut, so I felt like if anyone could handle it I could. Luckily I told myself it was a small amount, and that only LSD is active at such small quantities, and I wondered why I didn't get the blotter. Actually I had thought that it was sour patch kids blotter.

Finally got my courage up and began walking around with the candy in my hand. Taking the plunge, I popped it in my mouth and chewed it. Tasted just like a regular candy. Hmmm... was this good or bad? Took some pictures for facebook while I was at it. Since I couldn't find anyone to trip with, I figured I'd at least have my facebook friends.

Now I am feeling good about my decision and set about doing things that I knew might be a problem later, like uploading my pictures or deciding on what to have for dinner. Half an hour passes, then 45 minutes, I am looking at the clock but remembering reports about people thinking their acid wasn't working and taking way more than they should have. I decide to go for a walk. This is the end of December in Wisconsin, but I don't mind the cold and it is actually beautiful and refreshing. I was hoping I would start tripping outside too.

I walked for about 15 minutes, around my block and still didn't feel anything. I was starting to get disappointed. I thought about how hard it is to get acid or make it, and wondered why I thought that some person on the internet would have it. I thought about a refund and didn't want to go through that with the seller, and not with my Silk Road account either. I had read that they log your buyer stats and if you have too many refunds sellers might not want to do business. I sure didn't need that so I thought about just taking it as a loss.

I figured that since it was the 1 hour and 15 minute mark and no noticeable effects that I would take another. What could it hurt, right? So I found the one that he had double dosed with the blacklight and ate that. If this didn't work there was no way that it was legit.

Sitting at my computer on facebook and the internet looking up things relevant to these matters, I began to feel strange. Like my vision was getting weird. Lights were going off in my field of view behind my vision like a firework show or strobe light. An explosion of color and light. It would get really light, then really dark, then the trip really started to kick in. The visual perspective on things changed, they began to take on different shapes and especially when I would look around they would shape-shift.

I was so happy at this point, because I love tripping and this was an excellent start. It was all interesting, and while it became intense, was never scary. I thought, I wonder what music sounds like now? I couldn’t for the life of me find the CD I had created on my computer and I had left the physical CD in my dad’s car, but it was no matter because I just played it on my computer’s library- Hurt’s “Rapture”. And it did have me enraptured- music sounded so good, like way different and being experienced on more levels, it felt like. Like it was a direct link to my soul. Or maybe one of those movies like Constantine where time stops and the protagonist is in hell, but this was heaven.

I started looking around to see what things looked like now. I had over the past few weeks hooked up my bedroom with all kinds of cool stuff in preparation for this trip- blacklights, psychedelic blacklight posters, lava lamps, incense, and of course my new couch. Being after Christmas I had a new Sony blu ray player to go with my TV, and had made a DVD with my favorite metal videos. With much effort I made my way over to my set to put them on.

What was amazing was standing in my kitchen watching the videos, and time would go in slow motion to where I wondered if my DVD had burned wrong or if I was just tripping. So then I thought about it and I watched it speed back up to normal. Once it got there, I decided I liked the slow motion better and my mind made it go back. This was while I was trying to make dinner, which was the most difficult task of the evening by far- I couldn’t coordinate putting the ham in the microwave, taking it out, and putting it on a plate. Somehow that turned into a 20-step process and I kept getting stuck at step 4. Looking at my TV and its stand was trippy anyway because the black glass shelves were sort of in a quantum state of superposition- not really in one spot, not really in another.

And the mindscape was so extraordinary as well- I mean total joy and anticipation of every moment coupled with elation at seeing these things take place. I wanted someone there with me very much. My friend was at work and couldn’t come over but she said I could text her, and I did. When I told her that I had to take two, but that I was tripping hard, she said, “Yayayay!” Haha.

Later I found myself rolling around on the couch in a state of ecstasy, and thought that this would be awesome to do with a girl. It frees all my emotions and unlocks your consciousness, and I thought that it was sort of like the drug ecstasy, which I have also never done but it seemed to fit the same description. I wondered about how many trips I had left, if I could get away with taking one the next time and make it three more times. I was glad that I took the amount that I did, it was amazing at ~300 micrograms and I can take it. I will probably take the same amount next time and start early in the morning and outside.

What blew my mind as well was the fact that I took presumably 300 millionths of a gram and it had my consciousness crackling like a transformer- I could imagine the trace amount of LSD being like a key to my mind. It was such a good feeling, like it was supposed to be there, taking every brain activity to another level. Before the trip I asked my friend what it was like and she said that it was kind of speedy, like it could get going and my mind would not be able to slow down, but I found that I liked this as well. I was full of energy while I was on it, and when I would get the idea to go do something and do it was like “yay”! Like look out the balcony door- wow it looked crazy outside. Like some kind of movie in sepia or something. I wanted to go out for a walk but that seemed an almost impossible task considering I could hardly make dinner. Plus it was about 30 degrees out. I am an adventurous person by nature so I almost did it, but I didn’t want to go to too much effort and freeze myself and I was having such an experience inside.

The only thing I would really want to change for next time is to have someone else around, it was fun to trip by myself regardless but it got lonely especially considering LSD is a social drug. Set and setting is everything… I picked a time that I was in a good mood, in my own apartment, with a job and most of my life in order. This was a memorable, and defining, experience of my life. And a positive one since I gave this drug its respect and planned for its use. I plan to order some shrooms from Silk Road next, as far as visuals and colors bleeding into each other I believe shrooms are more of the right choice, and for a great speedy trip that will take me to another dimension of joy and thought acid is the right choice. I saw many unreal things on acid too, but it seemed to emphasize a transformed consciousness and altered vision rather than super trippy visuals, at least at 300 micrograms.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94307
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Aug 22, 2018Views: 696
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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