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by Leprechaun
Citation:   Leprechaun. "Insight: An Experience with 2C-I (exp9425)". Sep 15, 2001.

20 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


Introduction: If I was to tell you that this was a glowing experience, what would that mean to you? If I was to tell you that it was a +4 experience, what would that mean to you?

Few words can describe the experience. Anything I would mention would be tainted by your perception of those words. In essence, what I am really trying to get at is how innappropriate and inefficient my words are in trying to express what happened.

The best I can do is tell you that the night I experienced was a fantastic evening full of wild enlightening conversation, a display of kaliedescopic emotions and visual imagery. It was a fireworks display of conciousness.

Set: Having spent a long time waiting for this experience I was quite eager to enter it. In the morning I had exhausted my energy by going on a bike ride. I had little appetite and had only eaten one small sandwich during the day. I meditated and had a fruitful session after I had returned from my bike ride. I was ready. For what I was ready for, that is what I was unsure of.

Setting: A park, suburban streets and my car. The weather was dreary but it bothered me little.

5:00 - I had arrived at my tripping-partners place, lets call her N. I had extremely high energy fueled by the anticaption of the evening to come. N and I talked for quite a while and organised how we would go about our experience.

6:00 - After much discussion N decides to ingest 15mg and I 20mg. Our plans are to drive a nice quiet park and just relax and enjoy the experience. I bring with me a wonderful book to read regarding spirituality.

I am extremely anxious about the effects, to the point where I begin to get uncomfortable tremors. I have never experienced such bodily effects brought on by anticipation.

We decide to make a move and drive to a store and get some food. I begin to feel slightly uncomfortable in the store and am aware of mild effects. The drive down to the park is five minutes, we decide to take a chance and I do drive. I found my coordination was little debilatated and had no mental or visual effects present. Thus I decided I was capable of driving.

6:15 - Once at the park I relaxed. My intense excitment had died down a little. The feeling that began initially was quite strange. I felt there was little motivation to do anything. I felt stimulated to talk, but there wasn't a point to any conversation. I would start a conversation but I felt that its context and purpose was irrelevant.

6:30 - The effects built up quite quickly. Lots of physical stimulation, though there was no intellectual aspect. I felt quite 'dumb'. I walked to the toilet and spent a short time admiring a spider as it slowly made its way from the roof to the ground.

6:45 - The stimulation is increasing, along with a wonderful sense of giddiness. I feel a warm energy building within my solar plexus. There seem little negative effects at the moment, though the physical stimulation is still building.

7:00 - We decide to go for a walk, leaving the car was interesting. A lot of caricature ideals are presented to me whenever I change focus. Thinking is good as my train of thought is grounded, but offers a different angle to how I would normally interpret things. I have lots of time to look over others and my own issues. I begin to realize how good a person I have really been. External color perception is little changed, compared to 2c-t-7 there is very little change in the perception of the external world in a visual sense.

7:30 - Physical stimulation overflows into a blissful state similar to MDMA. I am so in control of my emotions, there is so much clarity. The visual aspect begins take a different dimension, with kaleidoscopic imagery in CEV's and OEV's. N and I are having a wonderfully exciting conversation. We talk about our issues, about our fears. Things between us are still undefined, but I let go of the fear.

8:30 - Within that hour I let go of my fears. I learn of my bruised ego. Many adventures take place. I begin to understand myself on a different level. I cry, laugh and experience a lifetime of emotions within this hour as the world becomes a timeless moment. The intensity seems to come in waves, continually building on the previous one. I am in awe of human nature. There are so many profound statements and moments, so many appropriate songs on the radio. It is a magical, colorful evening that I experience.

9:30 - The intellectual aspect continues. N and I talk and learn more and more about each other's nature. The visual aspect culminates in scenery so beautiful there are no words to describe it.

10:30 - The effects drop significantly but are still quite present. There is a very intellectual psychedelic component now, with a great deal of physical stimulation.

12:00 - The intellectual aspect continues until we are just far too exhausted to continue. I attempt to drive but realize that I cannot so we decide to wait.

1:00 - The wondrous evening ends in a warm hug. The night exchanged between us was like a dream we shared together, there is little to describe how significant this evening was between us.

Conclusion: Sleep was difficult and the next few days were bumpy, indicating that changes in brain chemistry continue to extrapolate for the next few days. Through the events of that evening I feel I have gained a far greater insight into myself and others.

'If you are unafraid of death, you realize its true meaning and will live life to its fullest.'

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9425
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 15, 2001Views: 44,414
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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