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Two Wishes From an Empty Sky
Methylone & 4-Acetoxy-DiPT
Citation:   Catfish Rivers. "Two Wishes From an Empty Sky: An Experience with Methylone & 4-Acetoxy-DiPT (exp9405)". May 10, 2002.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 2:00 50 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 3:30 20 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (capsule)
I was in my car, stuck in traffic on my way to work when I heard the radio crackle, 'Breaking News…' in a static soaked voice. I looked at the faces of other drivers and could see the same look I knew myself to be wearing, the same look a monkey would have if you made it’s banana disappear right out of its hands. I wish more eloquent waters had bubbled forth from my word hole, but all I could say was, 'what the fuck?' I thought for a second that I had left my radio tuned to the local college station, that they were playing a hoax, that this dizziness was just a modernized, War of the Worlds rip off. But a quick glance around the traffic confirmed the other monkeys looked just as befuddled as me.

I drove to work the same way millions of others did that morning, scarcely registering the road beneath me, all my attention glued to those displaced air molecules vibrating the news that 4 planes had been hijacked and crashed into American targets. The shear astonishment of it all left me as if half in a dream. Was any of this really happening? It wasn’t until I got to work that I realized that my cousin worked on the 87th floor of one of the Twin Towers. I called home to verify this with my grandmother, who was alone due to my grandfather having gone golfing early. She was entirely beside herself with worry, sobbing and gasping into the phone that he had to be dead. I knew my place was home that day, so I called out of work and drove back home to be with my family. I don’t really know why I chose today in order to experiment with a new compound. Perhaps I was hoping for a twist of perspective, or maybe I was hoping to test the possible empathogen nature of methylone. Possibly, I was just trying to make it all a dream

(3 PM, EST)

I had planned to nibble my way up from the bottom of the dosage spectrum, being that I could not locate any information online that gave me an indication of how to dose. However, the fates intervened, introducing me to some knowledgeable folks with methylone experiences already under their belts. After hearing their tales, I decided that 150 mg. would be a safe dose for the first experiment. I take 3 gel caps, each containing 50 mg orally with water.

(3:30 PM)

First alert began just a few moments ago. I can feel a positive stimulation mounting, as well as a slight euphoria accompanied by the start of a chest rush. I am sitting in the living room, hugging and reassuring my grandmother. I feel open and relaxed at this point. I mostly just listen, muttering encouraging sounds. I have a bit of a visual enhancement as well. Everything has taken on a classic psychedelic crispness. No distortions, everything is just very vivid. If today’s events were nothing else, they were vivid.

(4 PM)

My mother and grandfather have returned by now. We are all in the living room, huddled around the television set as if prayers could be carried on the backs of television signals up to the clouds. I snuck out back for a few minutes to let my dog out and to smoke a bowl. The cannabis seemed to synergize with the methylone very well. I felt an immediate flushing sensation move through my body. The chest rush started to glow with a newfound sense of warmth that spread the diameter of a dinner plate across my chest. My hands, legs and head were all tingling in a pleasant way, not too different from the tingling somatic sensation produced by about 200 mg. ephedrine.

Back inside, I sit with my family, all of us in one room, which rarely happens. I’m tempted to call this nice, but then I remember why we’re here in the first place. Where is my cousin? I know we are all hoping to see him walking in the background behind the news reporters. My mom is telling stories about when she and my cousin were younger (they are roughly the same age). Each one beginning with, “Remember the time…”. I can vouch for some level of empathogen activity here. I felt myself able to shut up and actually listen and feel what my family was saying, instead of trying to say something funny or witty. I was able to keep my 2 cents to myself for once. I just kept hugging them all, sending positive pins and needle shivers up my spine.

(5 PM)

I spent a good part of the past hour in my basement playing guitar and reading on the internet trying to distract myself . I found that my creative energies were raring to let loose. I played passionately and fluidly, eyes closed, gazing at a series of CEVs that seemed to dictate the notes I was playing. It was as if my unconscious had picked up the conductor’s baton, guiding my hands along the strings. I also found that my writing skills were at peak performance. For some reason, my sober mind is often sluggish and void of fresh things to say, but when under the influence of some psychedelics I can feel the linguistic gears in my brain gliding across each other, lubed with the syrups of inspiration.

I look in the mirror and confirm that my pupils are dilated, about 75 % or so. I am concentrating on the feelings of the drug, when I am reminded of some XTC tabs I bought last summer. They were Mitsubishis with a light tan color with darker tan speckles. Their color was quite similar to that of the methylone powder, and if my memory can be trusted, the effects were quite similar. Things that make you go hmmm…

The effects have dropped off quite suddenly. They are still present at this point but I do feel a noticeable drop off, as if I knew the roller coaster ride had only one last whip around the corner before I had to get off and get on line again. I decide to cut back in line and take a 50 mg booster, orally in a gelcap.

(6 PM)

I think I can detect the booster kicking in, but it is subtle. Not too effective to re-boost at this dose it seems. The most I could detect was perhaps a light stimulation increase and a prolonging of the chest rush. At around 6:30 I decide to push the envelope a bit and measure out 20 mg 4-ACO-DiPT (oral, gelcap). At the time, I thought this to be a low dose of 4AD, based on past experiences which have gone up to 60 mg with room to spare. I was a bit disappointed that the drug seemed to have already run its course in such a short time. I wanted empathy and I was gonna grab it by the hair if I had to! By 6:40 I felt the first alert of the 4Ad taking effect. I could feel a candy like fluff-pressure building inside my head. My ears felt warn and flushed . The chest rush began to remerge. My hope is that this combo will combine the feel good aspects of the 4AD with the almost MDMA like rush of the methylone.

(7:15 PM)

Not much of an increase felt from the 4AD. I am seeing through my prismatic vision eyes, but other than that there is no significant changes. I spent some more time exchanging disbeliefs with my mother about the whole mess. I then went out back to smoke a bowl and stare up at the night sky. I have never seen a sky without an airplane in it. In a sense, this is a real treat, a rare moment where the world has made way for meditation.

After smoking the bowl, I feel my heart suddenly begin to thump double time. I was a +++ within 20 minutes and quite surprised to be there. Visuals were heavy and of several types. I kept seeing a bright aura like after image surrounding the dark tree line as my gaze would defocalize. It reminded me of a reverse negative. I could sense patterns of information trying to emerge from the negative side of the image, which would flip and flop back and forth depending on how long I could remain unfocused.

I could not maintain this unfocused state however. I was often distarcted by a flashing orb looking visual that would skim just past the corners of my eyes. I also saw a series of geometric tubes and twisting thingymabobbers float through the darkness. One was rather large, the size of a whale perhaps. It was composed of closely knit white fibers or threads of energy. It seemed to swim softly across the swallowing sky and then it dodged rapidly, bending itself in half to move around the light of a star. It was as if it intentionally avoided the starlight. I have been convinced during prior trips that these geometries were actually a form of energetic sentience. I started to ponder that idea when guilt began to wash over me...

I began to think of the polarity between my current environment, safe under the canopy on nature and high out of my pumpkin, as compared to the poor souls still trapped under the rubble at the WTC site. I try to imagine my cousin’s face. I see him smiling as my body is overwhelmed by a wave of somatic bliss. It is the body high produced by the 4AD alone, but intensified 10 fold. I take this to be a good omen, my cousin will be alright. I can feel it.

The body high, by the way, was outstanding. I was absorbed by it from head to toe. It was as if a warm, luscious energy had been infused into my Chi, leaving me with a feeling not too far off from the afterglow of a good orgasm. Laying in the grass, feeling the cool blades brush against my skin, I watched two shooting stars fall from the sky. I didn’t wish on them tonight. I just watched them fall from the sky.

(9:30 PM)

Back inside, my mother greets me at the door. My cousin has finally called the family. He has been treated for some minor injuries and is being released from the hospital. He ends up having to spend the night in a shelter, but he is alive. It is a confusing thought to be happy and relieved when so many others are still hanging their souls over the telephone’s silence, waiting. I try not to think, just to sit back and let it all sink in. The world seems even more a dream now as I celebrate with my family, seeing their heads stretch and morph in a surrealistic taffy pull.

(11:30 PM)

My mom just got off the phone with my little cousin (different from above). It seems she is flipping out, completely terrified that there will be army men and police officers everywhere, that “her country will never be the same.” My mom gave her the patriotic freedom bit but I couldn’t help sharing in her precocious sense of paranoia; she’s only 12. Things are starting to get to me. I can feel the nastiness of today’s events worming its way into my being. I am still quite active in all respects at this point. The methylone seems to potentiate the action of the 4-ACO-DiPT enormously. I am still mid peak at least. My heart is beating much faster than I am comfortable with, though.

(12- 1:30 AM)

I tried to turn off and turn in around midnight or so. I knew I was still very high, but I was pretty spent at this point, and growing worried about my heart. I wanted to calm mtself down meditating, which proved to be impossible. As I would start to grow quiet, I would feel nothing but the rapid jungle beat of my heart pounding. I began to feel a stiffness to my neck on the left. Now, it was serious I thought. I debated calling 911, but opted instead to drink alot of water and try to keep myself occupied until I slowed up some. I spent this period getting up and down from my bed, exercising all sorts of energetic release techniques in order to divert some of the speed my heart felt inundated with. At one point, I almost passed out with symptoms of hypertension.

I felt trapped in a way, I couldn't allow myself to get help and be found out to be this weirdo eating exotic research chemicals so I did something I haven’t in years, I knelt at the edge of my bed and prayed. I prayed in earnest for god to spare my life, to keep me safe to do good things in the world. I felt shame at the selfishness of this request, in light of the larger problems at hand. I tried to justify this thought by thinking that we create our own world in our minds, so in a sense I was not asking for anything less than the rest of the world. This didn’t cut the mustard and I launched into a long fit of sobbing, vomiting once during the process.

My mind's eye was flooded with images of pain and suffering, concentration camp victims, a lost little girl, people being crusified, etc. By 1:30 I lay overwhelmed and exhausted on my bed, but I felt lighter somehow. It seems I had been granted the gift of cathartic release. The junk drawers of my mind felt as if I had gotten rid of at least 1/2 the rubber bands, matches, and broken crayons that had made them so hard to open before. My heartbeat had begun to taper off as well. I thought about how lucky my family was to keep my older cousin tonight, and of the fear I felt of my own death moments ago. I guess I did get the wishes from those two shooting stars after all.

In summary, methylone by itself seems very much like an ephedrine high with hints of MDMA-like characteristics mainly in the chest rush, and energy/mood elevation. There was a slight empathic quality, although I believe the nature of this evening’s discussions with my family lent itself to empathy even without any drugs. Granted, it was difficult to detect the true effects of the drug under such emotion stuffed circumstances.

It was perhaps more than a bit foolhardy to piggyback the 4-ACO-DiPT on top of the what I thought to be the end of the methylone experience. It seems methylone stays in your system at a sub-threshold level for quite some time after the high seems to drop off. Methylone also appears to augment the highs of other substances in a powerful manner. Both cannabis and the 4AD were magnified greatly by it. This drug is interesting, but it does not hold the promise I had hoped it would based on internet rumors. Perhaps a future experiment at a higher dosage will yield different results.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9405
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 10, 2002Views: 21,078
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4-AcO-DiPT (55), Methylone (255) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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