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Vegas Baby
by Senseless
Citation:   Senseless. "Vegas Baby: An Experience with Cocaine (exp93990)". Feb 29, 2012.

  insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


I have tried alot of drugs, and will try just about anything once. I was a huge fan of weed as a teen and in my early 20's, but by my 30's I had outgrown it. It just fogged me up and caused migraines. I am not a huge fan of alcohol either. Hate the spins and the headaches.

My 30's involved more pharma grade fun..benzos in particular..along with RC's like MDPV, MDAI and whatever else I could find like opiates of all stripes. But in all those years I had never tried cocaine. Not that I didn't want to... It was just never available to me. It was not available in my highschool drug crowd, and my friends seemed to prefer booze or weed to anything else. Ecstasy was everywhere, along with plenty of LSD and shrooms, but nobody ever had coke or even thought to try and get it. I guess it was considered pretty 'hardcore' although I was always curious. The one time I thought I had the hook up it fell through due to the hook up getting too damn drunk. That all changed however, on a business trip to Las Vegas early last year.

My job at the time required alot of travel across the country. As bizzare as it sounds, I had learned to toss my hotel rooms from top to bottom looking for whatever may be hidden there. I would get free nights for finding dirty socks. I had found weed and hash on several occasions, along with unopened beers, bottles of liquor, various porn and poker chips. On this trip I was staying at Ceasar's Palace and within a minute of getting to my room, I was searching it thoroughly. Lo and behold, atop the armoir was a bag of a mysterious white powder. And I mean a BIG bag.

Time stood still. I could not belive this. I knew one thing about cocaine, it was expensive. This was a half full ziploc must have been worth at least 3 grand. At least a quarter pound of it if not more. There were also some bump containers. Made wouldn't want to walk around with the whole bag unless you wanted to end up in jail for a good long time. I suspected it was cocaine, but having never tasted or handled cocaine, I was not sure. It could have been anything and I was not about to simply snort it. Hell, it may not have even been a drug (although the presence of the bump container was pretty much conclusive).It could have been drywall mix for all I knew.

I began a frenzied session of internet research on taste, smell, and field tests one could do without a kit. I learned that a pretty good test for coke involved burning some. Cocaine should burn into a reddish, sweet smelling goo and so I took a bit and put it on foil and lit it. It melted into a red goo and emitted a sweet smell, with a touch of burning plastic smell, presumably from whatever it was cut with.

Happy that it passed the goo test, I took a bit on my finger and rubbed it into my gums. After a few minutes, they went numb. It passed test number 2. I was 99% sure this was coke and finally took the plunge, doing my first line.

My usual routine with a new drug is to take a tiny bit just to feel minimal effects and then work up from there if all goes well. I did what I guessed was a tiny line and after about 10 minutes I felt very alert. Not stoned, but definately stimulated. I was up and active, ironing my clothes, getting some work done, feeling a bit edgy but clear headed.

It wore off in about 40 minutes. I decided to do a bigger line to get more effects. I probably did one that was a bit large for a beginner. I laid out and then snorted a big fat line.

BOOM. In 5 minutes the tingles and the happy warning bells were sounding. I felt fucking awsome. Happy, talkative (too bad I was alone!), and I experienced a spontaneous orgasm. No, I did not jizz my pants or even have an erection..but suddenly my prostate felt like it was being massaged and I simply had an orgasm sensation out of the blue. I wasn't even thinking of sex, it just happened. The brain was really firing off randomly. I had a weird feeling of paranoia under the happiness, as if the previous owners of the coke were going to come back looking for it and wondered if I should change rooms.

I decided to step out onto the strip. It was night, and it was full on Vegas. I felt like people were looking at me and as I was in the elevator going down to the casino a dude got on, sniffing and wiping his nose. I thought he may be on coke too. Suddenly, everyone seemed like they were. I walked around a bit, and got a drink. Straight scotch. Didn't even feel it. Cigarettes were smoked I never felt them. Everything had a bright blue hue to it. I went back to my room.

Another line!

Now I felt utterly good. It was pure pleasure, but I could not help but think that doing 3 espresso's followed by a few whippets from a whipped cream can would have induced the same effect. I felt, like I usually do after a few hours of stims, the need for fucked up music. Not techno, not psychedellic, but screwed up garage band stuff. On went the ipod, with bands like The Fall and Six Finger Satellite in the rotation..the more screwed up the music, the more it made sense. I had some mild, distant nausea that was easily ignored.

After about two hours I felt it begin to wear off. For safety's sake I stopped for the night. It's possible to OD on cocaine, along with risking seizures and cardiac events (I am almost 40 after all). The comedown was not that bad. MDPV is way worse. I felt drowsy, but no overwhelming desire to do more. As a matter of fact, sleep came pretty easily.

I woke up the next day feeling a bit short circuted. Slower, generally calm. I put in a nice full day of work and when I got back to the room that evening, MORE COKE. I was getting the hang of it. That went on for 3 more days. Nobody at the office had any idea of what was going on with me after hours. The guy in the suit, speaking the corporate speak and seeming rather dull, was coked out of his mind at night with enough coke to spend the next decade in jail.

When the time came to go home, I had to make a critical choice. This was way to nice to throw away, but I didn't dare try to board a plane with it. And I did not dare leave it where I found it. It was entirely possible that the next occupant may call the cops and who knows if I would be a victim of 'tag you are it' simply because I was the last person in the room. I actually considered cancelling my flight and getting a rental car to drive the 250 miles home with the coke. Too hard to explain to home office. I considered putting the bag in a condom, then stuffing it up my ass. Full posession and smuggling, not to mention the medical risk of having the bag and condom break. I considered hiding the bag somewhere in the local office so I would have it next time. I go every 3 months. I did not have time before the flight to do this. Sadly, I ended flushing it down the toilet and tossing the bag. It was painful, and I think I had some residual paranoia.

So that was my first, and so far, last experience with cocaine. I enjoyed it, but I don't think it is worth the money people pay for it. It is short lived, and as much pleasure as it brings, a few espressos and whippets get you to nearly the same place. Still, if I happen to get my hands on some in the future, I will partake.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38 
Published: Feb 29, 2012Views: 27,656
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Cocaine (13) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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