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Sleepless Nights
Citation:   Pseudomorph . "Sleepless Nights: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp93979)". Erowid.org. Apr 19, 2021. erowid.org/exp/93979

T+ 0:00
500 mg oral Yohimbe
  T+ 18:00 500 mg oral Yohimbe
I decided to give it a shot to see what the hype was all about. This is a 3-day account of my use of 500mg Yohimbe Bark capsules, once daily. I would like to say first and foremost that, although experience may change depending on the individual, I personally do not recommend trying Yohimbine, especially at the suggested dosage of 'up to three times daily.'

One evening, I took one capsule orally, not expecting it to cause any significant effects. And indeed it didn't - I felt a bit more energetic and alert at best, but I did not notice any further changes. I carried on with my business for the rest of the evening. I was not planning to have sexual activity or masturbation, nor was I expecting the effects to come upon one dose; and as I did not feel particularly sexually aroused, I decided to sleep around 2am.

I woke up at precisely 8am after a sleep that did not feel like much. I normally sleep 8-9 hours if undisturbed; therefore this was very short for my standards. Nevertheless, I got up and carried on with my day, not relating the short sleep to the Yohimbine. I then took a second dose of 500mg later on in the morning, before noon. I then went out for an early dinner, hung out at a friend's house, and came back home around 11pm.

I felt quite energetic despite the short night's sleep from the day before. And suddenly, I realized how sexually aroused I was, feeling almost a burning sensation in my abdomen and genital area. And then, an erection came without any specific sexual thought, arousing outside influence, or stimulation. It was noticeably firmer and stronger than the erections that I get regularly, and it throbbed so hard that it almost felt as if it were aching. I started masturbating more out of discomfort than out of arousal.
I started masturbating more out of discomfort than out of arousal.
I was able to keep this erection for 20 minutes, continuously masturbating at any speed or force, without the use of pornography. It felt 'powerful' and gave me a rush to continue. I continued with pornography, and finished with an orgasm that felt very euphoric.

I felt satisfied with the Yohimbine for about 40 minutes - after which the sexual arousal (or better said, 'discomfort') cycle repeated. I had an erection of almost the same strength - I was surprised, yet I went along with it and masturbated again to orgasm, which despite being the second time, came with quite an ease. It felt nowhere as euphoric as the first; it was more of a relief than anything. It was 3am by then, and I now wanted to go to sleep. I rolled around in bed for about an hour or so, and no matter what I tried, I could not fall asleep. I felt very alert, and I noticed that my head was buzzing. It was almost as if I had 2 pints of coffee before laying in bed.

I started masturbating again, for the third time. This time, I did not feel aroused at all, but an erection came again out of nowhere. This was along the lines of the second one that I had, yet still stronger than my regular ones. Normally, masturbating for the third time would take me a significant amount of focus, usually trying to maintain an erection, and forced stimulation (often with extreme sexual thoughts and pornographic material) to reach orgasm. This wasn't the case: the erection was stiff and remained, and although I had to force the orgasm out of myself, it came quite naturally. It did not give me the relief that the previous one did. I felt more alert than ever.

I rolled around in bed all night, possibly sleeping an hour or two before waking up at 8am to go to class. I attended, got out. The same rush was still there: I was alert, my head was buzzing, and perhaps because of the lack of sleep it turned into a mellow, pleasurable yet uncomfortable feeling. There was no sexual arousal, yet I felt the burning sensation in the genital area constantly, and I very much desired to sleep. I tried to take a nap on a couch in the library, but nothing I tried could make me sleep.

I went back home, and continued the rest of my day normally. The effects remained. At this point, as I felt uncomfortable about the Yohimbine, I decided that I would not continue with it.
I decided that I would not continue with it.
I waited to see when I would finally be able to sleep; waiting did not help, because I did not feel sleepy. I went to bed around 2am, upon which I spent around half an hour to an hour watching TV, after which sleep finally came. I was up by 9am next morning.

My sleep cycle went back to normal the next day as I did not continue Yohimbine, which has serious stimulant effects that cannot be ignored.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93979
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 19, 2021Views: 1,121
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