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Self-Imposed Ultra Rapid Detox
Oxymorphone and Naltrexone
Citation:   munkyjuce69. "Self-Imposed Ultra Rapid Detox: An Experience with Oxymorphone and Naltrexone (exp93854)". Sep 28, 2014.

120 mg oral Pharms - Oxymorphone  
  50 mg oral Naltrexone (pill / tablet)
Hello. I was clean off all drugs (except Mary Jane (Cannabis)) until recently, when I took a one week bender of various opiates, namely oxymorphone (Opana). It started out eating 10 ERs, then sniffing, then 20s, then IRs, and so on until I caught myself doing over 120mg a day!

That night I went out with my friend, but beforehand I caught myself injecting 30mg of oxymorphone intravenously, and didnít even hardly get a rush because of tolerance. Thatís when I realized I was REALLY fucking up. Early that morning I told my best girlfriend what I was planning on doing after I got home: ultra-rapid detox using naltrexone. Long story short, it compresses a week or two of withdrawals into one or two days. Both of us have had opiate (and other drug) withdrawals and we both knew I was going to be in pain, but I could not even fathom what this day was going to REALLY be like:

I initially started a log, but as you will see eventually I wouldnít even be able to write down a time.

9:56 AM 11/26/11: took 50mg Naltrexone time release orally.

10:07AM: started to feel extremely sick and slightly cold. Decided to take hot shower, but before I could get in, not even two minutes later took a huge profuse shit (not diarrhea). I could feel my bowels moving and twisting, and it felt like lead was coursing through my veins. The feeling I have to puke sets on as well.

I begin to tremble, throughout my entire body, especially my arms. By now it felt like parts of my body were freezing. I begin to shake somewhat and have a pins and needles feeling. I hop in the shower. Within 2 minutes I had the water on full hot, and it still felt like I was freezing all over. Every drop of water felt like a needle stick, like a sharp icicle was falling on me.

10:16 AM: I run out the shower, feeling as if Iím on fire and freezing at the same time. Limbs are shaking violently, really bad headache kicking in. The right side of my head felt like it got kicked with an iron boot. My head felt heavy, like it weighed 50 pounds, yet filled with helium. Itís hard to explain. Also got awful color flashes (not the fun kind like an acid or shroom trip) (more like staring into the sun) and everything smelled like trash on a hot summer day, and I had the taste of a dirty penny in my mouth.

10:22AM: Ran to the bed ass naked shivering in blankets with my pet dog next to me. Iím insanely tired but canít sleep for my life. Imagine holding an ice cube until you canít anymore, but canít let go. Now imagine holding your hand near a bonfire, until itís so hot your hair melts; only you donít stop. This is how my entire body felt at the same time. A painful ringing sound tormented me until I fell asleep.

12:15pm: woke up. I keep telling myself itís all in my head. I can literally feel the opiates being torn from my brain. I woke up huddled to a pillow squeezing it with my arms and legs in fetal position as if for dear life. By now Iím sweating so badly my bed is completely soaked. Iím shaking violently (entire body). I was truly going ďcold turkeyĒ as every hair follicle I saw was raised, just like a turkey skin that was recently plucked of feathers. I crawled out of bed to let the dog out my room fearing my shaking and thrashing would hurt him. The 'pins and needles' feeling has progressed to 'razors and knives'. My heart is pounding as if I IV'd a third of a gram of powder! Barely made it back in bed. Fell back asleep around 20 minutes later.

~4pm woke up. Not much change from 12pm. Still clenched to the pillow, I try stretching my left leg, and as soon as it half extended it shakes violently, just as an epileptic having a seizure would jerk. I retracted it and tried again, to the same effect, only worse. When I tried to stop the involuntary shaking the muscles pains began to climb thru my entire body, so I went back to hugging the pillow in fetal position. The leg cramp was much more bearable than the twitching when it was stretched out. Took about 45 mins for me to fall back asleep.

~5:30pm had to piss, but couldnít get out of bed. Made due with the trashcan. When I reached for the trashcan, my arm began to jerk violently, just as my leg had done a few hours before. Still feel like I have to vomit, yet incredibly thirsty. Iím too weak to leave my bed.

~8pm: Wake up and again I have to shit, this time diarrhea. Iím feeling slightly better now, though the freezing/burning sensation still persists, though not quite as bad. Ringing in ears not as loud, though volume increases and decreases every few minutes. Iím barely able to make it to the bathroom and grab the wash cup before I leave and fill it with sink water. Iím able to get a few sips down and had to hold the cup with both hands, and I still spilled some. I barely made it back into my bed. 'razors and knives' went back to 'pins and needles'. Most of the color flashes have subsided. Still shaking and pouring sweat, I clench onto my pillow telling myself the worst part is over.

~10pm: I still have a major headache. Iím sweating pretty bad but not profusely, not all at once anyways. It seems to alternate between body parts. I rush to the bathroom and had extreme diarrhea. I barely have enough energy to check my email and Facebook afterwards. I smoke a cigarette, and about half way through the ringing in my ears begins to grow stronger, and my headache comes back very strong. (perhaps because of the nicotine or release of endo-opiods?) Anyways I lay back down.

2:07AM (11/27/11): 'pins and needles' has mostly died down to 'bugs crawling under skin'. I feel like I have the major flu, and this seemed like a blessing as itís the best I felt all day. Sweating comes and goes. Still occasional ringing in ears. Tried smoking a cigarette again only to the same effect as last time. Still have that bad taste in my mouth. I take a Benadryl to help my running nose, which is dripping out water (not mucous, just water!). I go back to bed.

~4:15am: woke up again. Most the pains are gone, as well as the freezing/burning sensation. I still get intermittent cold and hot flashes, usually not together. I feel uneasy and skin is tingling. I take 2 50mg Trazadone to get me to sleep (and stay asleep!). Laid awake in bed about 30 minutes, still slightly shaking.

~10am: woke up feeling much better, though still shitty. Imagine the worst hangover youíve ever had, and this is me 14 hours after the initial dose. Checked my phone, email, and Facebook. Didnít feel like responding to any of my 'urgent' messages, instead I went back to bed.

~4pm: woke up feeling MUCH better, almost normal. I still had slight muscle/joint/bones pains, but for the most part I was able to walk. At least to the kitchen to get a clean glass of water. I chugged two 16oz cups and filled it up again and set it on my nightstand. Still had the 'dirty penny' taste. Smell is almost back to normal. Went back to sleep.

~9pm: woke up AGAIN! Almost all the pains are gone, and once in a while ringing in my ears comes and goes, though barely noticeable. I still havenít pissed since 5:30 yesterday. Guessing it was because of the immense sweating (my bed is still soaked!). I still donít feel good, but donít feel horrible neither. Sort of like a mild cold. My heartbeat is still heavy, though close to normal. Got up and made a cup of black coffee, and watched the last harry potter movie in bed. By the time it was over, I was feeling almost normal.

1:11am (11/28/11): Finishing up this report. Just pissed for the first time in over a day, urine was brown. Just now realized I had literally chewed the skin off under the bottom of my lower lip. My liver feels like I went on a 3 day vodka bender, though Iíve never felt this strong in my life! I wish I had someone to film me throughout the compressed withdrawals. I also wish I had the energy to record exact times symptoms happened. An experience like this deserves an entire web site!

5:54am: proofreading report. Feel back to normal. All senses are functioning as they should. Urine still dark, but not brown. Had short diarrhea episode about an hour ago. No shaking at all. Saw a bottle of painkillers and almost threw up; taking one didnít even slip my mind!

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU FEEL YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE! Not to mention I found out afterwards such an abrupt withdrawal can be FATAL, since it does not give your body adequate time to repair its normal functions.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93854
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 28, 2014Views: 16,965
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Pharms - Oxymorphone (221), Naltrexone (338) : Alone (16), Addiction & Habituation (10), Difficult Experiences (5)

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