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An Enjoyable Thought Journey
Citation:   Towels. "An Enjoyable Thought Journey: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp93840)". Jan 8, 2012.

100 mg sublingual Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
I was in my bedroom (the majority of the trip took place on my bed with my laptop), people who live with me were all asleep in other rooms and it was dark and very windy outside.

T+00:00 - I applied approximately 50mg sublingualy.

T+00:05 - I held the powder under my tongue without swallowing up to this point, the build up of saliva was getting uncomfortable so I swallowed, my body feels a little weird could be a placebo.

T+00:10 - Defiantly feel a little ...'odd' like a small body high, nothing that I couldn't easily hide in public and it's barely noticeable, kind of a numbing feeling but it's hard to explain,

T+00:15 Aside from the barely noticeable effects my stomach is grumbling a fair bit, I have not eaten a meal in the last 5 hours and I have only eaten very light snacks (an apple and some roses sweets) in the past hour or so. Just had a very mild hearing distortion sort of like underwater hearing, lasted only a few seconds

T+00:20 The hearing distortion has been coming in waves if I wasn't alone and not focusing entirely on the effects of the drug Im not sure I would notice it, It seems that I am tensing my legs without realising it, could be because Im trying to focus on writing this.

T+00:25 I put my hand on my chest to feel my heart beat, it is faster than normal however this could be anticipation. As I am typing this I can feel the previously mentioned body effects getting stronger and lulling me in, my vision is slightly focused on the point I am looking at making it difficult to see my peripherals

T+00:30 I am now defiantly on a drug I feel very heavy (it is worth noting I went to the toilet at this point and I was walking like a robot)

After this point I stopped noting how many minutes I was into the experience (e.g T+00:XX) and just started noting down times, Ive worked out how many hours/minutes I was into the experience but it may not be completely accurate

T+00:35 - It feels like my body Is moving like a liquid when I am not moving at all maybe other people describe this as melting, my sense of touch is improved. Its almost as if my room is at two angles at once. It now feels like Im swinging back and forth whilst melting.
I need to fall into this

(there were a few more lines of text in the trip log around this time but it was hard to understand what they meant here are a few snippets that made some sense)

If I concentrate I can almost function with sober thoughts
The wind sounds crazy and robotic (very windy outside)
my feet feels like they melted off
stopped swinging around I am still for now

T+00:40 I can feel my legs moving around circling each other but I'm not moving them.

I feel nauseas but I think it may actually be feelings of hunger (my stomach grumbled) I don't think I could have eat anything. I have very focused almost tunnel vision now. It feels like I am sliding backwards, this stuff defiantly hits in waves
While waiting for the next wave of mindfucking MXE to hit it leaves me with a very warm and strong fuzzy feeling, similar to a high dose of codeine

T+01:00 Seeing CEVs that follow a rhythm. If I really concentrate I can reduce the effects of the drug, looked at my face in the mirror my expression is blank and my mouth is slightly open (Some sentences and memories I have of this time lead me to believe that I didn't feel much pain at this point)

T+01:15 I dosed a small match head sized amount sub lingually and snorted a keys worth (small amount on the tip of a house key)

From now on I no longer updated my trip log so Ill just type up what I remember

I drank some water I had beside my bed and the cup felt like it was an extension of myself I also remember feeling some sort of physical attachment to my laptop)
I flooded a word document with thoughts, when I typed words it was as if I wasn't controlling my arms or hands, I would think what I wanted to say and my arms and hands would type it a few seconds later with no input from me (That word document was closed without saving unfortunately)

I do remember the next few hours were insane, my body was twisting and turning and melting as my mind was pushed and pulled though different realities. I had some very deep thoughts about death, the universe and conscious thought, to try to explain these thoughts would be pointless as I don't think those thoughts can be translated into words. At this point I was physically rolling around in my bed (very slowly) without even realising I was

It got very intense from there I put my laptop to the side lay on my back and prepared myself, the experience was VERY intense now, it is my nature to enjoy being taken to far away places by drugs and I like to lose myself, I think if I had tried to resist now it would have become a horrible trip (although before this point it was possible to focus on the fact I was on a drug and make the experience less intense), I distinctly remember smiling a lot when I could feel the trip getting suddenly stronger

I remember speaking aloud at one point of the trip often saying things like fuck or what the fuck (it was hard to comprehend what was going on), I was whispering and it's kind of foggy. Hard to know if I was actually speaking or not, it's almost as if it was someone else speaking to me when I remember back

Visual distortions with open eyes were present, my room looked wonky this entire time but I sort of zoned out from where I was and focused on the reality in my mind
I remember looking at my digital clock it was impossible to read and the numbers were moving around wildly, even though it was unreadable I still somehow of understood the time, I could watch the moving numbers long enough to know what hour It was (note this is not like trippy numbers floating around this is like being very drunk and the room spinning but only the numbers were moving.)

I fell asleep sometime around 4:50AM, just over 5 hours into the experience. I woke up at 2:00PM feeling dehydrated a but heavy and I had a small headache. A big drink of water and an hour later I felt absolutely fine if not better than normal.

Overall the trip was enjoyable, there were a few parts which could easily have been scary such as thinking I was going to die but they passed rather quickly, I hate to end on a downer but if you have ever thought about killing yourself please get a trip sitter. There were a few points during the experience when I wondered what happened after I died and could have easily killed myself. I did not kill myself because I love living but I think if you were contemplating suicide anyway you might just do it.

(after using an accurate scale I worked out that during the entire night I had taken roughly 100mg)

This is a very powerful drug and demands respect!

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93840
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jan 8, 2012Views: 23,052
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