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Dosing Became Faster and Easier
by Ears
Citation:   Ears. "Dosing Became Faster and Easier: An Experience with Buprenorphine (exp93818)". Aug 20, 2019.

8 mg rectal Pharms - Buprenorphine (liquid)
Rectal Dosing Suboxone (Buprenorphine) - My Technique:

I have looked at some research on 'bio-availability' of various drug delivery methods. This varies by drug, but, I saw - it seems most drugs can go into your body this way, to varying effect; sometimes great!

I have been on Subs for well over 5 years, so I have tried everything, I have shot it, you name it. Everyone knows not to swallow subs...snorting, I thought, may be not so good either...after a few years of spitting and dealing with waiting AGES for the drug to dissolve sublingually, I have settled on a different routine.

For me, it is a LOT stronger taken in the bum. Also MUCH faster, no bad taste, no icky spitting or orange teeth...I will dose this way until I stop taking it, if ever.
I will dose this way until I stop taking it, if ever.
I don't like that I need privacy to dose or dealing with the gross factor; but - what can I say, for me, the upside is WELL worth it! So: This works equally well for me with tabs, or the new strips:

I break up and dissolve my dose in 1/2 ounce hot or nearly boiling water. (Cold works fine too, but the med seems to dissolve more slowly; especially the strips). I find with either form, that (if needed for camping or travel) I can prepare the dose for later use, and will sometimes do this hours before dosing; otherwise I try to do it right before dosing. I learned one important but gross tip for ANY kind of rectal dosing: take your #2 first; empty bowels. It's common sense, but, well, it's important to leave room for my drugs!

Supplies I use:

A 1 ounce rubber 'bulb syringe' - these are sold in drugstores for babies, in veterinary stores for newborn puppy care, and in ear cleaning kits. They are blue, and small; a couple inches high and an inch around: the bulb itself is just a bit smaller than a ping-pong ball. There are some brands/types that are better than others. The shiny ones in the ear kits are not so great, in my opinion. But most drugstores have them - I look for matte, light blue rubber.

K-Y jelly or other water-based lubricant

Something to melt/dissolve the dose in. Any small, shallow container is fine I think...I use a (well-washed and rinsed) little plastic snuff container.

My method; with empty bowels, I:

Dissolve pill completely. I suck up all the liquid into syringe. I assume an enema position (i.e. lying on my stomach, or on all fours, etc. GRAVITY is my friend when doing this).

In one quick squeeze I empty the syringe deep into the rectum. Keeping the syringe squeezed, I remove it. A wet towel or shower is nice for any lube-mess. I clean (water rinse) the empty syringe and the dissolving container. I don't go #2 for at least 20-30 minutes, if at all possible.

That's it, that I can think of. For me, this works better than sublingual, enough to go to all this trouble; I feel the effects are stronger, longer lasting, and once I figured it out, dosing became faster and easier, really.

Exp Year: 2006-2011ExpID: 93818
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 41
Published: Aug 20, 2019Views: 4,817
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