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Waves of Euphoria
by Medicine student
Citation:   Medicine student. "Waves of Euphoria: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp93809)". Erowid.org. Nov 26, 2011. erowid.org/exp/93809

T+ 0:00
7 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20 3 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 10 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)


After having read some trip-reports of this substance I figured it should be something like psilocybin and as I love shrooms, I thought this could be interresting.

I am taking the substance alone. At night. In my apartment. I had not eaten properly that day. Only a light meal of lentil-soups some hours before taking the substance. I am thinkning to just take a small, threshold dosage and watch an episode of 'planet earth' on my computer. Then making a big omelette and just chill out. Im guessing the effects would be similar to small dosages of shrooms, in other words not expecting anything overwhelming.

It should also be noted that I had a convo with a friend earlier that day. He suggested to start dose-ing around 1-2 mg before doing more, as one could never be too safe. My friend told me horror-stories about someone that thought they took 2CB but instead took DOB and therefore overdosed terribly.

I remember I was thinking that my friend, although he does right in approaching any new psychedlic drug cautiously, was way to anxious. I also could not think of any other drug, that comes in fumarate form, where it would cause overwhelming effects taken in 5-6 mg dosages (besides for instant LSD or DOB or some other drugs effective in mcg-range which I considered was highly unlikely that is what I got). Nevertheless should this conversation greatly impact the come-up of this drug. As I was starting to doubt if it really was 4-ho-met that I had taken.

0:00. I measure up aprox 10 mg of the substance. I put around 6-7 mg in a capsule and swallow it, thinking I should be careful with a new substance and start at low dosage. My intent for the 'trip' is just to get a mild feeling of what it is before taking it later in higher dosages and in a more natural setting. (I try to always do psychedelics in the nature setting aside at least the whole day). Just chill out.. Watch some nature-show and eat a big omelette before going to sleep.

00:20. I feel some slight effects, I feel pleasant and I decide to ingest whatever powder is left on my scale. Now total dosage is aprox 10 mg (+- 2-3 mg as my scale is not very accurate in such small dosages)

00:40. I start watching the planet earth episode. I feel some slight effects. I am thinking that this stuff is weak. Im thinking that I would have felt the effects after 20 minutes, I am pretty sure I have read this somewhere. As it has now gone 40 minutes I decide it should be safe to re-dose. Im measuring up 5-6-7-ish mg and add it with orange juice, and drink it like this. The substance add some extra nice flavour to the juice. I have now taken somewhere in btw 15-20 mg of the substance. At this time I'm not really thinking about the dosage. Im still only expecting a chilled out trip. Watching some nature-shows and eat a big omelette before going to sleep.

1:00: Im in the middle of the planet earth episode. Nausea kicks in. Much like mushrooms. Then I feel tension in my neck, something I normally dont have when taking psychedelics. My heart rate increase. Im thinking that the capsule I took at first kicks in together with the 5-6mg mixed with juice. This is pretty overwhelming.

1:05: I turn of the 'planet earth'-episode aprox 25 minutes into the episodes. (although it was a very interresting episode with photage of wild snow-leopards that would fit perfect with a minor mushroom-dosage (as planned), but I am unable to sit back and relax as the drug is suddenly having very strong effects, which took me by suprise.) Im having anxiety and thoughts that I might have ingested a different substance then 4-ho-met. The convo with my friend from earlier that day goes through my head. Im searching the net trying to find out how long this takes until it reach plateau. Im anxious that I might have overdosed terribly here. Im trying to think how much of the drug I have taken. It should be somewhere in btw 15-20mg. My gosh! I have not really been thinking here. Just ingesting some powder without taking properly pre-cautions. I was thinking that the effects would come on after 15-20 minutes. But I think the capsule must have taken 40 minutes before kicking in.

1:25: Visuals sets in. Very strong. It feels similar to shrooms, but also reminded me of LSD. Im struggeling to keep calm. This was not at all what I planned for (although in retrospect it is pretty obvious that 15-20 mg would cause a full blown trip, I was not really expecting it). Effects is still building up, and Im wondering when I will reach the peak. Im also struggeling with thoughts of really having ingested 4-ho-met, and Im thinking it would be horrible to e.g have ingested DOB instead. I feel clammy in my hands. And Im sweating. Im trying to find a good space for whatever is awaiting me. I try to lie down, or to meditate (as I do on high dosages of mushrooms) but was not able to be comfortable or find peace.

1:30: I put on the album 'Buddha Chill Session' on my spotify account. The music soothes me and Im able to relax a little bit. (The music was a source of great inspiration and I thought multiple times that this was perfect tripping music for the rest of the night).

1:40: Unsure if it is still buildig up, or if I have reached the plataeu, visuals are intense. But it comes in waves. I can still think clearly, although the computer screen starts to wave and crazy 3D patterns is all over the place,. At times I feel almost back to baseline. Just to be swept away again. My mind feels pretty clear though, there is no confusion, just concern of where this is going to end, and shock and surprise as this was not really what I planned for.

2:00: I decide to write what I experience in a word document. This helps on my anxiety alot. To put my thoughts into words. It is something I continue to do all through the night.

2:30: I realise that I am not poisoned. I start to enjoy the effects. I have feelings of warmth and love coming over me. I have some tension in my neck and shoulders. Im unsure whether this is caused by the drug or psychosomatically by my previous anxiety.

3:00: Im having very clear conception of my life. Like looking at my life from outside. Deep thoughts and insight. Waves of euphoria comes over me.

4:00: The effects are still strong. Although the strongest effects have subsided. My neighbour that is my friend is having a party downstairs. A surprise birthday-party as I hear them sing birthdaysong. This stresses me out a little, as I fear people will be on my door inviting me to join their party. I feel in absolutely no condition for socializing with drunk party-minded people.

4:15: Im deciding to take a shower. During showering I have intense sexual thoughts and visions. The water runs over my hair and ears and the sounds of dripping water sounds almost metallic. I spend along time looking in the mirror. I feel tall and God-like. My pupils are very dilated.

4:30: Im getting a metallic like feel in my mouth. Some jaw-tension. But pretty mild. It does not bother me.

5:00: The party crowd downstairs leave the building. I write a very honest and open mail to a girlfriend of mine. I feel very happy with it, sharing many things that I have thought about but been unable to put into words before. I decide to send it even though Im still tripping.

6:00: Im more or less back to baseline. Mild after glow.

6:30: I decide to write this trip-report.


This substance took me with surprise. Im thinking it took aprox 40 minutes for a the capsule to fully kick in. Mixed in juice I am guessing it would take only 20 minutes to feel effects. As I was taking small dosages without being properly cautious, like e.g. giving the substance enought time to take effect, the effects, when it first hit me, took me with surprise. And it was building up for quite some time. Not like mushrooms were I feel the first wave is the strongest.

The effects are very serious. And this is not a drug to be taken lightly. After the initial shock and anxiety I was able to enjoy the effects. I felt deep insight into my life, and waves of euphoria. The visuals were awesome! It is simular to mushrooms, but not the same. Some times it even reminded me a little about LSD.

When the substance were coming on, and I was feeling anxious I read some trip-report where someone were saying: 'If it feels really good and you want to use it a second time, it is not a drug worth bothering about. But if it shocks and rattles you to your core, then itís worth investigating'. I feel lke this with this substance. It shocked me - but was indeed interresting.

I look forward to explore further in future - but then I would be sure to have a better setting and to more prepared.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93809
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Nov 26, 2011Views: 9,439
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4-HO-MET (436) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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