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Weapons-Grade Psychedelic
Citation:   clearlight. "Weapons-Grade Psychedelic: An Experience with 2C-I (exp93600)". Jan 10, 2017.

1 capsl oral 2C-I
I wanted to type up this report about my 2CI experiences because the material very much surprised me. I have been using psychedelics since 1990 and have tried all the typical psychedelics as well as many of the obscure ones. I have extensive experience with LSD, using it well over 100 times and several times at doses in excess of 10 hits. One time I took about 20.

I have used ayahuasca, peyote and other mescaline containing cactus, psilocybe mushrooms obviously countless times, 2CB, 2CT7, K, mixtures of K & H (shit is crazy!!), smoked DMT and 5meo-DMT, MDMA, MDA… you name it, can't list 'em all here, but you get the idea. I consider myself kind of an expert on things that make you trip. Back in our heyday (college) I was the go-to guy for knowledge of all things psychedelic. If it made you trip or purportedly made you trip, I was the guy to try it out for my friends in order to prove that it either did or didn't work and / or prove wether or not it was safe. The biggest gap in my experience is that I have never used any anticholergenic deliriants such as Datura or Brugmansia.

I have used mescaline on many, many occasions and have used 2CB twice and liked it very much. That is why I thought trying this (allegedly) 2CI would be no big deal. I can't remember the little details about how long it takes to come up or how long the trips lasted. That seems unimportant. The point, and I will keep this short, is that either this material is extremely strong or else the dosage in the capsules were wrong, or perhaps this wasn't 2CI at all. I got two capsules of supposedly one dose in each capsule of 2CI. These were clear capsules, obviously hand-capped with off-white powder inside, looking like 10-20mg in each capsule. First I took the smaller one. The capsule with more powder in it seemed to have about 1.5 times as much in it than the smaller capsule so I saved the big one for another time.

The capsule was taken in an environment of non-tripping people, but only two and I did not have to hide anything from them. It became quickly apparent that I needed to be alone and spent this whole trip on my bed in silent 'meditation.' This is not uncommon anyway for me, especially at high doses of any psychedelic. I simply prefer to be alone and silent. This is hard to explain, probably, to new users but after a few hundred psychedelic trips things are quite different for me. When I was new to stuff, it was fun to hang out with a group of people while tripping and laugh and talk with them while listening to music or watching cool visual movies or going out to a club, rave or party (prefer outdoor dance parties personally). It was different back then because it seemed like anything or everything could happen when tripping because we simply didn't know what to expect. Now I know exactly what to expect and how to use stuff like that internally. So while it may seem strange, yes, especially at high doses I like to just lay or sit in meditative posture and just kind of do my internal thing.

Anyway I found this 2CI experience (and I eventually did the other, bigger capsule) to be chaotic and almost unusable. Almost. I think it would be an excellent tool for musicians or artists because of the heightened energy. A few phrases kept bouncing around my mind. I kept thinking. 'This stuff is like weapons-grade mescaline.' Phrases such as 'weaponized,' 'weapons-grade' and 'assault-class psychedelic' kept floating around my brain. It seemed like if you wanted to torture someone with psychedelics against their will, this would be an excellent compound with which to do so, much more effective and scary than LSD. I kept getting military vibes off of this stuff too, like it would be a great psychedelic for martial arts training or deep reprogramming, and again torture or brainwashing. In my first trip, I kept thinking about the Navy (I am not and have never been in the military). I kept getting the idea that it was the Navy distributing this stuff around our town and they wanted to see how people would react to it. I kept seeing this one guy's face in my mind (never seen or heard of him before) and I would hear his first name (I don't want to say what the name is) and I knew he was high up in Naval Intelligence. I finally decided that it was just random thoughts and not connecting me psychically to anything real. None of these thoughts came up during the second trip. The body effects were quite strong during both of my experiences.
The body effects were quite strong during both of my experiences.
These effects were very similar to mescaline and the other 2Cs but much, much more pronounced. The energy running up and down my spine (and entire nervous system) was really too much, too intense, unnecessarily intense.

This is a difficult, yet powerful material. As I stated previously, this could be used to quite dramatic effect by musicians, artists, writers, etc who employ the power of this compound with laser-like focus on their craft. Unfortunately, in my view, a very unstable, chaotic ride. 2CI (if that is even what I took) is a very powerful drug. Yeah, if I could describe 2CI in a word, I would call it 'unnecessary.'

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93600
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Jan 10, 2017Views: 2,290
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2C-I (172) : What Was in That? (26), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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