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A Pretty Decent RC
by Evening Moon
Citation:   Evening Moon. "A Pretty Decent RC: An Experience with 6-APB (exp93594)". Jan 24, 2012.

100 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


Before this I had tried the following substances:
Cannabis, MDMA, salvia, 4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-MET, 5-MeO-MiPT, Speed, Coke, Kratom, GHB, DPT, MXE, MDAI, 25c-nbome, DMT, LSD, 4-MEC and Shrooms.

I have heard several reports about people saying 6-APB is similar to 2c compunds. Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to sample any of the 2c compounds so I can't confirm or deny that claim.

Anyways, here's my story about 6-APB. Since it is being marketed as and MDMA replacement, those aspects are mostly what I will be covering.
Hope you enjoy the read and that it might lead to informed decisions :)

I've always enjoyed trying RCs, although recently, after having a near fatal overdose due to combining alcohol, 4-MEC and MXE I decided to chill with them from now on. All I had left I really wanted to try was 6-APB and now that I'm done with that I think I can stop experimenting and only doing things I know what they do to my body. My days of experimenting are behind me :)

I had had a few pretty boring weeks, and when my like-minded friends A, B and their girlfriends, C and D invited me to stay over for the weekend. I immideately said yes. Sounded like a perfect time to smoke some weed, eat some good food, and try this relatively new compund called 6-APB I happened to have gotten my hands on recently.

The weekend started off just they way I predicted. Joints were rolled, food was cooked, and the company of my four friends was thoroughly enjoyed.

After having finished our meals, I brought my stashbox to the table (always being the guy that tries new stuff), unable to restrain myself, saying 'So, you guys up for anything special tonight?'

After some deliberation, me and A, one of my closest mates there decided to try 6-APB, seeing as we both love MDMA and psychedelics, and it's been 'marketed' as an MDMA replacement with a psychedelic twist, we thought after reading most of the current posts online 'Hey, why not, it sounds pretty nice!'

I carefully weighed up one 100mg capsule with tan-colored powder to each of us and we dropped them at about 7 pm.

T: 0:00
Oh how I hate the waiting game... The onset is supposed to be around an hour, so we decided to play some nintendo wii. I was a bit tired from work during the week, so I just sat back and watched the others play, still enjoying myself (I WAS a tad bit baked after all).

T: 1:00
Around the one hour mark, I realized A's coordination and focus was a bit off. However I realized I would've done the same mistakes, seeing as we both discovered the mistakes he did at the same time. He smiled, dropped the controller and told B, C and D that they would have to finish without him, he had a really hard time focusing on the game.

We started feeling quite light-headed and asked for water. The bodyload was slightly unpleasant, but nothing I was worrying about at the moment. I started getting slight MDMA-like feelings throughout my body, feeling almost like waves or electric currents slowly flowing up and down through my body.

We put on some music and just sat back all of us and chatted for a bit.

T: 1:30
By now the effects were definitely noticeable, distinctly similar to MDMA, yet different. Not as intense, though that could of course be dose dependant. The same feeling that everything is AWESOME to the touch were there, and me and A were snuggling on the floor in front of the speaker system, not caring at all about what it might've looked like xD

T: 2:00
The other guys, not doing anything else ask if we should roll another joint. Seeing as cannabis usually boosts pretty much all psychedelics I thought 'Hey, I don't feel totally out of it, so a bit of a boost can't go wrong!'. So we decided to head off to the kitchen to prepare the joint.

That's when the bodyload hit me.

At first, it was just hard to get up, but after taking some 20 seconds to get up from lying down to standing position, a wave of nausea hit me. Not really feeling like I had to puke yet, I just slowly walked into the kitchen with everyone else and asked for a glass of water. A was having a similar experience.

(Worth noting is that on MDMA I usually have 200 times more energy and just wanna dance if I hear as much as a car alarm going off, 6-APB gave me none of this boundless energy.)

Even though the bodyload was very uncomfortable, we both still felt great, having the 'MDMA waves' slowly crawling up and down through our bodies.

After smoking a joint (A refrained, worrying a bit that it might get too intense), we headed over to A and C's double bed, and just lay there, listening to music, chilling and talking.

Now the times got a bit blurry (as can be the case on mind-altering substances ^^ ) but I will write down the approximate times.

Also noteworthy, on MDMA, 5 hours can feel like 1 and time just flies by. On 6-APB this was not the case, time passed by 'as usual'. I had my own theory about that. Seeing as it was supposed to be a mix between MDMA and a classic psychedelic, as MDMA 'speeds up time' and psychedelics 'slow down time' maybe the combination hit a happy medium. This is of course just my speculations, but who knows!?

T: 3-4:00
The nausea remained throughout the trip, but as long as I made no rapid movements and stayed away from bright lights I was fine. Most of the time was therefore spent in the bedroom, accompanied by psytrance and my four friends.

One or two more joints were smoked (A still didn't want any) and we were generally having a good time, talking about all sorts of stuff, old memories and stuff we had done together etc.

A thing I had realized by now was how 6-APB, for both me and A, came and went in 'waves' much like acid. A period of higher intensity was followed by a period of lower intensity. The periods could last from about 5-15 minutes.

Another thing we both realized was that the MDMA feeling was getting less and less pronounced as the psychedelic part of the substance started showing itself.

Unusually for me, I got quite silent and introspective, whereas A asked B about his studies. Having no knowledge in the field, he still wanted to gain an understanding for it and what B finds so interesting in it. A really made an honest effort in it, which was very amusing/interesting to watch for me. I was just sitting at the foot of the bed where they were discussing, occasionally petting their cats as they walked by, and spacing out, deep into thought.

Although it really had an introspective psychedelic touch, and I was worried about the nausea I was feeling, I was far from having a bad trip. I was enjoying myself on my own and I had some minor revelations about myself and my life, but not much more than that. It seemed to be more psychedelic to A. One guess is that it was because his mind was less clouded by the weed than mine.

T: 5:00
By midnight almost all effects had worn off, and we decided to have a final joint this time A had some as well, saying he was feeling slightly down, as from a mild MDMA comedown. Then we played some more wii, and went to bed. I believe I fell asleep somewhere between 2-4 am.

Waking up the next morning at about 11 am I slowly got up, feeling spent, but with the nausea totally gone, and no feeling whatsoever, aside from being tired, of any hard MDMA comedown. A was pretty much saying the same thing. After having breakfast, I went back home to my place. The following night I had no trouble falling asleep and awoke monday morning feeling as refreshed as you might after a low- to middose MDMA trip.

Some final thoughts and conclusions about this drug and how it worked for me.

First of all, for all you looking for legal MDMA replacements. Although the euphoria, sense of peace, and musical appreciation, etc is being enhanced to a degree. For me, this would be a terrible ravedrug. I'd rather take the crash from real MDMA, than lying in a corner of the dancefloor, able to enjoy the music, but being unable to move my body due to being afraid to throw up.

I also believe it's less aggressive on the serotonine than MDMA. Neither me nor A had any 'suicide tuesday' after the weekend, and no feeling of depression or anything in the weeks that followed.

All in all I'd say it's a pretty decent RC. For me it's no ravedrug, but for just staying in and perhaps cuddling with your partner, or just having a good night with some close friends, perhaps on the countryside on a hot summer night, I'd definitely consider doing it again.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93594
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jan 24, 2012Views: 15,237
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6-APB (516) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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