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Holy Crap the Extraction Method Worked
Cacti - T. pachanoi
by DeadRaver
Citation:   DeadRaver. "Holy Crap the Extraction Method Worked: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp93431)". Dec 16, 2015.

18 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)


I was surprised to find a lack of experience reports regarding anyone actually using the 'chimora' extraction technique for San Pedro. However, I was very surprised that almost no one has bothered to write a report regarding its effectiveness; only found comments saying 'Yes, I've HEARD it works.' The following is a report that I hope will solidify the effectiveness of this technique.

After finding insufficient trip reports of my own, I decided to create one for the naysayers of San Pedro and the 'chimora' extraction process . There seems to be enough photographic evidence of the process and I doubt there would be so many if the process didn't work.

I am writing the intro to this report +4hrs into the trip and I can definitely say that I am not disappointed. Even as I write I am starting to notice the top of the words start to look like mountain ranges with a slight rainbow tinge around the edges. Followed verbatim the extraction procedure for San Pedro tea. Used food processor for cactus cutting purchased at Wal-Mart. Yes believe it or not, as I was picking up a new garden hose, I looked over at a cacti display and noticed two very familiar friends sitting in a plastic plant container. Guess these guys really DO sell everything. Upon further inspection, the sticker confirmed its identity as San Pedro cactus. Two 2ft tall specimens for $15. Well duh! What else do you do in a situation like that? I was worried at first that the mere fact it was supplied by the mother of all retailers might have had an effect on their mescaline content, but I couldnít be further from the truth. I kept them in my house for month to get reacquainted with the spirit of mescalito and after I had a dream about one of the cacti disappearing, I knew it was time.

Prepared in the following method: Cut about 18 inches from the top, leaving a thick 6-inch stump I will save for later. A bit of a slender cutting but given the length should be fine. De-spined, cut into star pieces, froze overnight. Next morning, added an equal volume of water to cactus cuttings and blended in a food processor for all of about 15 seconds, leaving no chunks at all. Transferred approx 1/2 gal. of frothy green liquid to 2-gallon cooking pot. Slowly brought dial up on electric stove from 1 to 7 1/2 over the course of an hour, stirring every 6-10 min for the first hour. At the end of the first hour, brought up heat to near full-boil for another hour until liquid was reduced to almost pulp, stirring every 10 min or so again. Another 16oz of water was added at the 2 hour mark and heat dial was brought back down to 6 and let to lightly boil for another 30 min until pulp and water were at an even consistency. Immediately transferred liquid to a kool-aid jug strained with an old t-shirt. Using a pair of tongs, the hot liquid was strained and squeezed tight as possible, yielding about 12oz of liquid and a bit of pulp about the size of a small roma tomato. Didn't think it would reduce THAT far, but then again, cacti are 85% water. No additional pulls were done with pulp, but I froze it to save for another pull the next time if this method works. Transferred liquid to smaller drinking vessel and let cool in freezer for about 4 hours.

Show time! Cooked myself a small hotdog for breakfast at around 10 AM then spent the next 3 hours extracting. Abstained from food for over 6hrs after that and other drugs as well (possible drug test for work coming up). Waited till 7:30 PM to consume.

T+0 - Spend about 10 min staring down the green-glass of gargantuan funk that lies before me, full of all kinds of mescaline goodness. Hold nose, chug and immediately rinse oral cavity with Lipton Brisk Lemon Ice tea, leaving absolutely no after-taste (also works wonders for Robitussin too) There was no smell to the liquid at all, just tasted like bitter water...VERY bitter water. Decide to pass coming up time trolling YouTube.

T+.45 - First alert. Feels like my head is a bit stuffy, like when I first get a cold. There is a definite 'thickening' of both sight and thought, similar to mushrooms but much more subtle.
T+.45 - First alert. Feels like my head is a bit stuffy, like when I first get a cold. There is a definite 'thickening' of both sight and thought, similar to mushrooms but much more subtle.

T+1.15 - A slight increase in previous effects but feeling a bit like I just had drank a tad more coffee than usual. Notice my leg start to shake more than what I am normally used to. No nausea, but a bit of that usual slight gastrointestinal discomfort that comes with anything in the organic psychoactive category.

T+2 - The 2 hour milestone for initial mescaline effects. Finding myself getting distracted very easily by even the simplest things. My all-tile floors start to get that MDMA 'sparkle' around contrasting edges, popping out, but only if concentrated on for a second. Wave my hands looking for any signs of tracers but only get a moderate upswing from my usual perma-trails. I hope I prepared enough cacti to make this more than a tease.

T+2:30 - Wow, the difference 30 min makes. There is this unusual surge of a great body high, giving me that tingle when I hear parts of my favorite songs. Almost rapid enough to put me on the edge of getting 'the fear', I crack open a can of beer in hopes to mellow myself out a tad.

T+3 - The effects are in full-spring for sure. Walking around feels like Iím slightly encased in jell-o, but it would be impossible to describe this exactly as one psychedelic or another. The beer served its purpose taming my nerves a bit and also made me hungry, seeing as how itís been nearly 12 hours since my last meal. It takes me nearly 30 min to prepare dinner because every time I read an ingredient or label on something, my mind takes off in a whole new tangent making fun of the words and giving me the urge to distract myself further. I forget how playful Mescalito can be! Itís not overwhelming by any degree, but he always seems to be right on the tip of your frontal lobe to sort of mess with you when you least expect it. While my food is cooking, I browse my library of books, finding it I difficult to maintain focus in both sight and concentration

T+4 - The effects seem to adopt a lightly speedy characteristic, very much like 2C-B or MDA. However, it takes a bit of concentration to make them perform. Think of it like a race car. Yes, it can go really fast, but otherwise, unless youíre up to driving it, will remain at normal cruising speed. Spent the last hour totally engaged in Google Earth while listening to music. This my second experience with San Pedro, and this is about 1.5x stronger than last, where we went through the long process of peeling layers of cactus. While not booming with visuals, a little bit of focus here and there brings it to life.

T+5 - How I wish I could smoke some pot right now. Gotta stay clean for the greater good though. Still feeling speedy characteristics with that marked hallucinogenic 'stare' when I want to exacerbate the effects. The beer seems to synergize well since itís the only add-on I can really give to this substance. Running out of beer, so a trip to the store is in order. Decide to walk to the Circle K to replenish.

T+6 - The walk to the store was entertaining and introspective. Street lights and car lights have a mild tracer effect but nothing extreme. At the light/med dose levels, mescaline is really easy to control, allowing you to pop in out of the full experience almost at will and keep your cool when needed.

T+8 - There seems to be no more increase of any effects, just a slow waning of whatís already been. Still find myself locked in a loop playing around on my computer.

T+10 - Effects are barely there now, if it all. Itís late and I'm a bit exhausted. Pop a sleeping pill and run out the remainder of my trip listening to music while falling asleep.

Conclusion: Stronger effects than what I was anticipating for a preparation that seemed shrouded in doubt. A great first extraction attempt if I do say so myself. In retrospect, I would've used the entire cactus if I was assured of this unfamiliar procedure. Its diameter at its thickest point was only about 3 inches, and I am confident that the little bit extra would've been the difference between lightly visual to highly visual considering I only had a few beers to add to the mix and no pot. My best guess is that a little over 200mg of mescaline was taken from the specimen. On the upside, I was able to get a through evaluation of San Pedro on its own as to make for a more accurate trip report. I am anticipating using the remaining full cactus and the stump from the first one after all drug testing is over with and throwing some weed into the mix for good measure in hopes getting a near-Shamanic dose. As usual, Erowid has succeeded in supplying the most accurate information on this substance as well as supplying tried and true extraction recipes. I feel that the continuous monitoring, stirring, fasting and above all, not rushing the process were paramount to a successful extraction. I can now say with confidence that this method is legitimate and will be repeated.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93431
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Dec 16, 2015Views: 2,224
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