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It Was Everything
by dearpsychonaut
Citation:   dearpsychonaut. "It Was Everything: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp93276)". Erowid.org. Nov 3, 2012. erowid.org/exp/93276

50 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (capsule)


Where I’m from mushrooms don’t come around too often and when they do they are gone in a matter of hours. They come in the usual forms, chocolate bars, actual shrooms, etc. But unique to this area there are sometimes things going around as ‘psilocybin capsules’ where people claim that there is pure psilocybin in a little gelatin capsule. I had gotten these on the second time I had taken any sort of trip and the trip was amazing...about 20-25mg I’m guessing.

Once I discovered 4-AcO-DMT I was convinced that in the little capsule I took was not pure psilocybin...but rather 4-aco-dmt. I figured this out by studying what it would take to extract pure psilocybin and how to make it in a lab...either way it would not reflect the price on the street that it went around for in my region, and the trip was slightly different than actual mushrooms. As soon as I came to this realization I immediately went on a search for 4-AcO-DMT online.

Found a vendor that a trustworthy friend recommended with good reviews and promise of a lab analysis sheet showing the purity from a third party lab. Ordered 1 gram of 4-AcO-DMT and the next day it arrived (overnight shipping :D).

After looking at the lab analysis and calling the lab to confirm I did a small allergy dose at 10mg, and as I suspected it was nearly identical to psilocybin/psilocin, about 1.5 grams or so of cubensis. The rest was weighed up in capsules measuring 25mg and I waited for the weekend to trip with a few friends, planning on taking a high dose at 50mg.

I consider myself somewhat experienced in the psychedelic realm. I was thinking I could handle 50mg of this substance, and getting a very heavy trip out of it. My previous experiences include: Psilocybin Mushrooms, 2c-e, 2c-t-2, cannabis, alcohol, dxm, 4-mec, amanita muscaria, yopo/cebil, LSA (from MG and HBWR), MXE, various Spice smoke blends, and Salvia Divinorum.

Friday night came and so did 4 friends to my apartment, one friend of mine raved how he thought he could handle 3 capsules worth...good thing I talked him out of it. We all dosed and swallowed 2 capsules, a total of 50mg. Looking back on it, I shouldn’t have had 5 people tripping at my apartment...its not that big and this was one hell of a dose. We swallowed the capsules whole, turned on Pink Dloyd’s ‘live at pompeii’ and waited for the trip to kick in.

10 minutes after dosing...

We started to feel a bit of a head space, one friend mentioned it was kind of like the threshold effects of LSD. Although I wouldn’t know, I have never taken true LSD (although I have bought over 50 hits of bunk LSD in my lifetime). A friend of mine was a little paranoid, he had mentioned before that he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to trip that night...checked his heart rate and kinda started to freak a bit, he vomited and sat back down and continued to watch pink Floyd with us. After a while this friend, lets call him E, wanted to go outside for a walk, and I came with him. This head space feeling was getting a bit more intense but we were not yet tripping but we were sure it wouldn’t be long. During this walk E described to me that he wish he wouldn’t have taken the drug and that he wanted to walk back to his car and drive home and sleep. I very strongly suggested he stay at my house since his car was 5 miles away; by the time he got to his car he would have been already tripping very hard and nearly peaking only to drive home for another 20 minutes (which we found out later would be nearly impossible). He finally agreed after I offered him a bed to sleep in and we walked back to my house. Not quite feeling it yet and E went and laid down in my spare room. Still not tripping, watch Floyd for a bit longer.

About 40 minutes after dosing...

We sit on the couch for a bit yet, and decide its time to go out on the porch for a cigarette, we turn off the Live at Pompeii DVD and E gets out of the room and decides to join us for a cig. Standing outside smoking a cig in the fall is always a pretty warming feeling to me, as someone who loves nature but right now I am not feeling so well, and right as I realize that the trip starts to kick in. I start to feel paranoid, anxious, and nervous and I see fractals in the form of some Egyptian creature in the distance, I speak to E and ask if he wants to go inside as I feel its more comforting and he agrees. We each lay on one of my couches and for some reason Led Zeppelin starts playing. We didn’t think anything of it at the time, it just felt right. The beauty of zeppelin easily calmed me down, and I started to enter a very very intense trip, seemingly identical to a high dose mushroom trip.

An hour after dosing...

After me and E both acknowledge we are tripping extremely hard and we are very much enjoying it I start to look around and love Led Zeppelin more and more. My living room feels like it nearly tripled in size. Looking at the walls I see beautiful tryptamine patterns that I have missed so much. I feel very at peace, E agrees he feels the same way. Dealt with some moderate euphoria, and only negative aspect at this point is a bit of gastrointestinal disturbances which is probably just the 4-AcO-DMT converting in my body into psilocin, so I know the trip is nowhere near its true height quite yet.

At this point time starts to fizzle as usual with psychedelics.

After sitting in my living room with E for a while, the rest of the group comes back in from smoking a cig. Me and E are in good spirits so we don’t mind when they change the music, and once we figure it out we greatly welcome it. It was the album ‘Catch 33’ by Meshuggah. The whole album is basically one giant song and one of the best albums EVER written IMHO. We were absolutely mind blown, we’ve listened to it countless times before but never quite like this.

The album went to play a second time (we thought? Could have been a loop) and we conversed and joked, felt wonderful and happy, everything was perfect. E went back to bed for a while however. We all continued to carry on and enjoy ourselves, turning on different music as we pleased, laughed at jokes, were blown away by time loops, etc. Etc.

E walked out of the spare room at one point and drank some water out of the faucet, this stuff made us all a bit thirsty it seemed. He looked terrified, I walked up to him very concerned and just asked him if he was okay, he nodded and kept looking scared. I assured him he’d be alright and he had nothing to be afraid of. He nodded and I let him be, then resumed to enjoying the music with the other trippers in the room.

At one point, I was sitting on my couch enjoying the Meshuggah playing with my eyes closed, and I noticed a Hindu Goddess Woman in a yellow dress, seemed like she was meditating. I don’t know why, but at the time I wasn’t super intrigued by this vision. I opened my eyes again and took a deep breath. I thought to myself 'wow..that felt fucking amazing.' The rush of oxygen in my lungs was nearly orgasmic, almost like I could feel the oxygen reaching the red blood cells in my body and them rejoicing at the pleasure of air. I lay there for a bit longer and do the same thing only this time I realize that I had not actually been breathing, the reason these breaths felt so good was because I was holding my breath for so long and then taking a deep one. This scared the living shit out of me.

I got up, and walked outside to breathe some fresh air, not in panic mode quite yet, just freaked. I sat there and just told myself to breathe, which I had no problem doing - it was just that I had to consciously do it - like I was tripping so hard (probably a strong +++) that I had to consciously do everything that can be both voluntary and involuntary, like blinking and breathing. Blinking wasn’t really an issue, but as I sat there outside breathing I just couldn’t snap out of it. I walked inside, let a few people know I wasn’t feeling good, ignored when they asked what was wrong and said I’ll be fine and went into my dark, silent room.

In all actuality I didn’t know if I was going to be okay. I opened by bedroom door and looked at my bed which hadn’t been made for months. The blankets seriously looked like bodies crawling around on my bed. I knew they weren’t so I grabbed these bodies and wrapped them around me and lay in bed, completely dark and completely silent. If you take one thing away from this trip report let it be this: when tripping badly, NEVER go into some place dark and silent, always have someone to talk to.

I lay there in my bed, now in panic mode and look at my phone for the time. It reads 2:08 AM, I decide that I’ll lay down for a half hour and then I’ll probably feel better and can once again join my friends. So I lay in my bed freaking out, nearly in tears, and just tripping horribly. The closed eye visuals are too insane to sleep, and the open eyed visuals are much too disturbing so I decide to just keep them closed. This time I once again see the hindu goddess in the yellow dress meditating, only this time she is giving birth to thousands of babies…who are all reaching out at me and then quickly grow into goddesses themselves and start giving birth to thousands more. This was extremely vivid and I had never seen visuals that realistic. I’ve read that high doses on this stuff can be similar to DMT visuals and I really don’t doubt that - extremely mindblowing. If I wasn’t terrified at the time I might have really enjoyed it!

So after I feel a half hour has past, I again check my phone and I can’t believe what it reads. 2:08 AM! I had been laying there for what felt like a half hour but it had been maybe 30 seconds. This didn’t help my terrified state. I felt as if maybe I would vomit and walked to the bathroom. The only thing that came out of me was a burp, that strangely felt like I was vomiting but wasn’t. For the next while I just sit and lay and toss in my bathroom feeling absolutely horrible, terrified, considering maybe going to the hospital but didn’t. The entire world was warping and I just couldn’t handle it. Everything had a glow and everything was pulsing out of control and starting to warp. I promise myself I’ll never do drugs again if I can just get through this, and start questioning everything I stand up for. I lay down in my bathroom and I feel as if I’m dying. I can feel my individuality dissolving away and I become nothing. At one point I forgot my name, where I was, what year it was, that there was this thing called 'time' that ruled our lives, what a human was, that I was 'alive', total ego death. After fighting it for as long as I could perceive time I accepted it and this is when time ceased to exist. I finally accepted the fact that I was dead, then...

Boooooooom, euphoria, bliss, love! I came back! And I was by far the happiest mother f***er on the planet. I ran out of my bathroom rejoicing and telling everyone they had no idea what the fuck I just went through. They all smiled and laughed and welcomed me back. I had been reborn.

At this point Live at Pompeii came back on and Floyd was playing not only on the outside but inside me as well It just felt so comforting and I swear to you as the colors were zooming off the TV David Gilmour was in my house sitting on my couch with us!

I lay face first on the ground for whatever reason conversing with my friend Z doing the same thing (note that E hadn’t said or done anything since he went back to bed) and we conversed for a while that just consisted of random moans but I swear we had a real conversation somehow. We interpreted each other, I know we did, whether telepathically or just a strange tripper moaning language.

At this point E shouted out of the spare room “soooo, uhhh, fuck smoking pot”. All of us laughed our asses off (we had been smoking cannabis all throughout the trip) and a few of us went in the room to join him, right as another friend who had been tripping on psilocybin mushrooms showed up at my place. A few of us went in the room and comforted E and we were all happy and enjoying ourselves although E still had a freaked look on his face. Me and my friend R went outside for another smoke and talked about random stuff, my neighbor actually offered us to smoke with him but we neglected, thinking it’d be a bit awkward with our current state of mind.

After returning inside, E was having an emotional fit and kept talking about how he wanted to do something with his life. Music in particular. Most of us there had been playing in a band with enormous potential and simply done nothing due to lack of motivation and he was not happy. He said he was done doing drugs and that he was over everything. He also said something along the lines that he wanted to walk back to his car, drive home and apologize to his parents. We told him no and he stayed standing where he was ranting. I retired to bed and tried to get some sleep. We had been tripping for what I thought was maybe 5 hours or so. I laid down and couldn’t sleep, my friend R came in a conversed with me for a while and we had some good conversation.

After accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to sleep I walked back out into the living room and found that E had left and was walking all the way back to his car. This scared us like crazy: one of our best friends was walking on the street in a sketchy neighborhood, tripping harder than he had ever in his life and was going to drive home? We couldn’t do anything about it. We were just scared. I also discovered Z was going through almost what I went through and was pretty scared. I talked him through it and eventually he got out. Another friend J went through the same thing but he got out of it on his own. Z had asked me 'does this last forever?' I replied no, and that he would be okay. He then asked 'can it?' as if he was scared that he’d get some negative reaction that would make it last forever. I again assured him he’d be fine. He asked a few more questions and I answered and did my best to help him be okay, his only request was to keep the music off. My friend R pointed out what time it was and we realized that we had only been tripping for 4 hours, still not as long as I thought but it gave a big relief to Z. We were still worried about E tho, very much so. We could all go walking after him. Not only would it be a danger to ourselves but we knew he’d be far ahead of us and we simply wouldn’t find him.

Suddenly someone opens my front door and it was E. He walked all the way to his car and drove back to my apartment. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] At his point we were nearly back at baseline, and so relieved to see E. He told stories about running into people…them pushing him around and leaving him be after words and sitting by his car tripping insanity just waiting for it to wear off. A crazy walk to say the least.

All in all, this was by far the strongest trip I have ever taken. If what you’re getting is pure and you’re taking more than 35mg, brace yourself, that trip isn’t going to be easy. This trip was amazing, terrible, horrifying, awe inspiring, blissful, ineffable, disgusting, and beautiful, and everything in-between. This trip was EVERYTHING. During ego death I was sure I was at ++++. I know that is quite a statement but I truly believe that was far beyond the depths of a +++ experience, and fits Shulgin’s definition.

This compound is glorious, and very mushroom-like. Almost identical at low doses. At high doses it takes on its own direction and character. Be safe my friends. Happy tripping.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93276
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 3, 2012Views: 17,105
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Entities / Beings (37), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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