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Excellent Social Stimulant
Citation:   peruviankush. "Excellent Social Stimulant: An Experience with 2C-E (exp93111)". Jan 8, 2021.

12 - 25 mg oral 2C-E
A Retrospective Summary of 2C-E

This is my recap of about a years experience with 2C-E. When I took it, I was about 19-20, around 200lb, and had handled other psychedelics before.I've had numerous experiences alone, with friends, and at varying doses. I'd like to somewhat give a brief summary of my results for people looking into this psychedelic.

First off, physically, it takes about 45 minutes for me to feel the effects. By 90 minutes I'm peaking. The peak usually lasts until about the 3-4 hour mark, where it starts to decline. At 5-6 hours I feel tired and exhausted, and usually want to sleep.

My doses have been from 12mg, all the way to 25mg on my strongest trip.

Under 15mg for a 200lb person, I find it to be an excellent social stimulant. I usually did this kind of dose with my friends, and had an excellent time. Of course we measured it according to each persons' weight, but really about 15mg for me is an excellent social dose.

Anything over 18mg produced at most one session of brief vomiting, usually around 90 minutes after consumption. Smaller doses never resulted in this, and any dose above this was a guaranteed trip to the bathroom. However after vomiting, the trip was pleasant and comfortable otherwise.

Typically I always had a ''restless leg syndrome'' or something to that effect. It felt good to move my legs and arms. I enjoyed movement, although the majority of my trips were indoors at home alone. But even friends agreed it felt good to dance to music or walk around outside when it was a nice day and we had the opportunity.

Visuals were strong, and it seems the dosage curve is strong also. 15mg would usually give me wavy visuals, walls breathing and color depth etc... But nothing super special. Doses above 20mg always produced astounding visuals, things that I will never forget. I've seen the trees in my yard get up and walk around and associate with each other. I've seen the streets open up and reveal souls from hell trying to escape. I've seen normal objects become interesting and profound from a prolonged stare.

For this reason, I often recommend higher doses alone. Other people are distracting at doses above 0.1mg/lb. However its very social prior to that dosage. It's an interesting chemical in how it is almost completely different with lighter doses and heavier doses.

On light doses, I'd walk around the mall with a friend, or hang out, or take a walk. It was always pleasant. Higher doses required me to stay inside, probably get sick once, and think deeply.

Mentally I found my personality was fairly normal. Relatively ''normal'' thoughts. Still, spontaneous deep realizations would occur with larger doses. It seemed that deeper connections could be made, but they were relatively random. I never could exactly focus on something and produce an in depth analysis. Deep thoughts came at random and usually in higher doses. However the connections made would be rather significant.

If I feel sick, it'll pass within 2 hours, or if I vomit it will pass almost immediately after. I've never vomited more than once with 2C-E, which I can't say for 2C-T-7.

2C-E is equally enjoyable at night or during the day outdoors. I never had any major paranoia, feelings of euphoria are minimal. Honestly it's much like being normal but with enhanced perception of your surroundings.

I found myself much more likely to enjoy nature than videos or games, I simply lacked the focus. With 2C-E I have a hard time sticking to one task. I just go with the flow, and it takes care of me.

I've probably consumed about 500mg of 2C-E on my own, and I've given it to 4 other people. All of them reported similar situations to my own. I never saw any negative experience from it. However I was always careful to introduce people to the drug with 10-12mg instead of my minimum 15. I'm larger than most people, and I definitely think 2C-E can be too strong for some.

In conclusion, 2C-E is a fantastic chemical. Physically it is stimulating, and cleansing. Mentally it provides insight, depth, and enhanced perception. Visuals are second to none (maybe only to LSD) and are realistic and strong.

The negative effects are almost zero at doses under .1mg/lb and above that, I can expect to run to the bathroom early on during the come-up. After that, I enjoy the trip.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 93111
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 8, 2021Views: 1,580
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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