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Warmth Bliss Glow
Citation:   Enthusiast. "Warmth Bliss Glow: An Experience with Hydrocodone (exp93090)". Erowid.org. Aug 27, 2018. erowid.org/exp/93090

7.5 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  750 mg oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)
There is nothing sweeter than the incredible glow and high of opiates. I have experimented with a few different drugs. Salvia Divinorum is my second favorite, but solely due to the enlightenment properties and nothing else. Alcohol has negative side-effects; I'm a light-weight and don't eat too much... so having too much alcohol makes my head spin into a nauseous state. I have had negative experiences with Cannabis as well; I always longed to like it as so many people do, but it gave me the biggest of panic attacks imaginable, and my throat swelled up, so I assume I may be allergic to the plant. In my experience, if under the right conditions, there is nothing negative about this amazing drug, Hydrocodone APAP 7.5-750. I should note, however, that I'm not an avid drug user.

HISTORY: My experience with Hydrocodone began after a wisdom tooth extraction. I suffer from gastritis after popping Ibuprofen pills in high school for relief of cramps. Therefore, I can't take many meds. The oral surgeon prescribed Hydro, and assured me it wouldn't have a negative effect like the other medications such as Ibuprofen. I took Hydro as needed post-surgery, and have many fond memories of the first neo experiences. I was too young and naive to realize the amazing power of this opiate.

I clearly remember the unusual but amazing effects. I was so giddy, mellow, and happy (so unlike me, as I've slowly progressed with generalized anxiety attacks). I didn't put two-and-two together during this time, and after I healed, I stored the medication in a drawer to forget it was there. Fast-forward to the following year. I'd been suffering, as usual, from intense menstrual cramps with no way to relieve them since I can't take anything. I resorted to try marijuana as a natural remedy, but smoking little bits of it only helped to make my eyes droopy and my brain stop. It didn't relieve the pain
I resorted to try marijuana as a natural remedy, but smoking little bits of it only helped to make my eyes droopy and my brain stop. It didn't relieve the pain
, and I'd still wake up after drifting off into sleep in incredible pain.

I randomly came across the Hydrocodone pills soon after trying the cannabis. Finally, the moment had come and I quickly put two-and-two together: If these little magic happy pills help soothe the horrifying wisdom tooth pain, they *must* be helpful at relieving cramp. From that day forward, my life forever changed. This was April 2010. At first, I was consistent at only using the Hydrocodone pills during my period since I only had one bottle from the wisdom tooth extraction. I was really busy and going through happy moments in life so I didn't think twice about the opiate effect it had, only that it helped me tons once a month. After a few months, I realized I had no refills, so I went to my general doctor and explained my situation about the cramps and the pills. He's been my doctor for years, and knows me well enough to know I was a true sufferer just trying to get relief. When I got out of that office with my prescription (with refills!) I couldn't contain my excitement. THIS was another epiphany: Hydrocodone feels GOOOOOOOOOD and I was beyond excited to have what then seemed like a never-ending supply of it. At this point, I was only taking it as usual, once a month.

My real Hydro journey began Fall of 2010. I went through a downward spiral. I was no longer happy or in a naturally 'good place'. I was in a funk. I then got curious to see how Hydro would affect me without physical pain, and cut some pills in half and took only HALF of a 7.5/750 pill. The effect blew my mind. I was so damn happy. Not a care in a world. I hadn't felt so care-free since the earliest memories of childhood. EVERYTHING made me happy. As a college student, I absolutely adored taking half a hydro when I had a big paper to write or project to do because I was *so* genuinely happy and motivated to do it. It felt good to be a hermit, stay at home, and do homework.

INTAKE METHOD: I have read various times of people extracting the hydrocodone alone, but I have never undergone this process as I don't know how. I take hydro on a completely empty stomach, and down it with liquid yogurt or something to make it go down smoothly because of the sharp edges of the half-pill. I will have coffee, get the caffeine buzz, and then wait a couple of hours to take hydro on the empty stomach. I began doing this especially on weekends and on lazy Sundays. Lately, I am (again) in an unhappy place. My job sometimes feels boring even though it's in my ideal field of study. When I have to do mundane tasks though, like sitting in an office all day, I will take half a pill in the morning and go through the day so mellowly. But I try spacing my dose to not grow tolerant of it, because even though I have refills, if I show signs of dependence and need more and more, my doc will completely cut me off. I purposely go through difficult days of being angry and bitter at life only to live for the temporary relief of what I call hydro-days.

EXPERIENCE: I'm going to go into detail about an experience of a higher dosage of one full hydrocodone pill 7.5/750. Keep in mind, I weight 96 lbs and am 5'2. I also take this on an empty stomach. So, one full pill on an -empty- stomach gives me the most beautiful, amazingly lucid high. My preceding mindset is always that of a happy/excited one because I know my world is about to turn a whole lot brighter in every sense of the word (physical, as well. The sky and clouds look beautiful and brighter and the birds serenade is more harmonious). I should also note that in my personal experience, the best experiences come when I can be stuck doing one thing at once, not driving around or having too much to do (I can get a slight bit nauseous). At a higher than recommended dose, it is dangerous to drive under any influence both for myself and the safety of other passengers. Hydrocodone is no exception. I haven't driven under a higher dose because 1 full pill is my higher-than-norm dose, versus half of a pill. However, I took a road-trip with someone (I was passenger) and had taken one full hydrocodone pill, and became incredibly nauseous, having to stop to get fast-food which diminished my desired effect. Hydrocodone makes one drowsy, especially at higher doses. While the world is beautiful, believe me when I say from experience that it's much more beautiful in *one* place ;) The full hydro effect works more intensely if sitting or relaxing than moving.

T 00:15+ Begins to gradually take effect. An accretion of warmth slowly begins to spread through my body.

T 00:30+ The effect continues to grow. The 'glow' feeling becoming more apparent now. The mellow, happy carelessness is growing.

T 00:45+ I don't think I can describe it as 'drowsy', but more of a down-to-earth complete mellowness. I can sit still and ponder, any anxiety is gone.

T 01:00+ This is what I call the acme. The world is so beautiful. My life is so beautiful. I can almost cry of happiness because everything makes sense now. Any unhappiness or vex I was feeling about life or decisions goes away and I feel lucid and completely crystal-clear-minded. I always feel perplexed about what my purpose is in this life or what my desired work-field is but not at this very moment. I could be collecting garbage and would be happy doing it, literally. I find complete joy in things I otherwise wouldn't. By this time, it's a wonderful time to hit the books!

T 01:15+ As odd as this may sound, I feel so childlike in my carefreeness that I wish I could have toys from childhood, like a dollhouse. It makes me reminisce. I can embark on any project right now and be so happy doing it! I decide to start studying. Reading comes so easily. The material I'm reading about is much more interesting and I understand it so much better. I wish life could forever & always be like this. If I didn't consciously take into account that hydro was addictive, I'd take one daily. It is the most amazing anti-depressant, anti-anxiety med I've ever taken. And although unfortunately I've never had the chance to take adderall, it works for concentration at least for me at this dosage.

T 01:30 - 03:30+ More of the same. Incredible happiness and productiveness.
T 01:30 - 03:30+ More of the same. Incredible happiness and productiveness.
I tried to sit still as much as possible but it's difficult if my family is home. I like getting up and socializing. I hadn't mentioned it above, but I also severely suffer from SOCIAL-ANXIETY and this magic pill likewise is the cure. While sober, I feel awkward, I double-think everything, my heart palpitates, I feel my face literally twitching while having conversations at work. Back to my family and being under the effect at home: The things they want to share with me, the kids playing, everything is wonderful. I'm in SUCH an overwhelming good mood that I wish I could share this with everyone. Sometimes, I go outside and enjoy the breeze and nature while reading a good book or listening to music. Music is so much more beautiful on this as well! I'm sorry to keep repeating it, but I can't help it. Everything is so, so, so wonderful it's almost like my soul floats. Food also tastes really good, and desired flavor of ice-cream mmmmm.

T 04:00 - 05:00+ The comedown begins. But it isn't sharp. It's gradual, just like it's beginning. Depending on my mood or what I accomplished and had been doing, the feeling of hydrocodone can last longer or be abrupt. If I have to leave somewhere, it's abrupt. Or if I *have* to do something I don't want to do, it's more abrupt. Though, generally, it will always be slow and I'll usually be content no matter what situation. Although, by this point, I dislike people cutting into the descent of my high. I avoid situations where this would be the case. I try to sit still or watch television or a movie to have a nice descent.

AFTER-EFFECT: As I'd mentioned, there's no noticeable after-effect the same-day, at least personally in the quantity of my dose. However, the following day, I usually feel very groggy and all I look forward to is to indulge in my hydro again. I understand addiction, as it is related to my field of study. Therefore, I refrain from indulging in it even though there's an intense longing to. If I can refrain from hydrocodone, the next high will be that much sweeter in the same quantity versus having to up the dose due to tolerance. My significant other has called me bipolar due to the distinct difference between being under the influence of hydro and being sober.

In conclusion, after my various experiences on hydrocodone, I will consider myself partially emotionally addicted. In order to see life any other way, I'd have to move to my dream location and forget life as it is. I'd need a change. Even still, I will never be able to forget in this lifetime the unbelievably healing powers of hydrocodone.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93090
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Aug 27, 2018Views: 9,110
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