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World of Tracers
by Lone Ranger
Citation:   Lone Ranger. "World of Tracers: An Experience with 2C-E (exp92959)". Dec 23, 2012.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-E (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:50 15 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)


I planned my night at my trailer with a pocket flashlight in my pocket at all times (for safety feeling) charged cell phone and computer queued up with psychedelic music and 'Yellow Submarine' movie by the Beatles.

T:8:00PM - I took my first pill of 2C-E which contained 20 mg. I was anxious because the last amount I had taken was only 10 mg and was an amazing time compared the first time I had ever taken 2C-E. I was biding my time by getting the fire outside roaring so that it required no maintenance in case I was 'way to messed up' to work on it. I was waiting for my companion (A) to come who had never done any psychedelics; her capsule was 15 mg. She ended up being busy so I gave her until 9:00PM to let me know if she was coming or not, or else that capsule was mine!

T:8:50PM - Ten to nine I texted (A) and she said she was still out with friends so I said bottoms up and dropped the 15 mg which brings me to have ingested 35 mg.

T:9:02PM – I was contacting a friend (B) who I have done psyches with before telling about what I had taken and explaining how I set up the trailer with the courtesy lights looking like a movie theatre atmosphere, and my iTunes visualizer going, which sober was rather amazing.

T:9:10PM - I was getting anxious again wondering if I should do some kind of cardio just to get my heart rate going and whether it would help the trip come sooner. As I conversed with (B) via text message about what I should do and he had suggested doing some meditation. I went outside to the fire which at this point was blazing, I sat in a chair holding a hockey stick without a blade used for a fire poker which seemed to have stayed by my side most of the trip. I started the meditation with deep breathing concentration on the rise and fall of my chest. Typically I’m able to meditate for 30 for 45 minutes without distraction but I just wanted to be alive and experiencing the inner paths to outer space.

T:9:15PM - I decided to put the mediation to the side and go for a walk around the man-made lakes. But first I went inside to change and go to the bathroom. I had just put on a nice comfy sweater and changed into pajama pants despite being windy I was still rather warm I think the drugs were finally starting to take affect. I had loaded up my phone with some psychedelic music to ease me into the high. I went into the washroom which is a tight squeeze so I was very close to the patterned walls. I found it kind of difficult to urinate I looked up at the walls and the patterns were going crazy in swirls and making new patterns that didn’t even exist. I put my hand up on the wall and it seemed small and child like and the patterns started to swirl over my hand, it was quite pleasant. Finally I tried concentrating to go pee. As I got a small stream going I panicked for a second because when I looked down there were three streams of pee but I told me self 'relax if you hear water splashing you’re good.' I knew my bladder wasn’t empty but it was incredibly hard to focus on that bodily function so I stood there a little longer with no luck.

T:9:17PM - I had cut out the back of a corn pops box which had swirls on it in a psychedelic pattern. Why was it on there beats me but I pre-planned this cut out for the trip. I was really expecting more visuals from this box but it was a little disappointing.

T9:36PM - I texted (B) to tell him the visuals had officially started and I went outside to sit in front of the fire to see what kind of exciting things I may see. There wasn’t much coming from the fire no visuals just a sort of brilliance. It felt like I just wanted to grab its beauty as I stared into the searing coals. I told my self no matter how nice it looks DO NOT TOUCH THEM! From that point on I never had the urge to touch the coals again, it felt like I had some sort of mutual understanding with 'Lady Fire': don’t taunt me and I’ll keep you going. I decided to grab my poker stick and play with the fire that way, and just admired it for a while as I listened to the music in my ear buds.

T:10:35PM – I had gone and brought a few more large logs over. My balance was a little off at this point but I was able to keep my composure once I realized the task at hand. I sat back down and texted (B) 'Unreal'. By this time I think the second capsule was really starting to take affect I was really amused by the music and 'Lady Fire'.

T:10:57PM – I stood up to go for a walk. As I waved my 'scepter' (fire poker) to stoke the fire I got my first glimpse of a long tracer with a lag of maybe 3 seconds.

T:10:59PM – I informed (B) about the tracers and that it was extremely exciting. This trip was already starting to surpass any LSD trip I had ever experienced which had been life changing for me. Finally I was on my way for a walk. There were many lights strewn out along all the different trailers. They were easy on the eyes but nothing magnificent at this point. I got to a back lake where there was a bright street light blaring onto the water. I had many thoughts and joking to myself. Why would they have that? It even reached out to the forest or bushes across the lake and I contemplated something on this pole whether it was a security camera or a Wi-Fi station then I looked into the tree and all the leaves were fluttering like millions of butterflies. (It was a camera...I think.)

T:11:05 - I started to head back to my trailer hoping I wouldn’t get lost finding my way back but I still felt pretty clear headed to know directions. As I continued walking I thought I caught a glimpse of someone right next to me and scared the crap out of myself but it was just the side of my hood. I calmed my heart rate down and said calm down there’s only 20 people in this huge park and it’s a Monday night.

T:11:05-11:10PM – I have no frame of reference for the timing but I know I had already gone back to the trailer and I think I had headed out for another walk which makes me think I was walking very quick and only stopped to see the fire momentarily. Unfortunately the timing cannot be too accurate but I know I was headed for my second walk by now.

T:11:07PM – The reason I know it was my second walk was because the first time there was no interruptions, this second walk there was a car moving very slowly because the speed limit in the park is only 10 km/h (6.25 MPH). The lights from the car were constantly changing as I was attempting text a new friend (C) telling me I should go fishing. The lights changed several times bright to yellow to blue and dim varying constantly which was no doubt due to the gravel road but obviously the hallucinations were enhanced by the 2C-E. I told (C) I was too high to go fishing so (C) told me to go climb a tree and perform 'owling' (posting on top of something and looking like an owl), at which point I replied with a text “ha ha shut up”.

T:11:12PM – I looked up from texting and wasn’t sure if I was seeing things or not but there were things gliding and floating in the water and I slowly got closer but still kept a fair distance probably 150 to 200 feet. I realized it was a bunch of geese playing around and getting ready to sleep by the shore where it was shallow enough to plant their feet. It was hard to focus because the 2C-E was definitely in full effect and things seem strangely blurry but clear at the same time, possibly because the tracers where everywhere if I moved my head it cause tracers if something moved there were tracers, so the geese flapping their wings possibly playing around made an amazing image with a lag of anywhere between 5-8 seconds. I tried concentrating really hard to see the amount of geese but no matter how hard I focused my mind was having too much fun with sensory overloading.

T:11:21PM – I received a text from (B) asking how my visuals were I thought I ignored the text and continued on my stroll.

T:11:22PM – According to my text time stamp it was only a minute later I texted him “I think I need 4D vision to take this all in.”

T:11:37PM – I made my way back to the trailer stopping to text people (C) some of the excitement I was experiencing, now the some what meaningless lights from prior were vivid, exciting and tracing everywhere; looking into the sky to see the stars but there were clouds. Despite that, my mind was creating its own stars. Every time I texted someone the LED from my phone felt like there was spotlight on me but I still felt secure and secluded a very safe feeling and every touch of a key there was a blue light under my finger exploding outwards. Despite everything being somewhat blurry because my brain was still trying to wrap it self around everything, the letters on my phone where rather clear, almost too clear, as if I used the Sharpen tool in Photoshop on them. After looking up from my last text I walked about 5 feet and realized I had made it back to my trailer safely once again. I came across my car and it seemed so powerful and large I put my hand on the Monte Carlo and felt it to be somewhat alive. I slid my hand down to the mirror and the plastic felt cheap sort of killing the power feeling so I reached and touched the tires which felt sturdy and strong and re-instilled the power feeling then I walked to the fire and sat listening to psychedelic music as I had all night with my phone.

T:11:50PM – I was listening to a song with my head down; the fire keeping me warm and eyes closed. There was a song named 'Circlewave' by Squarepusher, and the sounds at the beginning of the song seem disoriented, 'out of whack', then it eased into a nice collection of music. The sounds once construed everywhere came together putting the largest smile on my face and almost bringing me to tears.

T:11:54PM – I texted (B) the experience I just had with the song just played, and his reply of 'yeah Squarepusher is pretty good' gave me a sense of continued happiness.

T:12:10AM – I went inside got comfortable and switched my ear buds to my computer and played the Yellow Submarine movie by the Beatles. I can’t really put into words the amusement that the movie brought to me. It was simply great, and it felt like a lot of time was going by watching the movie.

T:12:49AM – I took a break from the movie and text (B) about heading to the washroom and that urinating was not a fun chore. (B) later proceeded to say you need you write a trip report; at that point I started thinking about everything I could say to put online but didn’t want to waste valuable trip time writing and thought about voice recording it, but I liked what sounds I was hearing (music) and didn’t want speaking to impact anything. I had sat down to try and go to the bathroom to see if it would help the process but still there was no more ease of going. I decided to stand up “Aim” and then shut off the light close my eyes and concentrate I got a little bit of fluid out...nothing of real value so I went in to the other room turned on the stereo and played Bassnectar’s new album Divergent Spectrum which I was excited for because the stereo system plays through out the entire trailer. I grabbed my Bassnectar “Bass Head” hat with a straight brim and rocked out to some Dubstep (the details of the hat are important for further trip information).

T:12:53AM – (B) asked how much I was hallucinating, my only reply 'I'm high as SHIT!'

T:1:11AM - A song from Bassnectar came on that was very powerful to me because I had heard it at the “Electric Forest Festival” and was very high at the time on DOB, LSD and psilocybin and felt like the song came into my soul. I laid on the floor in the trailer closing my eyes listening to the song fading into hallucinations and hearing sounds I had previously missed and associating shapes to them with my close-eyed visuals.

T:1:20AM - I decided to go for another walk stopped by the fire momentarily tossed another log on the fire and strolled along with my scepter once again, but this time with no auditory aids of music for the first time during the trip. As I started my venture once again I was wearing the Bassnectar hat that I was wearing earlier which felt like a royal hat, the brim gave me the impression it was a large 'royal' sun hat. I held my head up high walking with my scepter. I felt powerful like a king, judging each trailer as I walked by seeing which ones were well maintained but if it had many lights especially colourful ones it got an accepted approval by me, 'the high court'. I made it back to the geese and by the time I got there they seemed to be asleep. I couldn’t tell if their heads were popping up because they noticed me or some were on the look out. Like I said, things were blurry with tracers during this entire trip. I stopped and glanced at them for a while and wandered back to the trailer with the snooty attitude but this time I felt like a drill sergeant with my scepter now tucked in my arm like a drill cane.

T:1:40AM – I got back inside and watched some iTunes visuals again but this time with some new 'filthy' dubstep I had found a few days earlier. After getting lost in the visuals for a bit I went back outside watched the fire a bit and then closed up the pit. I brought the chairs back to the deck and retired my scepter. Once I got inside I locked the door, turned on some of the lights and starred into the mirror. Usually I see what I’d consider a 'devilish/mischievous' look when I’m on hallucinogens but this time was more of a confident look and I felt a spiritual opening of some sort, finally understanding where some people were telling me I was very attractive and I finally caught it. As I started to become cocky I walked away.

T:2:00AM – I sat down at my computer contemplating whether I was sexually aroused or not enough to watch some porn since (A) decided not show, but I wasn’t really aroused which was totally fine with me so finished watching The Yellow Submarine, still very pleasing. I had much earlier in the night grabbed a Kit Kat Crunchy from the fridge but failed to mention it because I have no clue of the time reference I had started eating it but the chocolate was delicious after only about 10 to 15 seconds though it became overwhelming and I had to drink some water so I always had water readily at my side when I was eating.

T:2:20AM – I found it appropriate to mention the Kit Kat now because I remember at this point in time I was thinking about trying the Caramilk in the fridge to see maybe if the Kit was just to much. The Caramilk was delicious but I found after so many seconds it to became overwhelming as well and I needed to drink water again.

T:2:30AM – I attempted to urinate, once again 'aiming', shutting the lights off and concentrating but there was still much struggle but not nearly as hard as earlier. I figured that my high was slowing coming down now. I turned the lights back on and starred at the walls, the patterns were still swirling but not at an incredible amount anymore.

T:2:35AM - I left the bathroom and stripped down for a shower. The water was finally ready. I looked in the mirror real quick for a pupil dilation check and they were still very large. I even used my pocket flash like to test it but no change. I got in the shower and just enjoyed the water. I soaped up a little but I wasn’t in the mood for a cleansing, mostly just deep thought and I went back to thinking, could I have had sex if (A) actually showed up? My honest conclusion was that despite her being very attractive, just like going to the bathroom getting erect probably would have been a chore as well.

T:2:50AM – I dried off and peered at my self in the mirror again, looking for that confidence look I saw earlier. It was there just not as strong.

T:2:55AM - I went off to the computer again. I surfed through some shows and came across Pee-wee’s Playhouse and watched some of that and then watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force. After the shows I could definitely feel a come down; the tracers were barely lasting a second.

T:3:20AM - I watched some more iTunes visualizer for a while, letting the high wind down.

T:3:40AM - I grabbed my phone and laid on the couch with my ear buds in for a bit. I had been naked since I was out of the shower. It was very liberating. After a while I decided to head to the bed. Before I hopped in bed I did a pupil check again used the pocket light my pupils went small large then small again, this left me very confused I thought 'am I still really high? What’s going on?” I messed around with some lighting some more but just gave up trying to figure it out. Some time went lying in bed and I finally took the ear buds out and tried to sleep. I'm not sure the time it took to fall sleep but my mind was rather exhausted so I don’t think it was much time at all.


Most of my time stamps are from text messages that were sent in/out. There were many other minor hallucinations that I left out. Not to bore you but it added to the overall effect, to really understand it you have to really experience it yourself. I noticed, when there was no forced audio like music, my mind created sounds not typical to nature. I think the wind definitely played a factor in that as well as the having listened to music all night then just cutting it off.

Every time I went outside I made sure I had either my cell phone and or my pocket flashlight. It was kind of a security thing. I figured I’d be fine but it helped put my mind at ease if I ever needed it.

Despite (A) not coming to join me I wasn’t really mad I was kind of happy because I got to bump up my experience from 20 mg to 35 mg. Do I think I could do more like 40+ mg? I’m not sure. It was rather complex but if I had a trip partner I think I would be okay to take more than the 35.

I found the effects of 2C-E very strange the first time I did 10 mg. The trip took 2 hours to take effect and lasted maybe at peak for 3 hours. The second time I took 10mg the come up took nearly 3 and half hours but lasted almost 10 to 12 hours. This trip if I calculate the time correctly lasted about 6 hours for me with a come up of about and hour and 30 minutes. I did have mild stomach discomfort the first hour but I’m not certain if it was the pizza I had beforehand or the substance in my stomach. The pain was manageable and not too unpleasant.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Dec 23, 2012Views: 3,144
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2C-E (137) : General (1), Alone (16)

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