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Excellent Alternative
by rlawl
Citation:   rlawl. "Excellent Alternative: An Experience with Tapentadol (exp92885)". Jan 9, 2016.

100 mg oral Tapentadol (pill / tablet)


11:42 Took dose of 100 mg, felt very warm in my stomach at first, must be dissolving quickly

12:04 Very mild mood lift, and feeling kind of bored. Face feels mildly warm.

12:13 Definitely starting to feel it, still have stomach warmth but have a noticeable opiate high. Vision is kind of slow and body feels heavy.

12:17 Very high, it took a very intense turn just now and it's hitting me hard. Waves better than the lower doses of oxy I've had.

12:28 I feel as though it's peaked or close to peak. This is a very enjoyable buzz, not as overpowering as some more prominent opiates, but overall it seems to be a great alternative to oxycodone/hydrocodone.

12:48 It's been over an hour and it's now leveling off. I'm still very high, with poor balance and a very small amount of opiate itch. I'd describe this drug as being the exact same thing as oxy, except with about half the euphoria per dosage, zero nodding, worse coordination and vision.

2:00am Started to come down at about 1:30, now the euphoria is dwindling, yet still quite body high.

Overall, this was a delightful experience with very few side effects.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92885
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jan 9, 2016Views: 10,177
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Tapentadol (495) : General (1), Alone (16)

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