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Spiders Galore
Citation:   Nickkm. "Spiders Galore: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp92850)". Nov 16, 2023.

700 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
This was my first time taking DPH and me and my sitter J had measured out 700mg for me in benadryls. I took half of them down with water then proceeded with the other half right after.

I plopped myself down on the couch and awaited for stuff to start happening. First whenever I got up to get something I felt like I weighed double what I normally did and decided it was too much effort to move around so I went back to the couch.

After a little bit longer of feeling heavy as hell and downing glasses of water due to dry mouth I started seeing a weird glow to everything like the room was fake. This is when I started having conversations with people that didn't exist. My sitter J would be in one chair while I was talking. Next thing I know he's on the other side of the room and my Mom and dad are downstairs and I'm thinking oh shit! But they actually weren't there amongst the thirty or so other people I saw and talked to.

The next thing I saw terrified me to the core. I saw a cloud of spiders come by my head from behind me and I said to my sitter J, 'oh shit I see the spiders.' They hit the wall in front of me and spread out. They were everywhere that shadows were. It's dark everywhere.
'oh shit I see the spiders.' They hit the wall in front of me and spread out. They were everywhere that shadows were. It's dark everywhere.
They were crawling on my skin and rolling around in balls of spiders. I would grab them off my skin and look at my hand to see a bunch of spider legs dissolve. I would see a book on the ground and try to grab it but my hand would pass through it about ten times before I understood it wasn't real.

Later in the night I went to the bathroom after fending off spiders for about two hours and talking to random people. I ended up missing the toilet completely. My sitter got quite pissed and gave me paper towel to clean it up. I was distracted by the spiders around the toilet and the sharpie that didn't actually exist. So it took some time to get me to clean it up. I headed back to the couch where I freaked out due to the non-stop flow of spiders and just couldn't handle seeing them any more.

I left my sitter's house at about 5am and knocked on my door. My mom answered it and asked what I was doing home so early. I said words to her that I don't remember and she said 'what?!' I did it again and she followed with the same response. I finally got smart and said 'I don't know I'm just really tired.' I went upstairs and into my bedroom where I saw five people sitting around and said, "you guys need to leave I'm going to sleep." I turned my head away and back. My last words were 'what in the fuck' right before I passed out and awoke at 5pm.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92850
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Nov 16, 2023Views: 37
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