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A Mellow Tweak
Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc. ('Eight Ballz')
by Dr.Drunk
Citation:   Dr.Drunk. "A Mellow Tweak: An Experience with Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc. ('Eight Ballz') (exp92627)". Erowid.org. Aug 29, 2011. erowid.org/exp/92627

  repeated insufflated Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: 'Bath salts' and similar products generally do not list ingredients or dosage on their packaging. Analysis has revealed that ingredients in a single product of this type may vary over time.]

I want to report my experience taking a “Bath Salt” called Eight Ballz several times over a couple days. About me --- I am in my 30’s and work in are research position at a major university. I have lot of experience using mostly pot, hallucinogens, and occasionally stimulants in my life. However, in the past few years I rarely take drugs except alcohol. I do crave the occasional “experience” when it is appropriate.

The Product --- I heard about “Bath Salts” in the media warning of the upcoming epidemic of legal coke/meth. Of course this only made me want to try it. I was hoping it would be fun to take while I drink and possibly help me power through some tedious aspects of my work (like writing). I was unable to find any in my local head shops for several months until finally I walked in to one and found the Eight Ballz bath salts next to the “Incense”.

I picked up a 500mg package for $20. The package had no labeling except for the logo and the quantity of the “salt”. Inside was a small vial with an off-white powder. I’m not 100% sure of what chemical is in this product, but some forums on the internet suggest that it is cut MPDV. Based on some other experiences I’ve read I think this is likely. The reports I’ve read seem similar on the effects reported, but pure MPDV must be much stronger based on the amount I consumed (more on this later). The power itself was fine and was not clumped into rocks like coke or meth is sometimes.

The Experiences --- I work independently most of the time in my office so I decided to try it at work. I wanted to start small for cautions sake in case I had a bad reaction. I did not expect one as most drugs agree with me. I figured I should be able to hold it together on a small dose if I encountered anyone.

At about 1pm I took two centimeter long lines. This did not even visibly decrease the amount of powder in the vial. There was no burning and very little taste. When I had done meth or coke years ago I always remember getting “runs” in the back of my throat. There was none of that. However, I did scratch the inside of my nose with the pen I was using and got a minor nose bleed (I hadn’t snorted anything for years). I cleaned that up and waited. About 10 minutes I began to feel some effects. I began to feel a bit “spun”. Specifically, I had a dizzy feeling in my head but I was not actually dizzy if you get my drift. I soon started to feel pretty good; not out of my mind euphoria like on coke, meth, or ecstasy, but more like a noticeable positive outlook. I felt very calm but energetic. I wanted to move around but I didn’t need to. I put off work for a bit and browsed the internet for a bit. The sensations I was originally feeling were persisting, perhaps with a bit of lessening of the “spin”.

Perhaps 30-40 minutes later I took another similarly sized dose to the first. Again a few minutes later I felt a return of the spin and I still felt very positive. I think the effects were strengthened overall to a small degree. I decided to work on some writing I had put off. The normally painful process of writing did not seem so bad, and I cranked out a couple of pages in a over the next hour. To be honest it was not the most brilliant of my work as my ideas were coming fast and loose, but just putting something down for a first draft was a nice accomplishment. I felt still felt good and energetic but the “spin” rush was now gone.

I took a larger dose, perhaps twice what I had done the last two times, a single inch long line. Not surprisingly I felt like chatting with someone. I was curious if my social behavior would be noticeably different. If I felt out of hand I could always excuse myself and go back to my office. I found some co-workers and started up some conversation. Honestly, it was fine, I was a bit “enthusiastic” in my tone but not over the top. I wanted to talk about lots of things, but I made an effort to stay focused and brief. I don’t think anyone would chalk up by mood to drugs. I went back to work and started doing some programming. Normally, I concentrate well on coding, but my thoughts were wandering. People report increased focus on MPDV, but at that time I did not feel like coding. Instead I did some work related internet searched to finish off my day.

At around 4pm I took one final dose, about the size of the last one, and left for home. I wanted to see how long the effects would persist without redoing. Side note --- also I didn’t want my wife to know about my experiment as she wouldn’t likely approve, perhaps if we were in Vegas or something I could talk her into something like this, but in general nowadays she just drinks. At the time of the dosing, I still felt energetic, but less “spinny”, and while I still felt positive but a little less so. The effects kicked in while I was driving, but were less pronounced, I felt clear headed enough to drive normally, but I did crank up some KMFDM to an unusually high decibel. A note on music --- the music fit my mood but I did not feel particularly engaged like I have with other drugs, it just seemed like a fitting background. Overall, I consumed about an 1/8th of the vial during the day, so I guess that would approximately 65mg give or take. There was still a lot of the powder left for next time.

The comedown --- When I got home, I felt normal enough interacting with my kids and my wife, and they were none the wise. It was my routine to exercise, so I decided to see how that went. I drank some water and took a short run to the gym. Running was a little easier than normal while I was going, perhaps having a little increased endurance, but I in no way felt like a superman. When I got to the gym however, I was much sweatier and out of breath than normal. It was about 100 degrees outside, so this was a factor too. I proceeded to lift some weights. While the “burn” was less pronounced, I actually fatigued pretty quickly. Also, my heart rate was very high, perhaps as high as when I run or do cardio, and it was not going down. I decided to take it easy and just did some light routines and less sets. At the end of weights my heart rate was slower, still higher than normal, and had stopped dripping sweat. I jogged slowly home. Again the run itself was fine, but when I stopped it took considerably longer to cool down. I still felt energized at this point, but less so, mentally I felt good but more normal in mood overall. I would not recommend doing any vigorous exercise on this drug. Doing so risks dehydration and extreme heart rates. It was about 6pm.

That night my family went to and outdoor movie screening held in the city. I fixed myself and my kids some hotdogs while my wife got ready. I felt hungry in my stomach (I skipped lunch earlier), but the food was a little difficult to eat. I was glad I did after it settled. The movie was nice, I started to feel the energy level decreasing. Fearing that I would become sleepy I had a coffee, which perked me up. I was in a good mood still, and still felt a bit drugged, but the effects were very subtle at this point. My wife commented that I seemed a bit edgy, perhaps that was true, in the sense that I would respond to questions quickly, but I felt mellow and was having a good time.

We went home, put the kids to bed, and fucked. This was nice as my wife had snuck some booze to the show and was in the mood. I heard that this drug enhances sex, but it had been so long since I dosed I worried it might have the opposite effect. However, the idea of sex was pretty exciting (I’ve been married a decade so, honestly, while it is still sex, it is not always “exciting”). I gave a better performance than usual, but I wouldn’t say that there was a massive effect. My wife was very pleased. I had a seeming “fruitful” (i.e., greater quantities) orgasm, but the sensation was more or less normal.

It was about 10pm. The wife passed out and I spent the rest of the evening going from video games to the TV. I pretty much felt normal but a little angsty and restless. At times it seems like time was going slowly and I was easily bored and changed activities frequently. In the past taking speed helped me do abnormally well in multiplayer shooter games, but tonight I was just a bit above average. I still felt very awake around midnight and drank a couple beers. This helped me feel tired after a bit. My appetite returned but I suffered from some minor stomach problems (frequent pooping). I went to bed around 3am. I had trouble sleeping at first, but I caught some shut-eye. It was a light uneasy sleep with vivid dreams. The next day I got up around 9am and felt pretty much on par for 6 hours sleep.

The next experience (bigger dose) --- I’ll try make this more brief. At work the next day, I wanted to try a bigger dose. I figured it would be ok if I started early. I took my first dose about 11:30. This time I put about a quarter of the vial into two inch-long lines. Taking in more of the powder at once than before, I noticed a very mild sensation as it hit my sinuses, no pain though. This time I noticed a little taste in my throat, but not very strong and not as gross as with speed. Again, after about 10 minutes I felt the effects. As expected they were stronger than the previous day. This time, the “spin” rush was a little more intense and the mood elevation was much nicer almost bordering on euphoria. I felt energized but calm. Overall, the larger dose was nice. I did some small tasks, and about 30 mins later I took another similarly sized dose. This kept the rush going. I felt pretty good. I decided to take a walk around campus to get out and take care of some errands. The college radio station had a booth out and was playing music. I went up chatted it up with the DJ’s. I felt much more charming than usual, and had a nice conversation. I did my errands without indecent.

It was about 30 min into my walk and I still felt quite elated. I bummed a smoke from an undergrad. I usually only smoke when I’m drinking, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I got an intense head rush (smoking is much better when it is not a regular habit), and like I expected, the speed helped me recover in a short while. I tried talking to the student, but they had to go. I walked back to my office and found another person smoking a clove. I bummed one, and had a nice conversation about grad school. I was really enjoying socializing. Before I went back inside I ran into another person who I had seen around a lot but had never spoken to. I took this moment of reduced inhibitions and introduced myself. I’m glad I did, this broke the ice and we had a nice talk. I would have found others to talk to, as the social enhancement was really nice, but that seemed a bit desperate and I went back to my lonesome. I did some work concentrating intensely for short periods. I felt like I could be really productive, but I wanted to take breaks to just have fun and enjoy the experience. I think this drug could really enhance work, if I can manage to stay on task.

Over the rest of the day, I re-dosed a couple times. The euphoria lessened, but re-dosing was still effective. I went home feeling the effects more than the previous day. At the end of the day there was a little less than half the vial left of the Eight Ballz bath salts. I figure I must have done about 250mg. I had taken a lot more in total, but the effects were not overwhelming. In fact taking more was a lot more fun.

The comedown --- I left work about 4 and ran some errands. I considered bring some salt home for a clandestine evening re-dose, but I didn’t really want to stay up all night so I decided to leave it hidden at work. I felt I should get out for a bit so I went to the gym again. This time I drove myself, and basically just worked up a light sweat on the cardio equipment. This time I was careful not to push it, also since I smoked earlier I didn’t have a lot of lung capacity. Afterwards, around 6pm, I had dinner with my family. I did not feel like eating much but I put in a good effort to maintain appearances. Like the previous day I still felt the effects just but more so. I did my family duties well and enjoyed myself, without being too “enthusiastic”. My wife asked if I felt ok, suggesting she noticed something was different, but I dismissed it and it was forgotten. The evening was mellow I just did my normal thing, albeit with a bit more zeal. Mood elevation and energy was still noticeable at around 10pm and I began to worry I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I had 3 strong vodka tonics over the next three hours. The speed reduced my feeling of drunkenness till I was finished with my last drink. It was fun playing shooter games enhanced on speed and buzzed from booze. I had one of my wife’s smokes when I was done drinking about 1am. I wasn’t sure if I could sleep, but I didn’t want to drink any more as we had stuff to do in the morning.

I went to bed and lay there in a daze for an hour or two. I was relaxed and happy, but a little fusterated I couldn’t sleep. I did sleep a bit, I think, but can’t be sure. The next morning I got up around 9am. I felt tired, dehydrated, and frankly I was a bit cranky. Although I am not really a morning person, and all things considered, it could have been worse. I felt more or less on par for a reduced sleep night by noon.

Summary --- I finished up the rest of my Eight Ballz bath salts over a couple of work days the next week (I composed this under the influence as you can tell by the length). I’ll spare these details; it was more of the same. I’m hesitating to buy more for a little while as I had a little too much fun on it and I don’t want to become dependent. I can definitely see someone abusing this substance in a way that could harm their life. That said I will do it again, perhaps when I have a big project, or to slack off, or maybe I’ll talk my wife into it on a trip. It would be awesome to score some of this for a business conference where I have to do a lot of tiresome meetings with potential contacts.

In a nutshell, I would describe this bath salt as mellow tweak. It is less intense, more manageable, shorter acting, with fewer side effects. It would be good to take to get shit done or to just have some fun. It is also reasonable priced; I stretched 20 dollars works over 4 days of light usage. I don’t know what it would be like to say do 500mg in an evening it could be a blast or it could be potentially bad, with effects like extreme heart rate and panic attacks. I should note, that I think I am somewhat resistant to speed in general. I drink a lot of coffee and occasionally take ephedrine pills for energy. I know people that drink a Rockstar and go crazy, I do not even feel them. So take my report with the assumption that it will affect you more intensely unless you are also very tolerant. Hopefully, if your interested in bath salts you know how to do speed in a safe manner.

I’m still not sure what is in Eight Ballz bath salts, probably MPDV, but whatever it was it was good shit.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92627
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Aug 29, 2011Views: 19,555
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