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Too Much To Boot
by nomenon
Citation:   nomenon. "Too Much To Boot: An Experience with Cocaine (exp92609)". Erowid.org. Jun 18, 2021. erowid.org/exp/92609

250 mg IV Cocaine


I have been on a little kick now for about 4 weeks on IV cocaine. Ran into someone my girl knew who has pretty consistent shit and its amazing. Coke around my parts has gone from great to shit almost instantly so he was a godsend. Wake him up all hours of the night type of dude.

Anyhow 4 weeks. The other day I had been up for a week straight. Got to experience what falling asleep driving my dealer home was like (not fun I DO NOT recommend driving while high on drugs).

He recently got some shit that requires whoppers of a shot to have it really do anything. I eventually talked him into fronting me a half because I felt ripped off that I shot about a half gram of coke in under an hour and was sober as shit within 20 mins. Now I dont know about other IV users but 'tolerence' really isnt a factor other than chasing that 1st high all night I'm talking a day after sleeping all day.

So I get home and me and my girl decide lets just bust this rock in half and bang .25 of a G. Not really a great idea. This is the kind of stuff that when you do just a pinch too much you turn into a psycho, ears ringing and screaming everything evil at you 'Oh my god did we lock the door? Is someone talking? SHHHHH!!! SHHHHH!!!' you know, that. This was a whole new experience though.

I put it in the spoon and it looked like a lot but then again it didnt. Bad judgement. Drew up approx. 80 units of a 1cc rig. Squirt, mix mix till it smelled so strong of powder that I nearly threw up smelling it. It was a greasy clear liquid like always.
It was a greasy clear liquid like always.
I threw the cotton in and drew it up. Mind you I already hit my girl with an almost identical amount. She OD'd the other night. Seized and vomit, choking the whole 9. People dont listen when I tell them if its too much sit and gather yourself and then stand up. This time she happened to be high but not out of her mind. So I make the bad decision to boot mine. I have the type of veins that I dont even have to tie off to see. So I pick the fat daddy, poke, draw, red squirt, boot. No sissy stuff I need to see what 50 units does....
Before I pulled the needle out of my arm I heard myself say 'Whoa!'. I happened to be standing washing and capping the syringe when I hear my girl say '(MYREAL NAME)! Are you ok? Breathe!'. The train was on time this round and my ears went to the point of screaming at me every evil thing I had ever heard as I was squirting the bloody mess out of the syringe. My mouth and face went completely numb and very hot and since I was standing I immediately found a chair and sat. Gather yourself, not that much, you have done more, didnt help. In between the buzzzing all I can hear is 'Baby breathe BREATHE!' which freaked me out even more. My heart was racing but I didnt feel like it would explode. Just really really intense. It lasted for I dont know how long I was pretty much fearing for my life. Like my brain and my heart would pop at any moment. We had some music playing on the pc and it was warped as shit, very wierd. Even stranger was the moment I completely came out of it. Like SNAP and gone.

All in all be careful of your doses. IV is not quite the same as snorting. Its one iota of too much and lights out. I have never ODd on the crazy bitch but this was too too much.

Remember, you can always do more you can never do less.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92609
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jun 18, 2021Views: 387
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Cocaine (13) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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