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Weight Lost and Exams Aced
by Paul
Citation:   Paul. "Weight Lost and Exams Aced: An Experience with Concerta (exp92606)". Jul 18, 2017.

T+ 0:00
600 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:15 162 mg rectal Pharms - Methylphenidate (suppository)
  T+ 1:45 108 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)


Twas the night before Saturday before finals, and it was not quiet throughout the house. Not page was unturned, all terms were learned. I had a Calc 3 final, Physics final, and a European History test on Monday. Being my second college finals week I have ever done, I wanted to be better prepared, as my first was a bit lackluster with all my finals ending up as B's. Except for Chemistry, that was an A. To keep up my GPA for my scholarship, I wanted to ace every class I took that semester. So, I stockpiled my prescription (Read: Didn't take them on certain days), and used them during the finals.

So before pulling my all weekender, I popped an extra 300mg of Wellbutrin, which was in addition to my daily dose of 300mg for ~600mg of Wellbutrin. I assumed the longer half-life of bupropion, which is an NDRI like Concerta, would prolong the dose, and soften the crash. I wanted the most out of my pills, so I sliced 3 54mg Concertas in to small pieces, and put them into a small plastic cup filled with about 25mL of water. After a while of mixing them with a screwdriver, I licked the goo-like substance off my screwdriver, and then I used a medium sized syringe and lotion to plug the whole solution up my butt. Plugging methylphenidate, according to reports I read, was about 3x more potent than an oral administration, so I was expecting a stim ride of a lifetime.

I grabbed my laptop, and started going over my physics notes. In about 5ish minutes, a rushing feeling came swooping down and up my body. I was reading through my notes like never before. Everything clicked, I knew every equation, every law, every theory, and every step to every process. I quickly found a practice test online that allotted an hour and 15 minutes to take it. I aced the test in a bit more than 17 minutes. I shot through about 45 varying calculus-based physics questions in a bit more than 17 minutes. I was insane; I got up turned on some speed metal and danced for a straight ~30 minutes. Impressive given that I was a fat 265lbs male.

I calmed down a bit, and I changed pace to European history. I tried an old AP test online, as our test was to modeled after it, before I opened my notes. A perfect score in 25 minutes. I didn't even bother studying for it. Around this time (about 1.5 hours after the rectal administration of the MPH), I cut another 2 54mg Concerta lengthwise, as to disable the time-release mechanism, and swallowed them. I didn't want to plug again, as the the mixing and dissolving process was a bit lengthy at 30-45 mins, and I had some studying to do!

I then focused my sights on what might be my hardest final of the semester; the Calc 3 final. Our professor gave us access to a database with roughly 500 various calculus questions. Integrals, Taylor series, the volume of a rotated integral, etc. I opened up a brand new notebook, and started solving the problems as I went. About 30 questions in I wanted to stop, as I thought I had this final down too. But some little voice in my head convinced me to try all 514, or so, questions. So for the next 6 hours, I was in an elegant dance with numbers, integrals, trig functions, logs of both base10 and natural, and derivatives. Everything flowed like a paintbrush from problem to problem. At about 9:34 AM in the morning, the database returned a statement along the lines of “No more problems exist”, and my quest for 500+ calculus questions was complete. And my studying was complete; my other classes were shoo-ins for A's. I had a whole Saturday ahead of me, and another Sunday. What I assumed would take me 2 days and 2-3 nights took me about 10 hours.

Still being super pumped, I decided to go the college gym to workout a bit. I walked from my shared apartment to the campus gym and got on the elliptical. I put on my headphones, and picked my favorite band's (DEVO) discography. I decided to start on the first album, and keep going until the fifth album. So ran on the elliptical until I got about a third through the fourth album, at which I got bored and got off. I had an unbelievable amounts of energy that I needed to get out of my system, and it took about 4 hours to get it all out, and the machine said I burned 2400 calories. About time I got off my fat-ass. I started feel the much feared crash coming, so I started back for my apartment.

The walk home was brutal, my bones aches, my muscles were stiff and fatigued, and my movement could be best described as like stroke-patient's stagger. I literally crawled up the stairs, opened the door, called my boss and told him that I wasn't coming in today, and fell on my bed. My mind was still racing, so I laid there for about 4 hours at which point I fell asleep. I estimate that I fell asleep around 6PM, I slept through the night, through the morning hours, through the afternoon, and opened my eyes at 5PM. I just slept for 23 hours straight, and even when I opened my eyes, I was still really groggy. I laid in bed in a half-sleep state until about 1AM on Monday. Figuring that I wouldn't fall back asleep, I got up, ate some cereal, and took one last review at my notes for the finals that started in 7 hours.

Everything, Euro history, physics, and calc 3 were still crystal clear in my head. I knew every name, place, year, event, theory, law, equation, and rule like it was the back of my hand. I took more practice tests for each subject, and I didn't think, but rather I was on auto-pilot. I took various tests until 7:15 AM, and I then headed out for my finals. All my finals were electronically graded bubble sheets, so I knew my final score in about ~15 seconds after I handed it in. I took 25 minutes on the Euro final, 40 minutes on the physics final, and about 35 minutes on the the calc 3 final. My final scores were 102%, 98% (Stupid rounding error), and 100%. I aced them all, and set the scale in all three classes. Felt good, because the uncurved averages were 74%, 65%, and 59%, and only I was done with the test early in each class; everyone used just about the whole time allotted (60 mins) for each final. I had to deal with accusations that I cheated from all three professors, which I kinda sorta did, but they couldn't pin anything solid to me, so the dean dropped the reports. Needless to say, all three of those professors didn't like me too much anymore. But hey, all A's and being on the chancellor's list is pretty sweet. Plus I got a good amount of padding for my GPA, so I shouldn't lose my scholarship if I mess up a semester. If Concerta keeps giving me these results, who knows, I could be Valedictorian!

Just as a side note, due to the extra boost in motivation and energy, and appetite suppression from Concerta, I was able to lose 60lbs over the course of the summer. I have nothing but respect for this drug, and the wonders it can do if you can control your use. I know first-hand what stim abuse can do. I have lost an uncle, aunt, and two cousins to methamphetamine.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92606
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 18, 2017Views: 2,316
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Pharms - Methylphenidate (114) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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