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A Bit Much for Me
by radalien
Citation:   radalien. "A Bit Much for Me: An Experience with 2C-P (exp92558)". Jul 18, 2016.

11 mg oral 2C-P


Had the opportunity to try this material and thought it was potentially interesting.

I had a large painting I wanted to work on that works in both normal and blacklight so I took 10-12mg around 2PM with the intention of painting the normal light parts while there was still daylight and then staying up all night working on the UV parts.

When I went to stretch the canvas, I found I was out, so I walked a couple miles into town and got canvas and headed back.

Come on was pleasant but really slow.
Come on was pleasant but really slow.
I was only feeling a little fisheyed by the time I got to the store and a bit more amped by the time I got home.

I had some yawning like with mushrooms but it started really hitting me at about 2hrs in. Very colorful OEVs most like mushrooms with a hint of the watercolor-like effect of 2C-B.

BUT it was also very VERY stimulating. I couldn't sit still for anything and I couldn't find a tool I needed to stretch my canvas so I went looking for it and because I couldn't find it, I ended up cleaning my entire closet and sorting sewing supplies and throwing out old wardrobe instead. Not really a bad use of time but not what I'd planned. I never found the missing tool. :/ Anyhow, after cleaning the closet, I moved on to the kitchen, the living room, the studio, etc, a cleaning whirlwind.

Visuals were still going strong at 2AM BUT the stimulant component seemed to be getting louder and louder. Noises easily startled me, I had a few paranoid delusions of hearing voices, that sort of thing. I also began to really worry about the price I'd pay. It was feeling like I was going to have a really rough come-down/crash.

Around 4AM, I was exhausted and had a headache and was chanting to myself, 'Go away amphetamines'. I took a shower and tried to sleep but I was a frazzled mess. I don't LIKE stimulants. I don't even drink coffee and I really hadn't reckoned with how powerful that effect would be. The psychedelic effect was now gone, only very very weak CEVs.

Around 4:30 I took 3mg of melatonin. It was the only thing I had and I was hoping it would both take the edge off and replace some of the brain chemistry so I wouldn't be completely destroyed. I was utterly exhausted but unable to sleep. I meditated as much as I could and just kind of lay there unable to get comfortable.

I think the melatonin did help a bit for taking the edge off I could feel myself come down by degrees and around 6AM, I was no longer miserable from the stimulating effect but still not able to sleep.

Finally managed to doze off around 7:30. Woke up around 4PM, still fairly exhausted but got better with a bit of food. Feeling pretty-much OK a day later and my energy level and focus is pretty good but I don't expect to be fully normal for another day or two.

All in all, it's a really powerful material and I got a lot of stuff done and the visuals were beautiful but it's one that is not for me. I suspect that the strong amphetamine aspect probably carries hazard to long-term health and abuse potential. In retrospect, the dose was also rather on the high side. 6-8mg is most likely a much more reasonable dose.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92558
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 39 
Published: Jul 18, 2016Views: 1,652
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2C-P (305) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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