You're Almost Ready
5-MeO-DMT & Sertraline
Citation:   DJForFunzies. "You're Almost Ready: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT & Sertraline (exp92526)". Nov 30, 2011.

10 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  10 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (daily)
I feel it should be stated that I am on a 10mg a day of Sertraline HCl, a common SSRI, however I don’t feel that it affected my experience at all.

This will be the most comprehensive and detailed recollection my brain can produce to me. Friends have asked how I could remember so much when they couldn’t, and I couldn’t answer them. I, personally, feel it is because of my natural photographic memory and obsessiveness/preparedness that I was prepared to take it all in.

This is my first ever written report for any of my drug experiences. I am feeling compelled to write it after the experience I recently (last night) had with 5-MeO-DMT. I (as does everyone who does DMT) consider myself an experienced “tripper” with many LSD, Psilocybin, Amanita, Salvia, DXM, MD(M)A, and many combinations of all of them. This experience however, was a greater experience than any feeling I had ever had come over me during the highest peak or sharpest part of any trip before or even greater than any body load I have ever felt from amphetamines.

I recently grew incredibly curious about DMT and especially 5-MeO-DMT as it seemed to have a far greater “enlightening” effect to it and this was exactly what I have always been looking for in a psychedelic drug. I have always wanted to take something from a trip or have learned something new during the experience and have yet to truly have it happen. Over three days I read damn-near every single one of the DMT and 5-MeO-DMT Vault reports here at erowid and was enthralled by what the drug seemed to do – enlighten. It was after I read a specific report that I decided this will be the last psychedelic I will use, and even now (the next day) I still feel the same. As soon as I knew of a very close friend who had some I immediately met up with him and explained to him my feelings. Being as good of a friend as he is, he gladly obliged me and we left the party we were at and proceeded to his apartment. Once there, we turned off all the lights but his one tri-light, it had a green yellow and red light on it, and put on his stereo at a mildly audible level. I put a tempur-pedic mattress topper up against a wall and sat down upon it and picked Radiohead’s Nude as my trip-song (It proved useless though, as I will explain).

The DMT my friend had procured was a very light fluffy white powder/crystalline material that immediately disappeared as soon as it touched skin and tingled wherever it touched. It was inside of the quick-dissolve gel caps and was sticking to the plastic. He told me that each one was supposed to be one dose and each one was $10 US so I assumed it to be 10mg.

We put just barely enough cannabis in the bottom of his glass hand bowl to form a cover over the hole. We gingerly took off the top of the gel cap which proved difficult as it disturbed the shards at the bottom greatly. We then dumped it right into the bowl and it poured to cover the whole thing. I laid back on the tempur-pedic and pressed play and held the bowl to my lips. I held the lighter over it so it all melted down into a black-ish (may have just looked black due to lack of light and/or shadow) goop over it. I then lit almost the entire bowl in one hit and pulled as hard as I could trying immensely to avoid pulling my adventure onto my teeth. I immediately tasted the metallic and unnatural. It was very hard to hold in as I had lit some resin and it was hurting my lungs. As soon as the smoke hit my lungs the brick wall I was facing immediately started rippling as if it was the surface of a body of water. It was rippling all with Thom Yorke’s, of Radiohead, voice as he hummed it was changing how fast the ripples went. I exhaled the first hit and I saw the smoke flow right out of my mouth and straight out to the brick wall in front of me and into a black hole in the wall I hadn’t noticed before. In the brief second between my hits (which felt like a whole experience in itself) I closed my eyes and felt every feeling I had inside of my brain that I had ever felt come into me. It would start in my big toe and little toe on each foot and then I felt each feeling spread into each of my toes individually then they immediately fly up my body. At first I was able to keep up and identify them and enjoy them separately, but suddenly they sped up and I was unable to interpret it and I just felt as though my body was full of every feeling I could think of. I even started to feel some of my negative aspects coming in such as anxiety and panic, but once I did I smiled and they were immediately flushed away with happy.

I opened my eyes and my friend held the bowl to my mouth for me to hit it a second time and I was barely able to, I fell forward when I tried and he helped me make sure to get the hit. As I was holding in the smoke I was watching the whole room start to spin clock-wise around the hole my hit blew into. I was watching the light flow from the different light bulbs in that light and each stream went and expanded incredibly fast but I was able to see all of them at all times. They were bouncing off of the walls and into and out of each other making different colors pulse in front of me. I had forgotten about the hit in my lungs, I breathed it out and watched as the smoke pulled the entire room into the black hole in the wall. The lamp got pulled into the whole before the flowing light did. After the lamp got sucked in, the walls were gone and the radio was still circling. Thom Yorke’s voice I could see it as a color in the vortex and it got sucked in moments before the radio did. I got very confused when all that was left in the room was the color because it was moving fast enough to avoid the hole. However, I don’t know whether I closed my eyes or the hole got powerful enough to suck in the light, but suddenly I was just watching patterns flow in front of me. They were all very intricate and every time I began to understand what one was it would change, causing me a lot of frustration, I felt cheated. They were just layers of the patterns from the top of my vision to the bottom, each layer different and constantly changing. I felt incredibly overwhelmed and miniscule and was longing to be able to be a part of it and understand them fully; it was what I had been wanting all along.

At that point, either I actually opened my eyes or my consciousness opened its eyes. But what happened next I was seeing with open eyes, whether as my spirit eyes or my physical eyes.

Also: As this gets described it all sounds very slow moving but I assure you it felt as though it was all happening incredibly quickly and my brain was struggling to keep up all of these sensations and sights and in retrospect can be examined much deeper than during the experience.

I opened my eyes to seeing triangles flying around an almost complete dome room. It was what being inside of a perfectly rounded igloo is like. When I opened my eyes I saw the last triangle go in to place. However, these were not regular triangles, among their three equilateral sides they had a sort of extra dimension to them. Not just a dimension as in depth, but as if they were in more than one dimension at the same time. They were all constantly shifting where they were and what color they were, but there was never a hole, I was wondering in complete awe how they were able to do it. As I was beginning to explore the room I was in and develop questions, I heard a voice. This wasn’t just any voice however, it was my girlfriend’s voice. My girlfriend of four years, whom I have no question will be my wife for the rest of my life. The minute I heard her voice the feeling in my toes came back as I was looking around. This time it was an extreme amount of love flowing through me and I wanted to cry but couldn’t at the time. She said a single word: “Smile.” In a very sweet voice and I did immediately. While smiling I noticed that every triangle I smiled at turned a darker green, I don’t now and couldn’t figure out then what it was doing to the triangle but it turned a darker green and became much more single-dimensional as if I was merely in a room now. I felt better and better as I did it to all of them so I continued and soon the whole place was a dark green room that I felt very much a part of and could suddenly sense somethings or some people outside of it. It wasn’t like I could see silhouettes or anything; I merely was feeling these intense presences outside of the room that were all impressing themselves upon me independently and at the same time. I couldn’t see them or hear them in any way but I could feel the immense amount of energy on the other side of the room as if I was in an egg waiting to open.

I could feel my girlfriend’s presence again and discerned that hers was one of the presences outside and I felt a great yearning grow in me to get out there and I felt a shift in the energy outside of the room. It was as if they felt or took notice of my desire and love and turned their attention to me. I felt the presences examining me both inside and out, my gaze drifted to my chest and I could feel their presences like spotlights on me and inside of my brain. They were looking through the information in my brain, as if checking for something or checking for preparedness. As they would examine an experience, I would feel it as well as if they were replaying it inside me. Several of the things they looked through involved my girlfriend and I and drug experiences we had had together such our LSD, mushrooms, MDMA and just sober adventures we had had together. They seemed to me measuring how much I loved her in all of these situations and in different meaningful moments we had had together.

I then felt a wave of relief flow over my body as if they were lessening their gaze into me. Immediately after that I felt the strongest impression of my girlfriend’s presence again, her energy and consciousness were just on the outside of the room. I could feel it and she was with the others. They seemed more and more familiar as suddenly the experience slowed down immensely. felt as though I had been there for hours and suddenly my girlfriend’s voice made its last appearance with a taunting and awe-inspiring “you’re almost ready.” However, it was a very soft ‘you’re’ and the ‘almost’ had such an angst and – imagine the feeling right before you sneeze but then don’t . . . the word had that feeling behind it, causing my body to feel the magnitude of how close I was to being ready to meet them and be with them and followed by a very confident sounding ‘ready.’

At this point my experience was completely slowed down and I was just wondering what I should be doing and suddenly I heard my friend’s girlfriend say the words “look how big his smile is,” and when I turned my head over there, the egg finally broke but to my immediate dismay it was to a reality that I knew far too well.

Once I was back in the apartment I just closed my eyes to try and relish the remaining CEV’s I was getting from the drug and enjoy the remaining body rush. The swirls of patterns just felt as though I had eaten a large amount of mushrooms and the body rush was akin to a small dose of MDA, due to a complete lack of stimulation or amphetamine. After mine and my friend’s experiences that night there was always another hit left in the bowl that was used to just keep the afterglow for a small time longer. I then noticed it was quite late and stayed with my friend at his apartment until I had reached my baseline and headed home to sleep and had a less-than-resting sleep and have been sort of in a fog today.

Overall, I am very happy with the experience and it was exactly what I was wanting from a DMT experience. I have wanted to experience something that was a totally foreign reality and to be able to take something away from the experience. Though I experienced the first of those two objectives, it is my understanding that the latter is obtained once one breaks through the ‘chrysanthemum’ or my green triangle-dimension-dome-room. I chalk this up to me not being able to keep ahold of reality long enough to get the third good toke. I wish I had been able to get the third toke and been able to accomplish my mission in one experience, but alas, now I have a reason to do it again . . . :)

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92526
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 30, 2011Views: 38,140
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