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A New World, A New Outlook on Life
2C-E & Cannabis
Citation:   SuperDuperMario. "A New World, A New Outlook on Life: An Experience with 2C-E & Cannabis (exp92522)". Mar 24, 2012.

25 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Itís spring break, and my buddies (M,L, and F) and I are going all out. Iíd told them about 2C-E a couple months ago, and this night was the night of their first trip. I had tripped about a dozen times prior, so I tried to explain this wonderful journey to them as best as I could, but also telling them that it was best if they find out on their own, and always always keep an open mind. (note: This was the first time Iíd taken a dose over 20mg)

So itís early in the afternoon and me and my pals are piled into Mís van to go pick up the gear. We smoke some high quality weed on the way there and weíre pretty stoned by the time we get to the guys house. We pull up in his driveway and he lifts up the garage door and motions for us to come in. We step in the garage to find it totally fucking fogged out and the guy and two of his buddies hitting the bong. Weíre high already, but we canít turn down another smoke session especially because weíre already feeling good and looking forward to later when we trip. So we blaze for another 30 minutes or so until I remember what we actually came there for. The 2C-E! I asked him to measure out 100mg of it, and he carefully dropped four liquid 25mg hits into four separate water bottles. I gave him the money, we shot the shit for a couple more minutes, then said our farewells.

Now itís about 4:00 and weíre headed back to our friend Hís house. Her parents are out of town for a couple days so she was kind enough to let her place be our designated trip spot. She and our other friend N were also kind enough to be our sitters for the evening. It takes us about hour to get back to Hís house, since we stopped and got food and since M drives really slow. We finally get there and bring all of our goodies inside. We smoke a few more bowls to prepare for whatís about to happen. Then at around 7:00, it begins.

My buddies and I gather around each other, say cheers, and each gulp down 25mg of 2C-E. Then we all look at each other for a minute and crack up laughing. ďThis is going to be like nothing youíve ever experiencedĒ, I say with a huge stupid grin on my face. So twenty minutes later weíre all just chilling in the living room listening to music and talking when I start to feel the first symptoms of the 2C-E come-up. My muscles in my neck and legs are tightening, my jaw locks, and I have this warm tingly feeling vibrating throughout my body. Also, this might be just me, but every time I take 2C-E I get the strangest feeling in my stomach. I feel as though my stomach is no longer part of my body. It simply feels like it isnít there anymore. I usually get nauseous, and sometimes I vomit but not this time. Usually if I vomit that feeling in my stomach goes away. So when I started to feel the first symptoms, I ask my friends if they are feeling anything. I describe to them what I am feeling, and M and L agree with me, say they are feeling similar effects. F says he feels nothing yet, I say just wait man. Just wait. About 50 minutes in Iím really feeling something. I feel like I just smoked an ounce by myself. Super stoned. Colors are vibrant and intense, I have an incredible body high going on, and I canít stop smiling. Iíve started to see tracers whenever I move my hand around, but nothing too trippy just yet. I look over and I see M rolling around on the carpet like a dog, and everybody cracks up for a good five minutes. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. It was still in knots, but I had accepted this fact and moved on. Iím so glad we all took our hit at the same time, because by now, everyone is on the same level. I ask F if heís feeling anything now, and he tried to respond, but no words came out of his mouth. This made me crack up again, even harder.

By about 8:30, Iím in a whole new world. Iím glued to the couch, and I found myself in a staring contest with the fireplace. Suddenly, the laws of physics are ignored and the fireplace is popping out at me in what looks like 7-D. I can clearly see the intricate patterns and designs on the fireplace, and begin to deeply admire such craftsmanship. I think, wow, a human being made that. A fucking human being put his time and effort into making this beautiful fireplace for this beautiful home. What a miracle. What a miracle it is to be a human being on this earth. I could have been born a fucking fly and buzzed around for two days and then died and never lived again. I could have been born without a conscious mind and emotions and just been a mindless organism searching for food my entire life. But no, I was lucky enough to be born a complex human being with gifts that no other species on this earth, and perhaps this universe, possesses. My thoughts are deep and meaningful like this for what seems like years, until I finally snap out of it. Colorful tracers fill my field of vision. My body feels so fucking good. Any discomfort I felt early in the trip is long gone. What a trip. And itís only just beginning.

I look at the clock, an hour has passed. Itís 9:30. I realize Iím about to piss my pants, so I quickly hop up to relieve myself. I stumble to the bathroom, accidentally stepping on M, whoís still on the ground in his own world. I start peeing and midstream I realize thereís a fucking cheetah staring directly into my eyes while Iím taking a whiz (no, I wasnít completely hallucinating a cheetah, there was actually a cheetah head in there for ďdecorationĒ) Anyways this cheetah is tripping me out! Itís eyes are turning from jet black to yellow and itís mouth opens, and it makes this weird, soft moaning sound. I piss as fast as I can because I do not like this menacing cheetah moaning at me. I wash my hands, and look in the mirror. God damn my pupils are huge. They cover pretty much my entire eye. Also, my face looks very strange, it doesnít even look like my own face, rather a strangers face. I ignore this and exit the bathroom stage of my trip.

Everyone decides itís time for a smoke so we go out back to the patio. She has speakers in the back so we turn on some trippy instrumental music and roll up a fat joint. The weed definitely boosted the intensity of the trip. The music playing on the speakers was flowing through my body, piercing my veins with awesomeness and melting my face like butter on some flapjacks. Everyone was talking and laughing and voices sound so distorted and echoed. The exhaled smoke looked beautiful as it floated in the air. I started thinking about how cool it was and lucky I was to be surrounded by friends, just hanging out relaxing having a good time on spring break. Ah, I felt so good in this moment. Like all of my problems could be easily fixed if I just made the effort to fix them. That life was simple and easy and it could be so much worse. These thoughts were so powerful that I had to share them with my good friends around me. I said ďGuys, weíre pretty fucking lucky to be sitting here on the patio, looking out at the golf course, smoking a fat one.Ē Everyone nodded in agreement and F said ďHell yeah!Ē I close my eyes, smile, and let the music take over.

10:30. Weíve smoked a couple joints, leaving the rest of the bud for the morning. By now, H and N are inside getting drunk, they said they were tired of being sitters and thought we were ok handling ourselves, which was true. M, being the crazy fool he is, goes inside and takes shots with them. So me, L, and F decide to walk out to the golf course which is right behind Hís house. We lie down beside each other and look up at the sky. Itís a clear night. Man, what a breathtaking sight. The sky appears like its opening up, and Iím getting a panoramic view of the universe. I think about how small and insignificant I am, and how my entire life and existence is less than a nanosecond on the universeís timeline. How one minute Iím here, the next minute Iím gone, never to return again. I start thinking about everything in this precious life that I take for granted. I think about all the love I receive and take for granted. I say aloud, ďMan, we are so selfish. Our parents love us so much and give us everything, but we go out and break the few rules and expectations they have for us. We ignore the few fucking rules they set for us, and we know in our hearts itís wrong, but we do it anyway. We take their love for granted.Ē And suddenly, out of nowhere, I start to cry. Not sobbing or anything, but tears roll down my cheeks. I look over and L and F are misty eyed too. M comes out to join us and asks ď Are you guys crying? What happened?Ē Nothing man. Nothing.

12:00. Everyoneís starting to come-down. H and N are inside passed out drunk. Us four bros are sitting on the patio in comfortable silence reflecting on what we just experienced. It seemed like days since we drank the 2-CE, but it had only been five hours. I canít speak for my friends, but this trip has been one of the most intense visual and emotional experiences of my life. So much shit seemed to happen within such a short amount of time! I had many realizations about life I wonít forget. I discovered hidden truths about the universe and the universe inside me.

2C-E is a very powerful substance and I donít recommend it for everyone, especially those who suffer from anxiety or paranoia. Things can go way wrong during a 2C-E trip, because you are literally in a different reality. Some people canít handle this new world. As for me, there are some uncomfortable moments, but I do my best to go with the flow and take in the trip as it comes. Also, donít trip for the wrong reasons. If you find yourself just wanting to get ďfucked upĒ, I donít recommend taking 2C-E, or any psychedelic substance. The visuals are intense and amazing, but I take 2C-E for the effects it has on my mind and thoughts. 2C-E is a powerful tool I use to experience a whole new world. :-)

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 92522
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Mar 24, 2012Views: 12,705
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2C-E (137), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4)

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