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Crack Cocaine
by Centaurea
Citation:   Centaurea. "Immunity: An Experience with Crack Cocaine (exp92513)". Erowid.org. Jan 14, 2017. erowid.org/exp/92513

  smoked Crack


To be sure, this is not your typical report citing what profound effects cocaine can have on an individual--to their mood, their body, their life. It is one instead sharing what for me it inexplicably does not. It is an interesting fact that we all seem to have have different reactions to mind/mood altering substances owing to differing brain chemistry. While it is universally assumed that cocaine will get just about anyone high to one degree or another, I, for example have tried crack on more than thirty different occasions with little to no effect. Inexplicably with me there is no discernible euphoria or mood transformation.

The sensations are but neutral to nauseating at best. Once smoked there is a slightly unpleasant restlessness, followed by odd sensations as if a feather is brushing intermittently different parts of my body. This is followed by quite a long period of incapacitating nausea.

If quite a bit is smoked, a curious effect manifests. I can be functioning normally when all of the sudden it is as if the whole universe stops on its heels. At that point I can not move, speak, or even breathe for a thirty to forty-five seconds stretch. All is utter stillness in mind and body. Then all is back to normal for a couple of minutes until this episodic paralysis returns. This tapers off over the following two hours. The next day, I usually feel quite wrung out.

Cocaine for me is a nothing, and this is not for lack of trying. It would seem that there may be some out there who are simply immune to the effects of this agent. After reading on the myriad destructive effects that crack can have on many people, I am not sure whether this is a curse for me, or indeed a hidden blessing.

Exp Year: 2004-2010ExpID: 92513
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 47 
Published: Jan 14, 2017Views: 1,633
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