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Marshmallow Playclouds
by xzex
Citation:   xzex. "Marshmallow Playclouds: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DMT (exp92293)". Erowid.org. Aug 24, 2011. erowid.org/exp/92293

  oral 4-AcO-DMT


I was on vacation and I had used a lot of different drugs until then. I had 1 week to rest myself before trying my first psilacetin. At first I took 12.5 mg and 30 min later 12.5 g more. It was okey. Calm, energetic, happy and a bit thoughtful and yes ice cream was awesome I ate that as if I ate my first ice cream.

4 days later I decided to take 75 mg. But I wasnt sure that I COULD handle it without having any bad trips so I decided to take 50mg and it became the journey to my existence. I thought A LOT, it was all I did, lying on the bed and thinking. I managed to take other 25 mg dose 1 hour later. And I just kept lying on the bed and thinking and thinking. I felt that my brain WAS working 3x better. SO MANY thoughts in progress at the same time. Wow it was amazing. I felt that there was something inside of me. An innocent soul, untouched, Maybe my tabula rasa. Uncontaminated. As it/she started to criticize me with all her objective point of view and she was fukin right too...! At the end of the trip, I found myself crying coz she slapped the harsh truth on my face. I should have been that person, not this hopeless, purposeless, depressive person. It wasnt totally my fault but in some ways it was. I shouldnt have let my environment shaped me. I cried and then had some issues about breathing but I somehow calmed myself down and managed to get back to reality.

After these first practice trips, I decided to take 100 mg but when the time came I didnt want to experience any bad trip so I splitted the dose into two; I took 50 mg at first. It nailed me down to the bed with my all thoughts and I spent 1.5 hours before getting the second 50 mg dose.I smoked joint with my second 50mg.

When I opened my eyes, the room was made of something like spider web. Layered spider webs, lightnings, little shinings were making way for themselves on the line of web and furnitures were changing their shapes like soft keta trip, colors were as if I was having a mushroom trip and the way that I criticise myself was almost near the lsd experience and I associated the shock of realizing harsh truth with dmt. Thats why I love this drug that much. Mixed trips.

I looked around the room and had fun with shapes and colors. Then I closed my eyes and boom game had begun. I created different playgrounds made of a material looking like marshmallow. I created different play areas, shaping them like clouds or talking bubbles. There were head size of miniature guys in those clouds and I was one of them little head size of miniature creature made from marshmallow. I played with those guys in different clouds. I slided from different kind of slides. Threw balls or climbed. Childish games and there were folders which contained different obsessive thoughts. I chose one. It was about that movie 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.If you have seen it. You would remember the door in the space ship and that door signs when you open and close it. I sunk to that sound wanted to find that movie and listen that sound again and again but I was way away from doing things. Couldnt even roll myself another joint. Blankets were covering me and swelling around of me like I am in keta trip and there were vibration on my whole body espacially around my vagina. At some point I got bored with my playgrounds and I felt the urge of sharing my thoughts with someone. I lost my ego. I was 3x smarter and very objective.

Couple of hours later somehow I managed to open my notebook and tried to find some good friends. Luckily one of them was there and she saved me.

Side effects of this drug were a bit irritating. Yawning all the time, feeling cold and weeping constantly. My pillow was wet with my tears after the trip. I could bear with anything but feeling cold inside, hinders me to do things and it hammers me under the blankets with lots of jackets. But it was pretty resetting trip for me. This drug could be dangerous when high doses taken if you dont know how to deal with.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92293
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Aug 24, 2011Views: 7,138
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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