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Nightmare Chemical
Unknown (5-MeO-AMT?)
Citation:   anonymous. "Nightmare Chemical: An Experience with Unknown (5-MeO-AMT?) (exp92010)". Jul 27, 2011.

2 hits buccal Unknown (liquid)
I've taken many psychedelics in the past: 2cb, LSD, DOC, and DMT and never once had a bad experience. But none of these chemicals are anywhere near as powerful as 5-meo-amt in terms of visual vividness, body load intensity, or disembodiment sensation. 5-meo-amt was by far the most intense trip of my life, and frankly incredibly scary.

NOTE: We cannot confirm that the substance we took was 5-meo-amt, but we are all very certain after reading about the chemical that this was what we took...

+0:00 - My friends and I drop what we think is LSD on altoids. 2 hits for each of us. We then proceed to drive 30 minutes into the city to go to club Afterlife.

+0:20 - I start feeling the come up and it's increasing very rapidly, much faster than LSD, I start to get a little worried about this but my friends tell me I'm just paranoid.

+0:35 - we arrive at the club. getting out of the car, I realize I am starting to trip really hard and walking straight is very difficult. Almost like I'm very drunk. I've never experienced decreased motor skills on a psychedelic like I am right now.

+0:50 - I am officially tripping harder than I have ever tripped and I'm starting to get nervous. My friend starts puking and this results in a bad nose bleed (he gets them a lot). We go into the bathroom and that's when the most vivid and intense visuals begin. every object I see, the grout between the tiles, the cracks in the walls, the lights, is multiplied by like 4 or 5 and all moving around very fast and very far. Much more exaggerated movements on the visuals than anything I've experienced. On top of this I'm seeing purple and white flashing lights coming from all directions. These aren't the normal 'hey look at these trippy fractals' visuals, these were straight up hallucinations that looked totally real. But my friend told me they weren't.

+1:00 - we go back outside were I begin freaking the f*ck out in my mind. We all sit down and listen to the music. I look over at the DJ and I am certain he is Satan and the dancers are his demons. We're at the outside stage and looking up at the sky is quite intense. The moon and clouds are waving and dancing all over the place. This might sound cool but I am terrified.

+1:05 - Time is moving so slowly now. I can barely see at all because the incredibly vivid visuals are blocking my view of everything. I tell my friend I have to get out of here so he takes me to his car where I lay in the back seat hoping to get a grip so I can go back inside. This never happens. The trip continues to get more and more intense and there's no sign of a plateau. I wanted it to end so bad. At this point I am certain this is not LSD. I sit in the backseat of the car where I call another friend to come pick me up and a co-worker to tell my boss I'm too sick to come into work the next day. Laying down looking up I constantly see what appear to be headlights swooping through the car as they are driving by, but there are no cars driving at all. I'm seeing more and more purply and red lights flashing on and off all around the inside and outside of the car. As I lay still, my body feels like its solidifying as if its being encased in stone. Then I feel as if my body is physically slipping through the fabric of time. This happens over and over again all night.

+1:50 - my friend arrives to pick me up, I think I'm no longer coming up but still peaking. My friend sedates me with a pill of Promethazine and later on a piece of a Lorazapam. This helps some, but I continue to trip super hard into the night.

+2:30 - we get back to my friends house where I begin to experience synesthesia. I can see the sound of my piss hitting the toilet water. In his living room there are two fishtanks that are making loud bubbling noises. I can see all of this sound. By this time I'm no longer scared, but still wishing I wasn't in the middle of this intense experience. I try eating some soup but it tastes really gross. [another friend who was with me at the club later said his macaroni tasted like metal]

+3:00 - I take a shower hoping it somewhat snaps me out of the trip, but it really doesn't. I did have an interesting time in there though, seeing some crazy fractals everywhere. I had a hard time getting the temperature of the water to be just right, constantly adjusting the knobs the whole time.

+3:30 we smoke a bowl and watch some Archer. the cartoon kinda trips me out but its funny and enjoyable.

+4:00 I go to bed but don't fall asleep for about an hour or so.

INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT: at around 4 o'clock my other friends back at the club are leaving (the club shuts down at 4) but they lose track of one person. after looking for a long time they assume he got a ride with somebody else and leave. It turns out when the club was shutting down someone found him either freaking out or unconscious and called an ambulance. He was taken to the hospital where doctors claimed he had OD'ed on something. He has no recollection of leaving the club or being taken to the hospital. He didn't wake up until the next morning. He's fine now, but totally shaken and says he will never take another synthetic psychedelic again. His experience is similar to mine regarding the intensity and visuals.

Overall it was an incredibly scary experience I don't think I'll be doing anymore synthetic psychs ever again. Be very careful with this stuff, and honestly if you know you have it, flush it down the toilet.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92010
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jul 27, 2011Views: 7,736
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5-MeO-AMT (104) : Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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