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Do's and Dont's
by Captain Chronic
Citation:   Captain Chronic. "Do's and Dont's: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp9187)". May 13, 2004.

20 g oral Nutmeg (liquid)


The other night I decided to try nutmeg. I had heard of its hallucinagenic qualities and was quite curious. I was alone at home. It was about 6:30pm when I got everything ready. I took out a bottle of nutmeg from the cupboard, and empied almost all of it onto a piece of paper (the bottle was labeled 51g, and there was less than half a bottle left). I had heard lemonade helps the bitter flavor, so I purchased a gallon jug of Lemonade. With everything ready, I began mixing the spice and lemonade in a cup. Don't put it ALL in one cup; you'll puke. Depending on how much you are taking, spread the nutmeg out over about 6 or 7 cups. I know, that's a lot of liquid to consume in a short amount of time, but I found it is much easier this way -- trust me.

Well, the lemonade really didn't do much for the taste. The first two cups went down ok, but it was difficult swallowing the others. At one point I couldn't stand it anymore and I took a break. I slowly drank the rest sip by sip over the course of two and a half hours. NOTE: This wide ingestion period may be the cause for my failed experience. Now, as I was nearing the last cup, you can imagine my stomach wasn't feeling all that hot. I had some ice water handy, and there seemed to be a high ratio of nutmeg to lemonade, so I decided to add more liquid in the hopes that it would be easier to swallow. I didn't just pour the water into the cup though. What I did, I took a small mouthful of nutmeg-lemonade, and then poured some of the cold water into my mouth. Immediately (and to my utter amazement), the water completely eliminated any and all taste from both the nutmeg and the lemonade. This works 100% I swear to God.

Now for the experience portion of my post. It was about 10 o' clock when I finished taking it. So far I had felt only a slight buzz. I decided to watch my all-time favorite movie in the world (and I know it's yours too) Half Baked. Unfortunately I didn't plan the night well enough and I fell asleep half-way through. Interestingly enough, I sleepwalked that very night for the first time. I don't know if this was induced by a vivid nutmeg dream or not, but I was surprised nonetheless. By the way, if you are wondering how I know I was sleepwalking, I'll tell you. It's kind of emberassing, but oh well. I had a small jar of Vicks vapor rub gel (it's good to smell when I'm on E) on my bookshelf. I awoke the next morning rather disgusted by the taste in my mouth. I had apparently put three fingers in the Vicks, then put them in my mouth!! 'Gack!!' I yelled as I woke up to the unpleasent taste of menthol and eucalyptis.

So anyway, after the whole Vicks incident I got up and felt fine. A little clumsy, but otherwise alright. I guess the nutmeg affected me slightly, but through bad planning the experience was not a success. However, it wasn't all bad. I did discover a 100% antidote to what I call 'Nutmeg Tongue' ;) Maybe I'll try this again next time I have a weekend to kill.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9187
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 13, 2004Views: 3,627
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