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New Favorite Drug
by Kate
Citation:   Kate. "New Favorite Drug: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp91175)". Erowid.org. Jul 22, 2011. erowid.org/exp/91175

17 mg oral 4-HO-MET (liquid)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


7:15PM: Took the dose dissolved in water with my boyfriend. I was really nervous because I had taken a dose of 2-CE recently and it had messed with my stomach to the point where I had a horrible trip and it made me never want to trip again.

7:35PM: I'm feeling really bad effects at this time. I had asked the guy we got it from as well as all my other friends if there was any nausea while taking this drug (they had all said no) but as I was sitting outside I began to feel sick. I had a horrible head ache before we had taken it but my boyfriend had suggested that I didn't take anything with designer drugs because we didn't know what the outcome would be. Our friend was also over and while he had gotten 30mg, he only took half of it. They were both feeling great but I was still feeling sick and nervous.

7:45PM: I left them out on the back porch to enjoy the music and the come up while I went and laid in the bedroom. I was feeling extremely sick by now and had to control my breathing as to not throw up (which I'm deathly afraid of doing, which is why I was so nervous to take it in the first place.) I curled up in the covers because I was suddenly extremely cold even though my palms were clammy and the rest of my body was hot. I started rocking myself back and forth to try to calm myself down. My boyfriend came in to check on me and turned on all the lights, thinking that it might help. It did. My heart was beating extremely fast and I was starting to get worried because even though I knew that your heartbeat becomes elevated while youíre tripping, I have slight heart problems and was worried that I shouldnít have taken it. While I was rocking myself, I felt my heart beat get faster and faster until it felt like It exploded. I began tripping hard.

7:55PM: I finally roll over in bed, still feeling slightly sick and turned on the tv. As Iím flipping though the channels, I stop on something very flashy and happy. There were colors and singing and dancing and then I actually realized it was High School Musical. In a sober state of mind, I would have NEVER left it on Disney Channel but I couldnít stop watching. They were all just so happy. I call my boyfriend, even though he is sitting on the back porch, and tell him that I feel better and what Iím doing. He suggested that I come outside but I still didnít feel up for it. I still had a stomach ache and my entire body was hurting (especially my shoulders). It felt like I couldnít move at all, like I was paralyzed. I was sweating to death and clammy, and it was like that for the ENTIRE rest of the night. I just couldn't stop sweating.

8:00PM: I finally venture outside to see what my boyfriend and our friend are doing. It was dark outside and they were listing to music that was a little bit scary in my tripping state of mind. I smiled at them and said ďThe vibes are better inside.Ē And went back to watching High School Musical. I had recently bought a rat and I decided to take her out, hoping she would make me feel better. As she was crawling all over my face and I was laughing at High School Musical I was finally starting to feel better. I started texting my boyfriend and after a few texts he called me, claiming he couldnít text and asked me to come outside. I told him I was happier inside and that I might come out later.

8:20PM: Another commercial. I decided to put my rat on my shoulder and venture outside again. I kept walking back and forth through the house because I wanted to be up, but I still didnít want to sit outside in the dark. I finally came outside and stood by my boyfriend. I held my rat out to him and the smile on his face was priceless. I sat outside with them for a while and he gave me a puff of his cigarette. At first it was REALLY hard to inhale and closing my mouth around it was starting to make me feel sick again.(It was also hard to hold anything because after a while my hand started feeling numb and I would forget that there was anything even in it). I sat outside with them for a while longer until my boyfriend decided to go inject some cigarettes (we had gotten an injector recently and I havenít had a store bought cigarette in about a month.) I decide to go in there with him and we both get sucked into the TV. He normally wouldnít watch anything like High School Musical either but it was this crazy lightning scene where he was singing about basketball and jumping around. The walls were twisting and turning and I decided that Disney Channel was made so that we could trip.

9:00PM: Our friend decided he was going to go home soon so we just sat outside on the back porch smoking cigarettes. I went in the house a few times to inject some more for everyone, getting sucked into the TV every time.

10:30PM: Our friend decides itís time to go home and my boyfriend and I sit outside while I finish my last cigarette. We go inside and lay on the bed for a while. I can completely tell that Iím coming down considerably and got somewhat sad because I wished it would never end.

12:00AM: We were pretty much sober, watching Adult Swim when I suddenly decide that I want to smoke weed. We hit up every single dealer we know and we canít even find weed on a Saturday night. We watch infomercials for a while and then just surf the channels.

2:00AM: I decide Iím hungry and go make popcorn shrimp. My boyfriend makes soup. We go back and lay in bed still upset about not getting weed and still not tired. We surfed the channels some more until we came across South Park.

5:00AM: We finally decide to sleep. I was asleep in about 20 minutes, although I hadn't felt all that tired.

This has been, hands down, the most exciting trip I have ever had. Iíve taken a few psychedelics before but none of them made me as happy as this one had. Iíd never taken Ecstasy before but my boyfriend said it was a lot like it without the jumpiness. Earlier in the trip I had said that I never want to trip again but now that itís over, I will definitely take 4-HO-MET again. I wonder if being female, drugs affect me differently. Why were they not sick and I was? In the end, I decided that my boyfriend and I are going to be in separate rooms doing separate things next time because I have to lie down on the come up. Hopefully next time, I wonít be as nervous and the come up wonít be as bad. All in all though, it was a wonderful trip.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91175
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 22, 2011Views: 9,775
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4-HO-MET (436) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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