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Average Kids on DXM
DXM (with CPM)
by jammy
Citation:   jammy. "Average Kids on DXM: An Experience with DXM (with CPM) (exp9116)". Aug 29, 2001.

360 mg oral DXM (capsule)


A quick story for anyone who's wondering what a safe recreational dose of dxm is like:

One friday night my two friends and I were hanging out and wanted to do something interesting, and having experimented on our own with dxm (up to about 300 mg each or so by ourselves) we decided to take 360 mg each of dxm in coricidin. (note: coricidin has never hurt me or my friends except I throw up, while my friends are fine)

We took the pills about 10:20 I think, and my friend's dad was home but he is fine with our experimenting so it was a cool environment. I should mention that I have a strong stomach acid condition, so the pills took effect on me after about 30 minutes (very fast?). I was sitting at the couch and suddenly I felt very worried and sick like something was wrong, so I stood up and went to the bathroom after telling my friends I felt a little weird.

I threw up a few times and as I was bent down (sorry for that image) I got this feeling like a wave over me that everything was all right. A great feeling of happiness and contentment washed down on me and I kind of stumbled (when I kneeled to puke, I felt physically the same, when I stood up I was walking like a drunk on the bender of all time) into the living room and layed down on the couch. My friends had gone outside to smoke some weed, but I have to stay away cause I'm tested a lot.

I kind of layed there feeling a little bit deeper into my head as the minutes passed and I suddenly realized that my friend was standing at the couch talking to me. I hadn't noticed him at first but he asked if I was ok and I said yeah, and that if he 'wanted to come in and spend some time with me' that it was alright. I can compare the euphoria to vicodin except not as 'fuzzy' and kind of related more to a feeling of body heat (sorry that makes very little sense).

I stood up and stumbled into the hallway. Each step I took felt kind of cool and exciting because I couldn't tell which part of my body was touching the ground. I knew it was my legs but it felt very loose and far away. My whole consciousness kinda felt like it was back behind my body, sort of like thinking outside my head and picturing myself doing things, but at the same time I had enough sense to control myself. My friend stood in the doorway of the bathroom and I asked him 'did I throw up on your walls or any of that?' My other friend laughed because I had to hold onto my first friend's arm to keep steady, but when he said that I didn't really understand why it made any difference.

Later my friends caught on and we kind of stumbled around the house making very simple and obvious observations about how a t.v. works and the way carpet feels on skin and things like that. My friend who was a little bit less experienced with drug use would get a little paranoid at times, but eventually he would calm down and forget about everything.


To sum it all up, dxm at this dose is like this: You feel very happy and content as long as you can keep your cool. You have to remember that it's just a drug and will be gone by the morning, if you forget that it's easy to get too excited and paranoid. Your body feels very disconnected and far away, like you're floating around. Touch and senses are distorted, like the way licking the roof of your mouth usually feels is different and strange and it's hard to get enough of trying things like that. You could never keep your cool in public if you had to talk or communicate. It's easy to say whatever comes into your head but in very simple and obvious terms like 'I got a soda it's in this can there are more I think so maybe' and you would literally talk that way.

DXM is fun and easy to get so I recommend trying it if you want to get bent and have some fun that's a lot harder than weed. Just be careful with coricidin because it can hurt you and/or make you throw up (although I am always fine after a quick puke). Happy tripping ;)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 29, 2001Views: 24,295
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