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Cuddle Puddle
Citation:   zoomgroove. "Cuddle Puddle: An Experience with MDAI (exp91055)". Aug 7, 2016.

200 mg buccal MDAI (powder / crystals)
    repeated buccal MDAI (powder / crystals)
This trip report is my second experience with MDAI, dosing at 200mg, ingested orally.

Previously, I have interacted with caffeine, alcohol, amphetamine, cocaine, acid, moxy (5-MeO-MIPT), cannabis, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, hypnotics, anti-psychotics, pharmaceutical opiates (Codeine, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin), MDMA, diphenhydramine, ketamine, and methoxetamine-- experiencing favoritism towards stimulants and ketamine.

Both of my MDAI experiences have had a beautiful timeline which is easy to follow and rather accurate. Following ingestion (not capped but rubbed along the inside of my cheeks and then accompanied by a horrific taste--the worst I’ve ever had—and chased by coca cola), my come up is ~20min after ingestion. I begin ~15min in by vomiting. I always throw up on MDAI--I suspect due to the huge serotonin surge. It’s not fun but I begin feeling so empathetic towards everyone, including myself, that although it is at first tearful, it always ends in a supreme, emotionally fulfilling experience.

Following vomiting at ~15min, I hit ~20-5min which is when the trip begins. It is significant and noticeable, I begin to feel warm and squirmy (enjoying tactile sensations and so rubbing my own skin, the couch, blankets, etc). On my second trip, this is when I noticed the ceiling looked squirmy too: ‘Your ceiling! I have to touch it!’ I ran over to the stairs and got up to where I could touch the ceiling which seemed to be moving, and giggling, informed my friends, ‘No, still a ceiling.’

Afterwards I rushed back over to my friends (a few steps away) and hesitantly and shyly asked if I could sit between them on the love seat (I had an awkward timid feeling, that I didn’t want to wedge myself in uninvited but was desperately hungry for cuddling). One of my friends had also taken MDAI, the other MDMA. Both were enthusiastic and extremely inviting to my inquiry and what I have come to describe as MDAI’s prime effect surfaced: cuddle puddle time.

At some point shortly following (I would estimate ~40-5min in), we decided it was extremely necessary to relocate our cuddle session to upstairs where my friend’s bedroom was. I don’t remember climbing the stairs but I do know that once we reached her bed we cranked up her electric blanket and manifested on her silky mattress sheets (which were so very soft on MDAI). We congregated in such a way that we were not suffocating one another but everyone was touching each person present. Lots of hugging and compliments ensued. We vehemently listened to everything everyone had to say and experienced a shared empathy.

However, my friend who had ingested MDMA was much more stimulated then us two who had taken MDAI. Thus, she much more frequently was interested in exploring outside our cuddle puddle and the MDAI intoxicants grew upset the times she left the bed: ‘We miss you! Oh come back! We need to cuddle! You’re so far away!’ At some point, we proceeded to draw, mine being a self portrait which consisted of a hippo’s body, dragon wings (one of my friends (on MDMA) was drawing a dragon and I was insistent on supporting her brilliant idea), and a curly goatee which looped three times (I proceeded to repetitively demonstrate the motions of stroking such a goatee).

We all redosed several times and I was a frequent visitor to the bathroom due to the puking bouts I get on MDAI. (‘Are you ok? Do you need me? You’re so beautiful. Let me hold your hair back. Oh my gosh! Baby are you ok? I love you so much. I’m so upset you’re sick!) We held out for ~3hrs, of which throughout the last 1.5hrs I was mostly miserable and had lost most hyper-emotional effects. I have noticed that ~90mins is my characteristic time for clocking out of MDAI’s trip.
I have noticed that ~90mins is my characteristic time for clocking out of MDAI’s trip.
I begin to feel sober (when not redosing this sense of sobriety is significant--as though I’ve been tripping one moment, blinked, and am suddenly sober) and have a horrific time attempting to redose. The night concluded for me with more puking, more desperation for cuddling, and a failure to reciprocate my friend’s, on molly (MDMA), arousal.

I have suffered from a slight discomfort following both of my MDAI trips consisting of mild depression, anxiety, and insomnia which has persisted ~4-5 days. I follow up my MDAI experiences with 5-HTP supplements and valerian root (for already familiar insomnia problems which are worsened after MDAI intake). I take both of these regularly but boost my intake for about a week and a half following MDAI intake (no more than 500mg 5HTP/day) to supplement my serotonin levels (generally only boosting valerian for 1-3 days following with previously recommended dosing provided by my doctor [I don't feel comfortable providing maximum dosing for this supplement as I am less familiar with it and its guidelines are less solid then those of 5-HTP which I have been taking for five years] (research before anything before ingesting, including 'natural' supplements)). I find this is useful in coping with the depression, anxiety, and insomnia I sometimes experience after the consumption of many drugs, including MDAI. These psychological side effects for me are not as prevalent as with some other chemicals (such as MDMA) but are still noticeable after interacting with MDAI. I feel my general mental health benefits from regular 5-HTP/Valerian root intake and have noticed in past experience improved and countered chemical ‘hangover’ with these supplements.

On a scale of 1-10, MDAI gets a 7 in my book. I enjoy its short and personally easy-to-predict duration, its feel-good MDMA likeness, its cuddle puddle aspect, and its empathetic interaction but also acknowledge its capability to be physically uncomfortable, a trait which ranges from in-the-moment nausea and vomiting to a further lasting mental/psychological change which can be unpleasant and distressing.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 91055
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Aug 7, 2016Views: 6,122
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MDAI (499) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1)

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