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Overwhelming Body Load
by zoomgroove
Citation:   zoomgroove. "Overwhelming Body Load: An Experience with 5-MeO-DIPT (exp91054)". May 17, 2011.

5 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (capsule)


This was my second experience with Foxy (Foxy Methoxy, 5-MeO-DIPT). About 5 months ago I experimented with Foxy for the first time. I dosed at 8mg in an ethanol solution and had a very unpleasant trip. My most significant complaint was the painful body load. I generally feel my come-ups on tryptamines through my neck and foxy has been no different. It begins with pressure in my neck which at the onset is generally uncomfortable pinching sensations and which settles into an ache throughout the back of my neck, as though someone is gripping it tightly. At 8mg this body load was incredibly uncomfortable, so much so that it was the most memorable part of the trip. On 8mg I was also incredibly cold.

Due to the negative trip I experienced on 8mg, dominated by a horribly uncomfortable physical state, I decided four or so months later to dose at 5mg. I had been uncertain if I should try 6 or 5mg but four or so hours later, am grateful I chose 5. I took my dose which was capped at ~9:20pm. I was with two friends, talking and listening to Wisp. I believe onset was noticeable 20 mins later. I felt giggly which is common for me coming up on tryptamines. Closer to ~9:45pm I began noticing the characteristic body load gathering in my neck. I felt jittery, energetic, talkative, and giggly. My third friend left shortly and I was left with my best friend who was on a small bump of MXE.

~10:30pm I was bouncing on my mattress to the techno from my speakers and was enthusiastically suggesting to my friend that it was time to dance. Sadly, this excitement and energetic enthusiasm was short lived. I began cursing myself for not buying glow sticks and zoomed around the apartment on a mission to find some (or at least a respectable substitute). I procured a few shoddy LED lights which I brought back to my room. This is when my excited euphoria, comparable to an amphetamine drive, ended. I lost my fervor to chat and we both sprawled on my bed listening to music and watching the LEDs project on the ceiling.

I was very struck by how sober I felt throughout, finding that I didn't feel 'out of it' as I tend to react to tryptamines. My visuals on 5mg were much less as compared to 8mg but my 8mg trip was accompanied by a homemade weed cake whose potency, in retrospect, was far underestimated. My 5mg trip was similar to the first with a significant intensification of colors and heightened depth to music. It seemed that when the music was particularly suiting my trip my visual perception became far more hallucinogenic as well. As I've noticed with 5-MeO-MIPT, orange-red tones were the most significant and bright. At my peak on 5mg ~1.5-2hrs in, I was experiencing color shifting and an impressive interaction between the LED's projection on the ceiling and the dry wall ceiling's pattern. Yet I found I had to focus on the LED's in order to really notice anything too trippy. If I glanced at the computer, for example, I lost the visuals.

On both of my Foxy trips, I found I was afflicted by a certain need I couldn't seem to satiate. On one hand, I felt jittery and go-go-go, similar to amphetamines, and on the other, I felt content to lie in bed staring at the lights, similar to zoning on opiates. This is where my most significant distaste with both of my foxy experiences lies. I feel uncomfortable on it--pulled in separate directions at once--jittery and speedy but too dull and too lazy to move. I find myself thinking about doing something active one minute and the next (when considering carrying out said active thing) finding myself too lazy to move. I feel like my mind is running a million seconds a minute on foxy and my physical state is content to sit and stare at lights.

When this unease began to settle in on my 5mg trip, I began getting a feeling I also had on my 8mg trip: the need for another substance to push my trip in one direction or the other (jittery or lazy). I found myself craving beer as the restlessness and anxiety were extremely uncomfortable and seemed to be interacting with my body load which had been cropping up in my calves as painful pinches or biting sensations. It was an unpleasant sense, feeling amphetamine speedy yet opiate dull at the same time; unable to reconcile the two.

My trip began to level out ~4-4.5 hours after it began, to a point where the visual and auditory hallucinations were boring/not at all. My body load as always was first to enter, last to leave--the diva of the ball. I'm sorry to condemn the sister of Moxy (5-MeO-MIPT; my love) but I have found Foxy's body load to be so uncomfortable (dare I say, painful) that it completely overwhelms the trip for me. The visuals are often beautiful but I find myself unable to fully appreciate them or able to focus on them because of how uncomfortable I am body and mind.

Now that my second trip with Foxy has ended, I am left with the same significant factors which stick out: every detail of my body load. Awful. For those who experience similar discomforts in the research chemical zone, I strongly recommend Moxy (5-MeO-MIPT) and MDAI. For similar space explorers, beware 2C-B which I have experienced a similar body load dominated experience with.nYet comparatively, several of my research companions have found Foxy sexy and 2C-B overwhelmingly beautiful. Your brain is your reaction. Respect it and happy space travels, fellow explorers. <3 ! zoom&groove

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91054
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 17, 2011Views: 14,098
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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