Forced Relaxation
Citation:   Barium. "Forced Relaxation: An Experience with 2C-I (exp9100)". Aug 29, 2001.

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16 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
Having suffered from a lot of stress due to social/work issues, I decided that I needed a break from all this, to prevent me from breaking under the pressure. In an ideal world, I should have taken a vacation, but I didn't have the time or the money to do that. So I took a one-day-break, using some of a relatively rare compound: 2C-I.

I took 16 mg of 2C-I at 4pm, and decided to continue to do some text editing for the first hour. After 90 minutes, I was gradually coming up. The slow coming up was most likely due to the not-completely digested light meal I had at 12:30. In retrospect, this also caused the experience to be somewhat less intense than other trials with this compound, at a similar dosage.

I wanted to go to a nearby forest, to sit & meditate & `trip' alone. Biking to the forest was possible, but it took some difficulty to focus my attention on riding. At this point, there was a nice contrast enhancement, especcialy of dark greens and blues. Cars appeared more shiny. This diverted my attention a bit from their movements/speeds etc. There were also some typically psychedelic giggles.

When I arrived (t+2.00h) at a nice spot in the forest where I could sit and relax, there was not much happening. With some difficulty I could start some visual activity, but it was tough. I was also a bit bored with it, because I'd seen things like these before. Furthermore, stress prevented me from really relaxing. Closed my eyes and tried to focus on CEV's, which started promptly.

After one hour to 90 minutes in the forest, I suddenly saw in my CEV's a bear/wolf-like creature, who noticed me and came running towards me, howling a thought similar to `I'll destroy you/I'll rip your heart out'. (Note that english is not my native language). The sight of the creature running at me instantly induced an intense feeling of fear; but my conscious mind was happy to see this, as I related this directly to my `survivor', as described in Tihkal, and it was my first time to come in touch with such subconscious things. This realization made the creature dissappear immediately, similar like suddenly noticing that you're finally capable of juggling, and the result of your undivided attention to the juggling process causes you to mess up again.

Five minutes later, the same process repeated, this time with a wolf, which suddenly emerged from some CEV's, and growled `I'll rip your heart out' (again!), and then disappeared. To this day, I still have no interpretation for these events, but OTOH, it doesn't matter to me; just seeing this gave me relief.

About 45 minutes later, it started to get chilly, and I went home. Noticed that coordination was a bit clumsy, and that up & down movements of my head were exaggerated a bit.

Not-so-nice: at home, I had to clean things up before I could seat myself. (It was a giant mess in my room when I left, because I didn't have the time to clean things up in the week before). I spend 20 minutes cleaning my room, which needed solid attention and caused the `trip' to be almost over at the end.

Took some soup because I'd gotten very hungry, and it felt like I was running out of energy reserves. Soup caused some mild stomach distress, to the point of almost puking. Put on some calm music, and waited for the nausea to pass away. No visual activity, apart from CEVs. Felt very relaxed, dreamy, but also conscious. Noticed that these kind of experiences are exercises in conscious dreaming.

Suddenly, a new wave of the visual activity started, which consisted of indian symbols superimposed on top of the fabric of my trousers. For me, this was kind of startling, because I felt completely sober, yet saw all kind of symbols (which looked similar to the artwork on shamen's `entact') on my pants. The most impressive sight was that of a greyish barbed-wire knot-like construction laying halfway my thigh, floating in the air and with moving `spikes'.

I could also recognize some of these `symbol-visuals' in the random dots of the tiles in my bathroom. Instantly, blobs of dots were connected together and given more relief.

Although I was completely relaxed, I still noticed that anger about my situation was capable of breaking through the shield laid down by the 2C-I. Which annoyed me deeply. On the other hand, this experience showed me that 2C-I (or 2C-B, or whatever phenethylamine) can be used as `forced recovery': take a bit of a bitter powder, and you know you have some hours of forced relaxation for you. No stress or other obligations, just you. Meditation probably also works, but it is so easy to break out of it, and it can be difficult to find time to do it.

Some other sideeffects: the next day, I felt quite lethargic, but I also had a burst of creativity in the evening, which was a bit difficult to combine.

I believe that this is a bit related to the activities you persue when under the influence: on earlier occasions, I usually went dancing in a club, and although I felt tired the day after, this was more because of the fact that I'd been up to 8 am. Often, there was still a large amount of energetic push present. I still have to find out if you can prevent the lethargic feeling by doing some exercices, or that it is necessary to listen to bad house music to prevent it :-)

Compared to 2C-B, 2C-I appears to be more potent. This is a bit complicated by the different `feels' of both compounds. 2C-B has for me, more a tendency to immerse me in an isolated, abstract world (`I live in this town. Concept `town' doesn't make sense. What is a town? A town is a large group of people living together. There are other towns, such as thisplace and thatplace.', or the famous `hand over round small moneythings found in wallet (leather-like-thingy found in pocket located at upper part of right thigh) to female life form with nice wobbly bits to get `drink' to satisfy thirst-feeling'.

2CI has none of this, but tends to make the world `movielike', as if I'm an actor in a movie called `my life', and the place I'm in is just a giant mock-up which could end if I walked outside the door and see the cardboard stop, but in which the whole handling of concepts is just fine.

Some other differences between these compounds: 2C-I has a stronger `energetic push'; there is a constant burning feeling somewhere between my navel and my solar plexus from the fourth hour or so on. For equal dosages (in mg), 2C-I also lasts longer.

With somewhat higher dosages of 2C-B (18mg+), I've noticed that after about 3 hours, there is suddenly a deep oceanic/peacefull/spiritual feeling, which lasts for about five to ten minutes, and seems to progress using a predefined set of states; sortof as if 2C-B starts a spiritual program, to say it bluntly. 2C-I doesn't appear to do this, at the 16 mg level.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9100
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 29, 2001Views: 10,927
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