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Mind Organization
by alli
Citation:   alli. "Mind Organization: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp90940)". Jan 18, 2021.

  oral Mushrooms
While at a local bar in my hometown, my new friend, E, messaged me and invited me to his home. We had hung out and talked for about 3 weeks before this night, and had gained a trust level. When I arrived we were just hanging out and watching television. We soon decided we wanted to have some fun. We drove 30 minutes to my house and met up with my dealer who sold us my small town's version of 'purp,' and 3 ecstasy pills. On our way back to his house, we stopped at his dealer's home and purchased an eighth of mushrooms.

We went back to his house and he took a jig, while I chose not to. Next, we ate the mushrooms. I ate 2 and a half caps and 1 full stem.
I ate 2 and a half caps and 1 full stem.
They were freezer dried and tasted like, oddly textured dirt. I sat back on the couch and waited.

I soon began to feel nausea, as if I may throw up, and my instincts told me I just needed fresh air, and it wouldn't be awful to go outside, just in case I did puke. While outside I got very cold, and decided I just wanted to lay down. E brought pillows and blankets and we laid on his front porch, cuddling, as my trip began. I closed my eyes and the thoughts began to pour.

Although I wanted more than anything to be outside, it was too cold, so I went inside. Inside was dark and the comfy couch with blankets was directly in the middle of the surround sound system his home had. He has done shrooms before, and as we both have a love for music, he introduced me to a new world. We listened to a lot of Kid Cudi, and Enter Galactic soon became a very special song.

I heard music in a way I never had before. I heard every melody, beat, and bump separately, but exactly the same time. And, I soon became unsettled with what was happening. I decided I wanted to be in a bed. We went to the room, and proceeded to have a very wonderful, what seemed like 2 hours. In all reality I believe it was 45 minutes. Soon after I got some water and went to the restroom. We went and laid back down on the couch and we listened to more music. Around 4 in the morning my friend said,'The sun will be up soon.' I normally have no problem with sunlight, but in my mind this was the worst idea EVER. I shot straight up from the laying down position I was in, and screamed,'NO!' My friend and I laughed at my reaction for probably 10 minutes. He then told me, 'Don't worry, don't have negative thoughts.'

The word negative I believe sent my thoughts into a dark place. I soon became very paranoid. I thought that the water he had given me was drugged, and that I had never taken the shrooms. I thought that his house was a trap house, and that I was going to have a train run on me, or that the cops were going to show up any minute. When those thoughts began to simmer down, my reason came back and reminded me I would not have ever gone to this friend's house in the first place if I did not trust him. This brought my happy thoughts back.

I was not active and did not move around much else, and there were no visuals, because I kept my eyes closed. If I could describe the experience in two ways, the first would be -- Similar to a convertible on roller coaster tracks going at a happy medium speed. Second -- The intermission shots on THAT 70'S SHOW, where the characters are floating around in psychedelic colors.

I remember thinking on my trip, that I had to have looked like your typical little shroom hippie. When I finally laid down to rest about 6 hours after consumption my mind organization began.

I have used this picture to paint for my friends what happened to me that night: I feel as if I took every single thought in my mind's filing cabinet, threw it all on the floor, and then picked each one up one at a time and put them back, alphabetically.
I feel as if I took every single thought in my mind's filing cabinet, threw it all on the floor, and then picked each one up one at a time and put them back, alphabetically.

I messaged my friends whom I left to hang out with E and let them now I was all right. While still puddin-headed from the effects of the drugs, I told them everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. It took a day to realize that, that is an Alice In Wonderland quote, and it now made perfect sense.

The whole next day I remember not understanding the stupidity that surrounded me. Everything is so easy and simple, or at least for me after my trip. And I was easily annoyed by the ignorant words and actions I was around.

Shrooms changed my life, in a very positive manner. I feel a lot more level headed and understanding. Although, I loved my trip, I have strongly debated never taking them again. I know that each trip is different, and my memory of that night is so fond, I do not want another experience to ruin my positive thoughts.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90940
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jan 18, 2021Views: 619
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Mushrooms (39) : Music Discussion (22), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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