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Muscle Poison
Heimia salicifolia
by piglet
Citation:   piglet. "Muscle Poison: An Experience with Heimia salicifolia (exp90908)". Oct 16, 2018.

10 g oral Heimia salicifolia (extract)


I too experienced the exact symptoms described by Simba, and now more than 20 hours after ingestion I still can barely walk due to the muscle poisoning. The pain is absolutely everywhere and I too was very concerned about how this may affect my heart since pain is very noticable in the muscles within the body cavity. It's also painful to breathe deeply and coughing is excrutiating... Throat feels swollen. Also, stomach and intestines seem to be very sensitive to touch/pressure as well.

In addition, I've noticed that audio is deeper in tone than usual. It is especially noticable with music and familiar voices and it is similar to slowing down a vinyl record slightly on an old turntable where you get the pitch shift downwards with the timeshifting/stretching!

One very important fact that appears to be consistent between both Simba's report and mine is the inclusion of LEMON in our extractions! I'm wondering if the acid is causing an adverse reaction with one or more compounds. It is quite a frightening result given the other positive reports. The whole story is described hereafter with brief notes as taken at the time...


I started by creating a tea/reduction/extraction from 10g of Sinicuichi herb (flower and leaf purchased from a well known Australian supplier).

Boiled for 15 mins then strained into pyrex jug and reduced in microwave on high until little left
Put vessel in oven on 100C for 30 mins
Removed vessel and cooled
Scraped residue into solid mass

Added more water to original strained leaves and repeated the boiling process only longer this time 30 mins

Repeated for 3rd and final time

Reduced the combined 2nd/3rd mixtures as above. It is very nasty looking.

Didn't weigh the net result but a considerable amount of solid chemical/residue amounted from the 10g herb...and it was dark olive/khaki in colour and awefully toxic looking with the most acrid bitter taste worse than anything I've ever experienced.


I'm not sure if the Nutmeg experience from last night is going to have any residual or altering effect...
I'm not sure if the Nutmeg experience from last night is going to have any residual or altering effect...

Took 1/4 of the first extraction solid orally at 11:30am

Took another 1/4 at 11:50am

Feeling a very slight hazy visual sensation

12:10 not feeling any increase in sensation

12:27 just took a concoction made from the second and third boilings and with the residue after scraping the majority of the solids... Added small amount of water and 'deglazed' by boiling off for a couple of minutes in microwave...
Scraping vessel.

Added 1 tspn honey and squeeze lemon and took 1 shot-glass full with a tea chaser.

Made enough for 3 shots... Remainder solids in oven on baking paper to dry properly

...I think a liquid like tea or tincture may be the way since the hard solids may potentially pass through without being digested.

12:33 just took another shot of the concoction ...still awaiting the anticipated spectactular effects described in experience reports.

12:37 just took final shot of tincture... Still waiting...

1:05 took remaining extract made again into a quick concoction by disolving in lemon juice and honey... Bit more difficult when it's a solid and took a bit of effort to emulsify. Now consumed total extract derived from 3 boilings and reductions of the same batch of leaf.

1:15 feeling hazy with a slight filtered golden hue since rain clouds forming outside and reducing the sunlight it's not intense. Pulse feels ok with no signs of palpitations or increased activity.

1:34 nothing really eventuating... Thinking it wasn't really worth all the effort at this point... Maybe effect is delayed?!?

From about 2:30 I started feeling achy, muscles sore and starting to feel 'flu' like symptoms

4:09 feel like shit... Feeling very fluey and very very sore all over... Every bit of me hurts especially if I try and move or put pressure on muscles. Chest achy and hurts to breath deeply.

This stuff is poison! Do not take.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90908
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 39 
Published: Oct 16, 2018Views: 1,771
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