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Best Day Ever
Citation:   Joe Wasicka. "Best Day Ever: An Experience with 2C-E & MDMA (exp90756)". Nov 11, 2011.

10 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  400 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
About a year ago (April 2010), a close friend of mine introduced me to LSD. Before then, I had only occasionally smoked marijuana and salvia from time to time since I was eighteen. From the few mushroom and LSD trips (bad and good) I had encountered since then, I came to learn how powerful the human mind really is. These experiences changed my life; my religion, political affiliation, and outlook towards other people all changed from the way that LSD forced me to examine certain principles in life. Needless to say, I gained a newfound respect for the power entheogens have on the human psyche.

As much as acid changed my life, it absolutely frightened me. Before my most recent experience, the thought alone of putting a tab on my tongue made my heart start racing. As much as I wanted to further explore my own consciousness, it seemed I was more terrified of experiencing another bad trip than I was looking forward to experience another good (spiritual) trip. If you have ever tripped before, you know as much as I do that there is nothing worse than a bad trip. It isn’t like hell. It is hell. What if my next trip was so bad it threatened my sanity? What if I got caught in another thought loop? (thought A leads to thought B, leading back to A, to B, to A, B, A, B, etc.) What if I open up another door of perception I may never be able to close? I also had a lot of goofy, irrational fears about every the infamous December 21st, 2012 doomsday prophesy I didn’t want to surface.

I talked to my good friend about the dilemma I was in; I felt that expanding my consciousness was a vital part of self exploration, but I didn’t want to risk losing my marbles doing so. In other words, I wanted to trip, but didn’t want to fall. My friend recommended I try a hit of 2C-E – or as this person called it, “baby acid” – before making the jump back up to LSD. My good friend explained to me that it was similar to acid in the visual aspect, but didn’t give you the headspace that L did. I decided to take this person’s advice and give it a try, knowing I’d never get over my acid anxiety if never tripped again.

So I got my hands on some 2C-E. I decided I wanted to trip outside during the day in a nice, safe place with some music handy in order to ensure the best possibility for a good trip. In case things got bad, I had a hit of molly in my pocket I got from my good friend (which I later found out was really 4 hits/400mg).


I met my girlfriend at duck pond on the Virginia Tech campus (where I went to school). We spent few minutes together before she had to head to work. I took the 10mg pill of 2C-E right around the time I arrived. I shared my plans with her; I planned on spending the day at the duck pond and talking walks on the outside of campus through the farmland until the peak of the trip wore off to the point to where I felt I could safely drive.


I kissed my girlfriend goodbye as she headed to work. She told me she loved me and to be safe. As soon as she left, I began walking around the outskirts of campus waiting for the trip to kick in. Before taking a walk, I grabbed my music player and headphones. I wanted to have all my chill music at my disposal to help keep my mind off the anticipation as I was waiting for the trip to surface.


I started coming off my baseline. I was a bit nervous, so I stopped listening to the music and paid attention to what was going on with my mind, because it certainly wasn’t acting normal. The first thing I noticed was that I had trouble recalling the past. I tried thinking about what I did yesterday or the path I took around campus, but I couldn’t gather my thoughts together. All I could focus on was what was going on at the present moment. About this time, my good friend shot me a text asking how I was doing. I told him it was very, “right now.”


I was officially tripping. I was having visuals much to the akin of a very light acid trip. Sounds became a bit different as well. For a while, I was hearing a certain bird call/chirp. When I started thinking to myself what that chirp sounded like, I started becoming confused as to whether or not I just heard the same chirp or I thought I did because I was thinking about it. That seemed to happen a lot to me on LSD—I’d think of a sound I just heard a bunch of times and I’d confuse whether I was still hearing it or just thinking it.


By now, the trip was fully set in. A sense of calmness came over me. “I remember this! I’ve been here before!” I thought to myself. “I have nothing to fear with this. Just go with the flow. Don’t fight anything” I started noticing my mind was less immersed in what was physical, but more tuned into the metaphysical (spiritual) aspect of existence. Think of it this way: Metaphorically, your brain is an FM radio receiver. Your whole life, you are used to receiving FM radio. What if you took a drug that temporarily weakened your brains FM receiving capabilities while simultaneously giving you the ability to tune into crystal clear, XM radio for a while? Would you want to experience a higher, clearer frequency, or would you be too freaked out that your normal state of FM receiving is altered?

To me, this is what tripping is all about. I felt like there was a whole interconnected, spiritual network out there somehow connecting all living thing. You can’t see, smell, hear, taste, or touch this spiritual realm, but can only perceive it while experiencing a different state of conscious mind.


Physically, I was overactive. For some reason, I kept having the urge to keep moving. Every time I’d lie on the ground or sit on a bench, I’d have the urge to reposition myself followed by another one. That was really the only negative physical aspect of 2C-E.

I’m really not sure whether or not I was peaking at this point. Unfortunately, when one trips, his or her perception of time is distorted: What seem like 2 hours is only 45 minutes or so. By this point, I had found a nice quiet spot to sit by myself outside in the grass and just think to myself. For the next few hours, I just sat peacefully by myself and thought about some important, ontological questions:

Why am I alive? Did I choose to come before I was born here or was I just born conscious?

Have I been alive before?

Is this state of mind meant to be experienced by human beings?

If there is a god, would he or she be happy that I am seeking to further understand myself and the world I’m in, or would he or she just see me as a wretched sinner for dabbling with drugs?

[7:00] (?)

Eventually I realized I needed to stop focusing on the existence of the next life and start focusing on the journey of this life. It was then I asked switched my attention to three important questions:

What is bothering me in my life?

What is the best way for me to resolve the problems in my life?

What is the best way to live life?

At this point in my trip, I was extremely open and self critical with myself. I pinpointed my troubles and realized I needed to mend my relationship with my parents, work on paving the road my girlfriend (soon-to-be fiancée) and I will later take in life, treat my body better—i.e. heavily cut back on cigarette smoking, and be more wise with my finances.

I then began working to find a foundation of principles or truths I should build my life around. I wasn’t religious; to me Jesus was no different than Sleeping Beauty and I have always viewed the Bible and Quran as metaphorical stories and myths along the same league as The Epic of Gilgamesh. There were obviously more wrong religions than right, but which one do I choose to build myself up from?

After a while (no idea how long; my sense of time was lost) I came to the conclusion that if there was a god, this god would rather I think for myself than blindly follow every other sheep in the flock of religion by attempting to understand a poorly translated fairy tale with hopes it will lead me to the kingdom of heaven if I follow all the rules and not question any of its illogical infidelities. Soon after I confirmed with myself that most religions were nothing more than glorified myths, I decided draft my own set of guidelines to live by:

Be positive. Life is awesome when you have a positive outlook on things.

Be well balanced. Some things in moderation are good as long as addiction is avoided.

Don’t control people. Let people do whatever makes them happy unless it keeps others from being happy.

Don’t judge people unless you’ve been down the road they’re on.
Have fun and do whatever makes you happy. THE universe may not revolve around you, buy YOURS does.


It was April 16th, 2011 and I was on Virginia Tech’s campus. Many people were gathering on the drillfield for a candlelight vigil in memory of the shooting 4 years ago. I decided to go; I had a friend who was killed in the shooting. I felt it would be appropriate to honor those who were killed in the 4/16 massacre, even if I was coming out of a trip. I was a freshman when the shooting happened. I’ll never forget that it happened on a Monday, because if it were on a Tuesday, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. One of the classrooms that got shot was where I would have had class at the same time the following day.

I made my way to the drillfield and met up with a few friends who were still students at Virginia Tech. We stood together and were there for those who needed a shoulder to cry on. As the sun set, we listened to every one of the 32 names announced. I listened to where they were from, what their hobbies were, how they impacted others, and what their plans were after graduation. I began reflecting on how nice all those people seemed and how cool they would have been to meet. It was such a shame that all those lives were lost because one kid was tormented all through middle school and high school to the point where he lost his marbles and couldn’t function socially anymore. Thinking about this made me even more committed to not causing negativity in others’ lives.


The campus was getting dark and I was starting to come down from my trip. My visuals were practically gone, but I was still very much in a different mind than my sober self. I didn’t feel safe at the duck pond or the park alone at night, so I decided to drive to visit my girlfriend at work. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Driving wasn’t easy, especially on a manual transmission. My coordination wasn’t impaired, but I was very jumpy. The whole time I was driving, I felt like something wasn’t right with my car: my lights were on, I was in 5th gear on the highway, my emergency break wasn’t on…I’ll probably never figure out what it was. But fortunately, I drove very cautiously in the slow lane all the way to my girlfriend’s workplace and arrived safely fifteen minutes later. She saw me and started laughing. “You look fucked up,” she said.

“I’m still tripping, but I’m coming down,” I replied.

She was definitely surprised I was still feeling the effects of it. A few minutes later, after she closed the store, we went out to our cars and talked for a while. I tried to tell her all about my day and everything I learned and experienced. Unfortunately, a trip report is not something you can accurately convey to someone without them actually having tripped before. Have you ever tried telling someone about a weird dream you had but you knew no matter what you said, that person would never be able to even remotely depict what the setting of the dream was like the way you saw it? That’s what I was feeling, except it wasn’t a dream; it was an entire afternoon and evening.


By this time, I was back to normal except for my pupils. As soon as we got back to my girlfriend’s house, we decided to grab our gay friend go to a great club a few towns over. It was a gay club, but the best club in the area nonetheless. They always have the greatest dance music, DJ, bar, and crowd. The last time we went there, I rolled and had a fantastic time. I planned on ending the night with a good roll at this club once more.


Took 400mg (thinking it was 100mg) of molly while on our way to the club. It didn’t hit until right when we arrived at around 11:45. [Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]


400mg of molly kicks in at once. Right when it started kicking in, my whole body started feeling like something was wrong. Right then I got a general feeling of “This is not good. You are fucked! Get outside now!” I told my girlfriend and our friend I needed to go outside. I headed to the smoking deck in the back with the two following me behind. As soon as I got outside and started to breathe fresh air I felt better. I literally exhaled all my anxiety from the moment before. “It’s so beautiful out here,” I thought. “This weather is amazing!!! Look at the full moon!!!”

My girlfriend and our friend found me on the deck. She looked worried and asked me if I was alright. I told her everything was fine and that I felt amazing. I hugged and kissed her again and again. Her skin up against mine felt amazing. The combination of the molly and our intimacy made it impossible for me to let go of her.

“Let’s go inside. It’s cold out here,” she said. I looked around and realized I was the only one out on the deck not shivering. We went inside and started dancing to the house music that was playing. I could not stop dancing. It felt so amazing. The lights were entrancing. The music was pulsing through my body making me feel in complete bliss. My girlfriend looked so beautiful. Our friend was also dancing right by our side. Everything was perfect.

“This is the way life is supposed to be lived,” I thought to myself. “If everybody could feel what I was feeling right now, all wars would end instantly!”

I got close up to my girlfriend and we kept on dancing. All I wanted to do was be with her; this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“I wish I could afford a ring!” I yelled over the music.

“You don’t need a ring,” she said. “Just ask. All I want is you!”

Right there in the middle of the dance floor, I looked in her eyes and asked her, “Will you marry me?”

All she could do was nod and smile the biggest smile I had ever seen. In an instant she was gone out the back door calling all her friends and telling them the big news. With her gone, I figured it would be a good time for a water break. After all, I couldn’t tell if I was hot or cold, but figured a big cup of water was a solid decision after dancing for the past hour or so.

My new fiancée came back with our friend and we spent the rest of the time dancing and laughing with each other. I told them both this was the best and most eventful day and night of my life. For the rest of our time there, everything was perfect: my new fiancée, the music, the lights, and the people. Even cigarettes felt absolutely amazing!


Last call was called and my molly starts wearing off. We end up heading out before the club closes and we’re fighting traffic to get back home. My new fiancée and our friend announce they are hungry. We headed to a Waffle House for some midnight munchies. I didn’t have much of an appetite because of the 2C-E. I instead took that time to reminisce on the entire day.

I learned more about myself and the world around me. I honored the 32 lost in the VT shooting, I pledged to be a better person and not cause negativity in others’ lives, I had the time of my life at an amazing club, and I have a new, beautiful fiancée.

Best day ever.

The following day, I felt completely renewed. I felt like my mind had been washed clean. All the fears and goofy anxieties I had going into the trip were completely gone upon waking the next morning. This trip report was written nine days later and the anxieties have yet to return. Additionally, for the following three nights after the trip and roll, I had extremely vivid dreams; dreams I were completely conscious for but couldn’t wake from. They weren’t nightmares, but very high definition and vivid.

2C-E was definitely an entheogen worth experimenting with.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 11, 2011Views: 17,244
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MDMA (3), 2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Combinations (3), General (1)

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