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Typical Opiate Euphoria
by nodder
Citation:   nodder. "Typical Opiate Euphoria: An Experience with Ethylmorphine (exp90674)". May 27, 2020.

85 mg oral Pharms - Ethylmorphine (pill / tablet)


I am fairly used to taking opiates. My opiate -history began when I had an unlimited supply (and paid for by the government) of oxycontin. I was totally oblivious to what opiates were and did not know that oxycontin contained oxycodone, an opiate similar to morphine. I used them because I had lower back pains. But soon enough I would use more and more, I even snorted them etc..

Eventually I stopped (had massive withdrawals) but after a couple of months I wanted to try opiates again. Sadly I can't get a hold of oxycontin's where I live anymore so I had to search for other opiates. I don't know anyone who sells opiates so it took me a while to get a hold of some.

One day I went to a friend of mine who has fibromyalgia and I asked if she used certain painkillers for her condition. i was very happy to hear that she did! -- tramadol 150mg pills and codeine. She gave me a bunch of them all and when those were finished I wanted more. So I searched the internet and found Codethyline.

This is a cough suppressant and it is freely available over the counter in my country. Although it is only sold in pack of 50x5mg it is very cheap and more potent than codeine. The thing is though that I have to take alot of them to feel anything. The recreational dose is a minimum of 60mg. This means I have to take at least 12 pills. They are very small though (like the head of a match) so I can take them all in once.

I took 17 pills (85mg) an hour ago.

It's now starting to feel like the typical opiate euphoria, together with the happy warm feeling in my stomach I get from opiates. I feel a bit dizzy and I have to correct tons of mistakes in my text. This took about 30 minutes to come up and now I think I nearly reached the plateau. This has the same feeling as the time they gave me morphine right before an operation. And to think this is available over the counter and dirt cheap! Laboratory grade, 100% pure ethylmorphine.

I do feel a bit of nausea though, but certainly not as much as the nausea I got from oxycontin.

Overall a very good experience and I think I'm in for an even more fun ride the couple of hours ;)

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90674
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: May 27, 2020Views: 190
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Pharms - Ethylmorphine (443) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Unknown Context (20)

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