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Everything That Begins Bad Ends Good
by dmtoligy
Citation:   dmtoligy. "Everything That Begins Bad Ends Good: An Experience with DOM (exp90371)". Dec 3, 2012.

  oral DOM


Back in November, I began looking into the use of LSD. I had tried cannabis, mdma, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine, opium, amphetamine, methylphenidate and dex methyl, ketamine, methamphetamine, coke, xanax, ativan and a few more. I was fairly knowledgable with drugs then (am extremley more now) and knew what was what to try and not to try.

I had never tried LSD and heard from friends that it was simply amazing. I began to look into the use of this so called powerful mind drug and found things I seemed to yern for. Unlike most teenagers, I didn't want to take lsd to see things look funny or to watch alice in wounderland, I wanted to take them to find out who I am truley instead of acting like things I werent.

Anyways, the first attempt of getting some hits was a dissaster. It ended up with us getting pulled over before getting the hits. what made us back out was because three people had posession of cannabis and pipes. The second time however was sucess. A friend of mine who was a some what a lover of lsd told me of someone he knew we could buy from. We venture to my friends house after school until we get the call to meet him at a local store. we made our way there and got 4 hits as soon as we meet up with them. On our way back to my friends house we stopped to look at them. We were told they were TOOL hits, as in the band tool, but since they were four hits we couldent make out a design. I then later returned home to give my other friend the two hits she had pay for. I had read that smoking weed before a trip would make potentiate it, along with some form of citric acid, such as orange juice. Heres what happened with accuriate time:

T11:00- I enter my friends car and give her the hits she bought. we then pulled out the pipe she had and smoked 3 bowls of some mid grades.

T11:30- I then diguest the blotter after sucking on it for ten minutes.

T11:50- I decide to go inside since it was a school night and it was getting late (Yeah, I know now it wasent the best idea to choose a school night).

T12:20- I lay in bed drinking orange juice, feeling pretty high. I'm suddenly very giggly, thinking of high my girlfriend knows I'm doing this and shes okay with it, finding that funny. I lay in bed and start to feel a huge body load of amazement. I knew then that the trip was beggining to start.

T12:30- (this is were time will be a problem for me, so im just gonna tell of the expiernce without times.) I turned Pandora on my phone on, and put it on the Mars Volta station. My heart beat started to rise, which worried me a little, but nothing to bed. My room grew brighter, and the tappesters on my walls went from being wrinkly to being straight in alignment. I looked at my phone and saw the letters begin to shit around. I noticed that my hands looked 2 dimesional, and had the texture of clay. I watched as my fingers hits buttons in the movement of a robot. I found this quite funny. But then when the music started going, i closed my eyes to see visuals. It was playing 'meccamputecture' byh Mars Volta, and all I saw was a orange sky with a demonic black tree spitting crows out at me. I then opened my eyes and decided it was time to switch stations.

I then put on the 311 station and was instantly feeling better. I looked at the posters on my wall and saw the rainbow reflections they gave off. the music was soothing as could be. I laid back and relaxed and took a look around my room. everything just seemed relaxed, and I thought to myself 'This is LSD, not to bad'. It wasent until then Red Hot Chilie Peppers song 'Snow' started playing. after the middle of the song, it begun to slow down and then came to a mute. Then it started back up again, only the song was reversing. I sat up in bed and the music came back to normal. I laid back down and the music began to fade away, and be replaced by a noise i cant even explain. but this sound was followed by a blue lgiht that came out of my phone in the shape of the melody of the sound. I found this to be actually quite amusing. I then closed my eyes thinking I could possibly sleep off the trip, but was corrected wrong. I saw what some would describe as the yellow brick road, followed by red geometric patterns coming down from the road. I opened my eyes to realize i had to urinate.

I than got up to use the bathroom. While urinating, i notice the water swrilling in the tiolet and me urine getting sucked into the center. Needless to say I was pretty amused by this as well. I returned to my room and began texting my friend to see how she was doing and she was having a blast. I was somewhat having a blast, but still felt paranoid. I began watching King of the Hill, and notice that everything was being reversed, and that i could only hear the tv through my phones speakers. Tv shows went but in what seemed like seconds. I began to think about the fact of my mom finding me, and how she would react. My mom knew of my drug use in the past, and wasent to thrilled. I decided to go into her room for at this point I was starting to feel extremley paranoid. I walked into her room and woke her up, telling her how I was on acid. She got out of bed and started asking me if I was alright, and I told her yes. She then made me lay down in her bed while she stood there, shaking her head saying how I was an idiot. At this point I was feeling so relieved and full of happiness. I laughed at her while her face turned purple and green and appeared in four places at once.

I layed there, laughing, for what I was told was almost an hour. This whas at 1 in the morning, meaning I was three hours into the trip. A commericial for Billy Mays came on the tv, and his voice echoed through the room, leaving words on the wall in a faint mist that he would be saying at the time. I began to crack up istantly. My mom decided for us to go downatairs so she could make sure I didnt do anything stupid. We both layed on the couches and turned off the lights. I put my headphones in and played some dubstep and watched the animal planet.

At this point, the trip is AMAZING. I felt so happy and pure. I watched a special on dolphins on animal planet and noticed that the footage of dolphins would morph into computer generated dolhpins. The dolphins would swim, leaving blue rays of tack to come almost out of the tv. The music blaring in my ears seemed to go along with theyre patterns of swimming. I found this to be amazing.

I went into the bathroom to test out something i was curious about. I turned the lights off and held my face up to the mirror. I then put my phones light under my chin, projecting a traditonal 'scary camp fire tale' look. I moved my head around and muttered gibberish. When I stopped, my reflection was still going, then slowly turned upside down and said 'Who am I?' I ran out of the bathroom and yelled at my mom what had just happened, but she was passed out cold.

I then went outside for a cigarette. I then felt instantly amazing. The trees would dance in rythem to my music, and the wind was whispering 'love' into my head. I felt as if nature was connecting with me. I stood outside for about thirty minutes, just standing there, letting nature do what it pleased with me. I then decided it was a little cold and went back inside.

I looked at he clock and say it was 5:50. I was shocked, almost 6 hours had passed and the trip was still going! I returned to the couch but then noticed the trip to start to wear off. I saw little speckles of light flitter here and there, but nothing extrodinary. I passed out around 6:30 or so, only to wake up at 8. I had skipped school and felt as if my spin was melting. I had the feeling of a vibration that was pleasent yet painful in my back. I was still seeing the walls breathe and what not, bu nothing more. My girlfriend cut school early to come over and see me. We went out front for a cig. Sitting there, I blew smoke on the bush, only to get a reply saying 'Dont blow smoke on me, Ive done nothing to you'. I looked at it like I was going insane., but figured it was still the affects wearing off. I then told my girlfriend to not blow smoke on the bush because it harms then. She returned a freaked out look to me, but did it anyway. We finished our cigarettes and returned inside. about an hour later, around 10:30, i finally passed out until 4 in the afternoon, finally back to normal.

Now here comes the sad part. a month later, I see the person I bought the hit off from at school. I confronted him and told him how crazy of a trip it was, and how Id be looking to invest in more. He then informs me that it was axtually a research chemical called DOM, which I knew off. I was sad to hear this, but figured 'it got the job done'.

I still to this day have not expiernced true LSD. but living were I live, its impossible to find. I would love to try some, for since that day i have become a better person. I have know tried Psilocybin, DMT, Datura, Salvia, 2c-b, and 6-apb. I have taken some of these while meditating in the woods, listeneing to ambient music and drinking hot tea and lighting incense, and felt in pure ecstasy. Hopefully someday, I can expierence true LSD, but untill then, Im stuck with research chemicals, which I dont really mind.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90371
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Dec 3, 2012Views: 6,554
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DOM (20) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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