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Go With It
by Crocodile
Citation:   Crocodile. "Go With It: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp9013)". Aug 24, 2001.


One of the worst crises I've witnessed and sitted involved my current girlfriend (we weren't together at the time of the crises). The participants had consumed differing quantities of P.cubensis, the girl took quite a heavy dose (3g on 45kg bodyweight) and was literally overwhelmed by the effects.

Her boyfriend (at the time) tried to talk-her down with the usual 'you are not going crazy, everything is ok, look at me etc.' But given that he was quite nervous about it and considering that his face was melting away whenever she looked at him he didn't have much success with this. Actually the symptoms got worse up to the point where she was speaking in sybillinic verses and bordering on an epileptic-like crises which is when I decided to intervene.

Her boyfriend tried to 'get her back' while I told her to 'go with it - whatever might happen and that this was actually what _had_ to happen'... at first she was very hesitant but then she realized that there was little else she could do and most importantly she felt safe in flowing with it... when her boyfriend was trying to Talk her down she felt compelled to do what he was saying but unable to fight the power of the mushrooms with obviously intensified the distress.

Conclusion of the story: I wouldn't suggest trying to 'talk people down' when they are so far gone that this isn't gonna work anyway...


Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 9013
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 24, 2001Views: 13,755
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