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Thought It Was Acid and Loved It
Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter)
Citation:   Steve. "Thought It Was Acid and Loved It: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter) (exp90066)". Jun 20, 2011.

1 hit   Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
The reason for writing this article is mainly because I am extremely curious about this strange substance i was given especially since it was not until I saw the news article posted below that the conclusion was made that I have come across the exact same blotter. Up until that point I had to believed it to be acid since I am rather inexperienced with acid and this was to be my first experience. I had passed off the fact that it lasted 32 hours to it being 'extremely potent acid'. After reading some of the other experiences it scares me how easily I could have made the decision to take more and overdose given that it takes 6 hours to really kick into full gear. Also given how easily it was passed off as acid. I know many people who would easily start the night off with 4-5 hits and that is also scary.

Although I am new to acid I am no stranger to hallucinogens. I have had some of the best (and in one case worst) experiences of my life with Cubensis mushrooms which I have taken roughly 20-25 times. Also have tried Salvia, Exctacy, MDMA, Cocaine etc.

Also I am diagnosed with adult adhd-p and normally take Dexedrine 40mg daily but did not take it in fears of negative reaction with the 'LSD'.

That being said I loved Bromo Dragon and would have done it many more times until now. It was awesome but I think more research should be done before I partake again because I don't wanna risk finding out that is damagingly unhealthy.

I live in Canada and the other weekend we had a relatively heavy snow storm and some friends D C B and M invited me over for an overnight acid fest. I arrived to Ds and dropped around 9pm everyone else had already dropped about an hour before. We figured the best thing to do would be to watch some triply animation movies to get started. The blotter itself had an extremely strong chemical taste and had left a noticeable burn on my tongue. we played a good few hours of some extremely bright and colourful video games on a big ol HD tv. A new pac man, and then my favourite geometry wars 2 which will leave me with colourful closed eye visuals for hours without the aid of drugs. Everything was extremely social and everyone was excited for the trip. Safe it say it was a good setting. I felt a subtle difference about 20 mins after taking the drug that was noticeable but not prominent and everyone had agreed they felt the same thing (they had done it a few times already).

around 1:30 the initial onset was strong but almost like it had been hiding on me. A very heavy body buzz with warmth euphoria and anticipation. I thought it was weird that we were on such a powerful hallucinogen yet intrigued by stuff that would be classified by most people as either disgusting, scary, gory or of the horror genre. From what I know people don't normally want to watch that stuff on acid. For example I am terrified by spiders yet we watched an episode of human planet that showed a little girl cooking and eating giant tarantulas on a 50 inch tv. Yet we all seemed to find this stuff hilarious. Amidst the entire room pulsating and intense colourful light vibrations we were cracking jokes like it was nothing and laughing uncontrollably. At one point I noticed a sign on the wall that had a person walking but his crotch was canceled out like an anti smoking ad or something, D said it looked like 'no strutting' and we laughed for what seemed like an hour but had to be at least 20 mins straight. To the point where everyone was crying and the skin on the back of my head felt sore but then I continued laughing because that was also funny.

When we calmed down from the giggling fits around 3 ish it was time for an adventure. We went out into the blizzard (as Canadians like ourselves do best) and purposefully got lost in woods we have never been in before. We were fascinated with simple things that would normally seem completely unimportant. I remember thinking that I should be freezing cold given I know the temperature (-17 Celsius) but I was totally unfazed and actually warm. We wandered about 2 km towards a noise that we could not put our finger on. This is when my depth perception really gave way. What looked like it could be a distance I could easily jump down to turned out to actually be a cliff of about 40 feet. Luckily I felt cautious and studied everything with the thought of it being potentially lethal always in the back of my mind. After scaling the cliff (mostly by finding safe places to slide down) we happened across the edge of this eerie rock quarry. In the middle was this massive machine that looked to be in the process of smashing boulders. At this point my depth perception was playing so many tricks on me that I had to ask myself if what I was seeing was real and everyone else seemed to have the same sort of look on their face. We decided that this was too much of a sensory overload and we needed to return to the cave. It was surprisingly easy to find our way back and did not even bother to follow our tracks even though we found them.

We got back around 4ish and that was when the drug had reached its full potency. Strange thing was although it did not feel like it was getting more potent it certainly did not loose this potency for another 26 hours.

My limbs became extremely weak and I had constant flashes of things like spiders covered with mozzarella cheese and my thoughts became 'gooped' together. I started talking in this gibberish language that did not make sense to me but was like a representation of the feeling I was trying to describe to myself. At this point we had started what would turn into a 24 hour movie marathon and when something would trip me out I would constantly be using the language to describe it. I would see something weird and say things in my head like oh its just the spaghetti goop flacka beetle moomps again.

I would close my eyes and see what looked like 2d creatures from avatar in a symmetrical fractal like pattern. What was so fun about it is that I had a ton of control over the movement and color changes of the patterns. At this point it was nearly impossible to read most text. Not because the letters were moving around (what I'm used to) but because it all seemed extremely drawn out. Almost like on mushrooms how light beams get drawn out or I look at a neon sign at night but it was for everything I tried to read? we got hungry so we ate a bunch of jellos that C brought making a mess and eating with our hands.

The movies we chose to watch are strange and would easily freak normal people out but we were fascinated with all of it. examples - The Dark Crystal, 9, Coraline, Cat soup, Dr Strange and some intensely psychotic cartoons. It's hard to describe just how amazing the animations looked and felt but we could just not stop. The movies did not feel long at all almost like a short tv show. D decided to go to bed around 7am and we happily continued on watching the movies with weak tired bodies but energetic heads. Almost like my imagination had gone on super overdrive.

It was around 4pm the next day that I tried to sleep, confused as to how I was still seeing things. I lied down in a bed looking at the light filtering in through the curtain and it was changing colours rapidly and completely non stop almost like a confused chameleon. The gibberish words started to appear on walls and in the curtains and I knew that sleep was not happening. I remember it was hard to pee but when I did it was the same as if I was on exctacy. I remember thinking that I was probably peeing out the rest of the acid and when the toilet flushed i said my goodbyes and gave my thanks to what was an extremely colourful swirl of water.

Well I was wrong, the trip continued… watching movies until we came across and passed the 24 hour period… I had been feeling almost like death was right around the corner the whole night but it did not faze me. With each story we watched there was always an extremely evil force that seemed real almost as a representation. Yet it was easy to accept the fact that an extremely gruesome painful death could be waiting around the corner. The human planet had me feeling very human and very fragile.

I had been rather hungry for a few hours so I ate a full size sub meal around 10pm the next night. The sub was delicious but once again the thought of cheesy spiders was persistent and that's what it felt like I was eating the whole time even though I did not care. Around 11 C dropped me off at the bus terminal and I took a crowded ride across the bridge to my home. I remember thinking I hope nobody notices I smell like a two day long showerless hallucination but all I could think about was my comfy bed. Now although I'm not going into crazy detail I felt no different on the bus and this is a long trip. When I got home I jumped in bed thinking I would sleep but no. I ended up watching the movie Entrapment and finally rest came around 5am. I slept well until 10pm the next night and since then my sleep schedule is permanently backwards.

In conclusion this is not a substance to be played with or happened upon and I think more clinical tests need to be done because this substance may have benefits but is clearly dangerous in the wrong hands. I have a feeling that this one is not going away any time soon and is going to become very popular very fast. I will keep my eye on it because if it turns out to be safe I'm sure I'll be doing it again. I think of psychedelics as spiritual substances…… this one has spiritual qualities but could very well get away with being a party drug.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90066
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jun 20, 2011Views: 15,993
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Bromo-Dragonfly (349) : Multi-Day Experience (13), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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