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One Trip Was Definitely Enough
LSD & Energy Products
by Shay
Citation:   Shay. "One Trip Was Definitely Enough: An Experience with LSD & Energy Products (exp89917)". May 28, 2013.

T+ 0:00
3 tablets oral Products - Other (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:20 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


My personal quest has been to try every drug, but just once, out of curiosity. Although I haven't strictly stuck to my one-time-only plan, acid is a different story.

One night my friend J and I were planning to go to a club after meeting my other friend, S, at her work. My friend J and I were supposed to show up at S's work when she got off at 9. We ended up getting there a little too early, so we ran to Exxon to pick up a snack. While in the line at Exxon J saw some energy pills that we, at this point, have taken about 3 times before. They were Stacker 3's, pretty powerful diet/energy pills. We also bought a pill called 'All Night Long', which was a sex aid. It promised to give energy, slight euphoria, and greater nerve sensation. We have never done this before, but we figured it would be fun for the club. We decided to take two of the Stacker 3's, and one 'All Night Long' each. So we took ours on our way back to my friends work, and saved S's in my pocket.

We waited outside for my friend for like 15 minutes. We began to feel the effects of the pills we ingested, and could not sit still for one second. We were running around the parking lot like little kids, and talked non-stop. Soon we felt the enhanced nerve sensation, and touched a million different materials (like the sidewalk, a leaf, our skin) thinking that each felt so cool. I was pumped to leave to the club, because I really wanted to dance, and I probably could for hours.

Soon enough, S came out, with a smirk on her face. I knew something was up, and asked her what was going on. That's when she asked us, totally unexpectedly if we wanted to do acid that night. Although I was not at all planning on it, I figured why not? After all, it would knock one drug off my 'to do' list. And I knew that if I was up for it, my friend J would follow (she too, shared my theory in trying everything once). J and I asked S if it was a good idea to do it that because of the pills we had taken. S had never done acid before either, but assured us it would be fine. She told us that the man at her work only wanted 5 dollars for each tab. So we gave her 5 dollars each, and she went back inside to get the tabs.

When she came back out, I told her that I didn't think it was a good idea for us to drive if we were going to do this. But she already had everything worked out, and told us that her friend Jimmy was waiting for us at his house. Jimmy was going to the club anyways, plus, he had done acid a few times before, and agreed to be our babysitter.

When we arrived at Jimmy's, we all jumped into his car, and began to drive to the club. The club was about 30 minutes away, so we decided to take the acid immediately, so it would hit us before we got to the club. I ripped off a little square of the plain white tab strip. Although I accidentally ripped off a piece of another square, I figured it wasn't a big deal, and began to chew it. I chewed it forever until it got too small, and I had to swallow it. We figured the acid would hit us on the way to the club, but it didn't. S was kind of mad, and didn't think the acid was any good, so she took the same amount of energy pills that J and I took earlier. So we all walked in, S, J, and I were still feeling the energy pills pretty strong, but no signs of the acid's effects.

We were all pretty disappointed that the acid wasn't working, but didn't want it to ruin our night, so we just put it out of our minds, and enjoyed the club. We were dancing away, when suddenly they started up a bubble machine, which sent bubbles all over the dance floor. I realized that I was quite mesmerized with the bubbles, as they flew through the air, I couldn't stop staring at them. I soon noticed J staring at the bubbles too. I laughed and asked her if she felt anything from the acid. She said no, she just still felt weird from the pills. I agreed, and we all decided to take a break from dancing for little bit. So we all stood off to the side, but still with in reach of the bubbles. I felt like I couldn't stop staring at the bubbles and the lights, so I just did. I was staring for a while, then I looked over a J, to see what she was doing. And that's when the first one of us was hit for sure.

t+1:10, 11:30

J was standing there, eyes wide, crying. She was just staring at the bubbles, with tears rolling down her cheeks. I didn't know what happened to her, and I immediately asked her what was wrong. She replied with a simple, 'I don't know, nothing really.' I pleaded with her to tell me so I could help her out, but she did not (and could not) explain herself at all. I was worried and kind of mad at her for acting in such a strange way. At this point, I didn't understand how someone could just start crying out of nowhere, in front of everyone, and could not explain themselves. We all backed pretty far away from the dance floor, and tried to comfort J.

t+1:15, 11:35

I continued to feel a bit odd, but I just attributed it to the pills. But soon I realized that I was feeling something other than the pills. When I looked down, the ground was slanting downward and away from me, and it kept getting further and further away, making me feel as if I would fall. Then I began to feel a bit uncomfortable with so many people around, I told my friends that I thought I was starting to feel the acid, and asked them if they thought it was a good idea to leave. J thought my idea was wonderful, because she too felt weird around so many people. Although S didn't feel anything yet, she agreed, and Jimmy agreed to take us back to S's house, where we were staying.

T+1:20, 11:40

As we were leaving the club I held on to J closely. Her trip had begun to start at least 15 minutes ago, and she seemed pretty confused. As we walked out of the club I began to feel the effects more and more with every step I took, as if I was walking out of the club and into the acid trip. I didn't want to look at any people I didn't know in the face. The ground continued to slant downward, and my legs seemed like they just kept getting longer, or maybe I was taking longer strides? I felt like it was a huge mission to get to the car. And once we got in, I was extremely relieved.

T+1:25, 11:45

We began to drive home and J sat in the back seat with me. Her eyes were practically bugging out of her head, and I asked her what she was feeling, so I would know what to expect in the next few minutes. She told me that her body was tingling so intensely that she couldn't even move, then she was trying to tell me what was going on in her mind, but she couldn't explain herself, because the acid was hitting her so powerfully. I asked if she was okay a few times, and she gave me a sincere smile, so that I knew she was even though she couldn't talk.

T+1:28, 11:48

I began to feel motion sickness, and felt like I was going to throw up. I told J, and she tried to calm me down, saying it was just the drug, and I wasn't really nauseous. It didn't help, I asked for a bag to keep by me just in case I needed to throw up.

T+ 1:35, 11:55

We were caught up in traffic because of something that was going on up ahead. I was planning to wait until I got to S's to throw up but I could not stand it any longer, and stuck my finger to the back of my throat and threw up a few times. But I didn't feel any better, especially because we realized that the traffic up ahead was a shit load of cop cars blocking up the road. Then Jimmy and S started to freak out. They thought there was a DWI check up ahead. S wasn't tripping yet, so she and Jimmy were trying to think of a plan for when the cops were going to talk to us. They would obviously know something was wrong with the two of us in the back, one tripping balls, and the other throwing up. They agreed that we just need to act normal, and if the cops knew something was up, to just explain that we had been drinking a little, and were on our way home.

T+ 1:40, 12:00

We realized that we would be stuck in traffic for a while. And what should have been a 15 minute ride would be like 45 minutes. I began to feel a better because the car hadn't moved in about 10 minutes. So I started to talk to J in the back. We were basically talking about what we were feeling, although I just started to trip and only felt the body tingle, she was pretty much full blown tripping. That's when she motioned that she might call her boyfriend to come and pick her up later.

T+1:50, 12:10

For some reason I felt that if I was about to cry. And I just began to burst into tears. I didn't know why, but accredited to the fact that I didn't want J to leave. I began to think that if she left, the appropriate thing to do would be to kill myself. The meaning of life completely vanished for me (obviously I was in some kind of sixth circuit warp), and I imagined the ways I could kill myself most painlessly. I started to describe them to her, but she then immediately explained to me that she would not leave me until I gave her the okay. I began to feel better after she said that, but when I stopped crying I realized I was now completely tripping (probably on the same level as J). I began to feel my body tingling, but it wasn't tingling all over. My body was tingling in stripes(my feet, the middle of my calves, my upper thighs, my mid stomach, and my upper chest) horizontally across my body. The tingling was so intense, not like a normal weed smoking tingle; this tingle was actually squeezing my body and pushing it back into the seat so hard, I felt like I could hardly breathe. This scared me a little, but J said the same thing had been happening to her, but it had eased up after a while. This relieved me, and slowly but surely, the tingling eased up as the minutes passed by.

T+ 2:00, 12:20

We were about 20 feet away from the cops and I had no worries, I was completely in my own world. I was in what some called a mind fuck, where there was no point to try to find an end or point to what I was thinking through drawing rational conclusions or imagining an answer visually. Instead of freaking out about this I just let my mind flow. I heard S and Jimmy freaking out about the DWI check, but I didn't think it was a big deal at all. At this point, S's trip definitely started, for she began to bawl like the rest of us had when our trips started. She just began to cry and cry, talking about how the DWI check was coming, and she didn't know what to do. Really, at the time, I couldn't even comprehend what a DWI check was, or its consequences. I just sat there, and tried to calm myself as I felt the trip overtake me.

T+ 2:05, 12:25

S noticed that it wasn't a DWI check at all, there was a car accident. They were extremely relieved, but I was extremely bothered, at first. I refused to look over by the accident, afraid to see anything that might disturb me, as I was trying to ease into the intenseness of the trip. I closed my eyes as we passed the accident site, and S said that there was a dead man on the ground. This would normally freak me out, but instead I was completely unaffected. I felt that it was only normal that the man had died, and since it did not affect my life at all, why should I worry. After all, millions of people die everyday.

T+2:10, 12:30

J talked to her boyfriend on the phone. She tells him about the intenseness of the trip, and that she was starting to get scared, and wished he was there. He was pretty upset that she even took the acid, and decided he would come and get her. I was too far into my trip to worry about other people. I didn't know why she was really leaving, and again I felt no emotion, and I didn't particularly care that J would leave anymore.

T+ 2:20, 1:00

We met J's boyfriend at a local diner, so that he could pick up J, and bring her home. When J's boyfriend got there, J practically ran out of the car, and got into her boyfriends. I realized that I didn't even get to say goodbye, so I jumped out of the car, planning to go over and say goodbye. This was the first time I had walked since leaving the club about 1.5 hours ago. I was completely wobbling, and had almost no control of my legs, but I somehow managed to walk the 10 feet over to the car. Suddenly I forgot what I went over there for and asked J what she was doing. She told me that she was going to go home, but that I'll talk to her tomorrow. I thought it was fine, and told her to be careful. Then I started walking back to Jimmy's car, putting my full concentration into walking. I didn't even look around, because if I looked at something and didn't think about walking, I wouldn't have made it. Finally I was almost back at the car when I realized S was standing outside of the car screaming at J's boyfriend. She was screaming that he is a jerk for leaving with J, and not even coming to talk to us. She was calling him every name she could think of, and was threatening to kick his ass. Although I couldn't laugh (I think I forgot how) I was cracking up inside. I could hardly get back into the car because I was 'laughing' so hard. I thought it was hilarious that S was yelling at J's boyfriend for no real reason, or at least a reason I couldn't understand at the time.

T+2:40, 1:20

Finally we were on our way back to S's house, or so I thought. We drove for about 10 minutes, which I have no recollection of, and ended up at S's friends house.

T+ 2:50, 1:30

I asked where we were, and S began to tell me that they are making a stop because she wanted 'water and bread...oh, and some straws to chew on.' So we all got out of the car. Jimmy was walking around, and S was talking to her friends by the car, but I could hardly move. I just stood by the car, holding onto the door for balance. I am usually very friendly and would talk with S and her friends, but I had no desire to. Instead I just stood there trying to understand where the hell I was. I knew I was somewhere in my friends' town, I knew I was by a car, and that's about all I knew. I couldn't tell where the side walk, lawns, or houses were, everything was just a mess. So I stood there and tried to figure everything out, and get things into perspective by taking it slow, and focusing on one thing at a time. First I noticed a tree, because I was right by one. I looked a little past that tree, and noticed another. I looked down a little further, and noticed the trees just seem to go on forever. I didn't realize that the trees were probably just landscaped like this, and began to freak out. I looked where I thought across the street would be, and the same thing was over on the other side - another line of trees.

T+3:00, 1:40

S came over to me to see if I was alright. I tell her that I am, although I still didn't know where I was (except that I was near a car, and a tall tree, which continued into a row of trees). She offers me a straw to chew on. When I decline the straw, she begins to tell me how much I'm missing out, and how wonderful straws are. I listened as closely as I could because I found her theories on straws quite amusing. But I still had no desire to chew on one, mainly because I began to think she was addicted to chewing on straws, and if I started, I would be chewing on them the whole night.

T+3:10, 1:50

S and Jimmy say they're goodbyes to S's friends, and we all get back into the car. We make our way to S's house. I think I was tripping so hard at this point that my mind just shut off (k-hole??). All I could think about was that I wasn't in this world. The next thing that I remember was I was looking down at my body from somewhere else (eighth circuit). I was thinking 'What is this, what are all these things around this thing?' A thought popped into my head, it said, this body is you. I was very confused. I think I was trying to refuse the seventh circuit causing myself to 'bug out'. It was as if I had never seen my body before and I didn't even know I had a body. I knew that I existed, but I thought, what is that silly chunk of meat there. That couldn't be me, how could I possibly be that, that thought of me being that chunk of meat was stupid to me. So, I tried to think of who I really was, my name popped into my head, it sounded really weird, but I knew it was my name. So finally I convinced myself that the body is in fact a body, and it is in fact my body.

T+3:35, 2:15

We arrive at S's house. I open the door, and proceed to step out of the car, only this time I really couldn't walk. I was tripping so hard I didn't even know how to walk. Jimmy noticed this quickly, and ran over to me. He put my arm around his shoulder and began to help me walk, but it was no use, my body would not work with me. Jimmy ended up carrying me to the front door, and helped me walk (partially carrying me) into S's guest bedroom. All of a sudden I had the urge to throw up yet again. So S brought me a plastic bag. I was mad because I felt nauseous, and spent 5 minutes dry heaving. S told me to stop because I was just bugging myself out and probably didn't have to throw up at all. I knew it was true, but the nauseous feeling wouldn't go away, so I didn't stop trying. S left the room and came back with some water (at some point about here Jimmy left). She told me to relax and drink it. I refused but she told me that the water will stop my nausea. I have a lot of trust in S, a best friend of mine, and immediately believed her. So I began to sip on the water, although it tasted really weird to me. This water seemed to be flavored, but I didn't remember water having a flavor, and I had no idea what the flavor was flavored like. So I just tried not to think about it and sipped on the water. It was the next day when S told me it wasn't water she had given me it was milk. Jimmy said milk would be better to coat my stomach, but S knew I wouldn't drink it if I knew what it really was.

T+3:55, 2:30

Okay, brace yourself this is the yucky part. I grabbed the plastic bag, and this time I knew I was going to throw up. It all just began to come out. At that point I couldn't even tell you how much water exited my system, not only because I filled up a large portion of the bag, throwing up, but I also peed uncontrollably, right there on the couch. And I dry heaved until S told me that if I didn't stop she would be forced to wake up her father, and bring me to the hospital. I immediately snapped out of the mind set I was in, and told S I would be okay. I would normally be disgusted with what just happened, but for the first time in my trip I felt great. I no longer felt the nausea that was taking me over for the last 3 or so hours. S helped me change my clothes, and cleaned up the mess (she was obviously handling the trip way better than I was).

T+4:20, 3:00-4:00

Although I didn't feel sick anymore, the trip was still really intense, so I decided to lay down, and try to rest. S brought me over a sheet, and told me she wasn't ready to sleep so she would be in the living room watching TV. As soon as she left the room I began to get intense visuals. First of all, the room that I had been in thousands of times, was no longer recognizable to me. I could not figure out how big the room was for the life of me. I kept looking around, but the walls would keep moving backwards, or be suddenly extremely close. Sometimes I thought I was in the room the size of a basketball court, other times, I felt I was practically in the closet. So I decided to stop trying to figure it out, because it was impossible. So I just stared straight up at the ceiling, and figured that I needed to go to sleep. But the trip wouldn't let me; it was keeping my mind extremely active. I started wishing that the trip would end, and began to think that it never would. After all, I had never done something that lasted for so many hours, so intensely. I figured if it hadn't even begun to mellow out by now, I would never stop tripping. While I was thinking about this I began to see small orange faces coming out of the corner of the room. The faces were waxy looking with really big noses. They kept coming at me one by one. I wasn't scared of the faces, I just got kind of annoyed because they wouldn't stop coming at me. So I tried to think about other things, and they eventually went away. Then I remember looking at the fan, and thinking about how it felt (emotionally). And that's about the last thing I could remember before I fell asleep.


About 7 hours after I initially took the acid, I woke up, and realized S was in the room. I asked her if she was awake, and she said yea. Then finally, I realized that the trip had mellowed out, slightly. S and I just sat there and talked about countless things for about an hour. I would explain what we talked about except the concepts would run this post onto an extra 10 pages.


We were relieved that the trip had mellowed out, and figured that we would be fine in the morning. At this point I went to the bathroom to pee. But I made the mistake of looking in the mirror. I only looked for a second, because it looked like my eyes were bugging out of my head, and I got really freaked out. I returned to the room, and proceeded to sleep until the next afternoon.

I can't even think of a word for how I felt the day after. My brain felt completely fried. I could do some simple tasks, but my body felt extremely relaxed and it was hard to do anything that required even minimal effort. Lucky for me, I had work that day with some other girls in high school that I was friends with, and my manager had already left for the day. When I explained to them how I felt, they pretty much did all the work and let me sit behind the desk, as I tried to explain to them my adventure from the previous night (having extreme difficulty because I kept forgetting what I was saying, and could hardly form sentences).

Although half the trip my brain and body were not properly functioning, I still remember almost every aspect of the trip. I guess the memories part of my brain stayed on the whole time, which I am extremely grateful for. This experience taught me a lot, and was an awesome new feeling that I think everyone should experience at least once. The intensity of the trip completely kicked my ass, and I was extremely thankful that I chose to do it with close friends. For me, this one trip was definitely enough; I appreciate acid, but would never touch it again.


'There's a button somewhere inside each and every one of us that gives you a look into the other side. And thats the button that resets the compass that tells you where you want to sail.'

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89917
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: May 28, 2013Views: 3,949
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