Striking the Vein; Morphine Sulphate Oral Solution
Citation:   Casca. "Striking the Vein; Morphine Sulphate Oral Solution: An Experience with Morphine (exp89777)". Feb 2, 2014.

  repeated IV Morphine (liquid)
I have read very little first-hand accounts of IV use of oral preparations of Morphine Sulfate. Partially, I think it is due to the scarcity of 30mL vials of Oral Morphine. I figured I would write my experience to add to the knowledge of others.

Personal Info: 32 year old white male, 6ft, 155lbs. college educated and( doubt anyone will believe this but,) I am also a R. N.

Drug Use History: Semi-daily pot use, some cocaine in the past, 2 year opiate addiction, 6 months of heroin, brief stint as a meth cook, mescaline, amphetamines, Ritalin, LSD, LSA, MDMA, PMA, Shrooms, Ketamine (injected), most opiate/opioid pharmaceuticals and pretty much everything else that can be used recreationally, with the exception of PCP. Just haven't ever found any.

If you do not have experience with IV use, please stick to oral administration. The lower your body’s tolerance, the smaller of a droplet it will take for you to OD. This is one of the most powerful formulations marketed and is nothing to be played with. Addicts only as it were.

Guess I wrote all that out to show that I was fairly experienced with both substances and administration methods. I managed to acquire an unopened 30mL vial of Morphine Sulphate Oral Solution produced by Roxaine Laboratories. It was the max dosage of 20mg/mL. (Imagine my elation, lulz) [Please note that I do not work anywhere around controlled substances at my job, and have never acquired anything there. That stuff is meticulously counted and to touch it would be career suicide. No to mention, it’s a sick person’s medicine. I got my issues but it ain't going down like that.] I have seen two primary forms of an oral morphine solution, the brand-name “Roxanol“, which tends to have flavors and sugars, etc added, and the generic which is made by Roxaine Laboratories. The defining difference between the two is what is in the solution. The generic explicitly states ' No sugars, NO Alcohol, No additives. If your bottle does not say this, find a new route. Injecting the sugars and additives can cause MAJOR problems, as in fatal. Not to say the other is safe, but that's the only one I chose to consume and can report usage with. Also the Roxanol tends to come in white plastic bottles while the Roxaine Labs generic comes in a dark brown glass bottle. My only experience, to be clear, is with the generic, no sugar, no additives, 20mg/mL solution and I have by no means seen every preparation of liquid morphine. Do your research, kiddo’s.

Did not keep a timeframe but use was over about a month and a half. This is more a retrospective over the how the drug and chosen route affected me, not my thoughts, insights, etc. Only concurrent drug use was 2-3 times weekly going to a friends to smoke pot.
After a little homework and dosage recalculations I came up with what I thought to be a safety dose, 0.5mL. Using an insulin needle I drew my dose, picked a vein and stuck. This had been a factory sealed bottle and I had a new needle, so no worries. Bloomed on the first try, remember that. Prior to this I had been taking roughly 20-30mg hydrocodone for the last two weeks and smoked kind bud roughly every other day, but had stopped all but the bud for this. It was not nearly the rush of good dope, but it was there. Waited approximately 6 hours, making sure I was at (my) baseline before re-dosing. Drew up 0.6mL, missed this time. This shit BURNS if you miss, no pocketing, evar. Definitely a very mild rush, then functional relaxed state for about two hours. A slow come down for another two. I thought I had struck gold. I proceed to shoot between 0.5 and 1.0mL anytime I did not have to go anywhere, at least once daily minimum. Never did more than 2.0mL at one time, and split that evenly between both arms. Overall it was the best morphine I have had to date regardless of route administered. The high was better IV than other routes I have used at similar dosages, but only because of that tiny little rush. That would stop about the third injection in 24 hours. Never pushed it past that. The solution I had tasted very bitter, like what a used dope-spoon would taste like. Roxanol on the other hand, has a distinct red color and cherry taste. I would not recommend injecting that under any circumstances. Seriously, you could have a Pulmonary embolism and die. It's not the drug, it's what they added to it.

Side Effects: For the first week only noticed mild bruising at injection sites, and a touch of constipation. Only towards the end of the bottle did I notice something. Even if I managed to get every drop into the vein, it seems it still has a deadening effect on close nerve structures. I woke up with about 2 doses left and realized I could not feel or move my left arm below the elbow. I have no concrete evidence, but I believe it was due to the nature of the solution and the volume of it requiring injecting; was about as much fluid in as I am comfortable putting in me. Had the house Doc at work check it out and he though it was just temporary.(Told them I thought I was getting Carpal Tunnel) It was temporary, shew…, and as it's been two weeks and my arm is pretty much back to normal safe to say no lasting harm. Something like that could easily progress into permanent damage though. Nothing else I really noticed besides the traditional opiate related side effects, and I haven't used a needle since. (I saw Requiem). This is one that I would say is better taken sublingually at a measured dose. You get pretty much all the bang you are going to get that way and it's the safest(sic) way. The risks of shooting a solution not balanced for the bloodstream is not worth it in this case. Did I mention that if you miss at all, it BURNS, for hours.

Sorry if this seems to ramble but trying just trying to piece in the pertinent details for anyone unlucky/lucky enough to acquire something like this. If you are not opiate tolerant (1st how did you get this stuff?), be sure to start small as morphine has a tendency to sedate and repress breathing. Starting dose should be no bigger than 1mg oral and 0.5mg IV. Hope this info is useful to someone, even with a known drug; a new formulation and route mean you should start over at a safe dose. It hasn't happened to me, but I've seen what a shot of Narcan does, and you don't want that. Be safe, be free, and be generous.


Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89777
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Feb 2, 2014Views: 46,790
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