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by Writer
Citation:   Writer. "Satisfied: An Experience with 5-HTP (exp89648)". Aug 24, 2011.

50 mg insufflated Tryptophan - 5-HTP (ground / crushed)

So my previous mood was aggravated and sorta pissed off. Having just a groggy not-good day in general. None of my friends are down to hang out at the time so I知 bored as hell and I stopped smoking weed because of some issues at home and I知 being drug tested so I cant smoke.

So anyway, today I realized I had 1 pill of 5-HTP left, 100mg. Ive realized that with most other drugs, the effects hit faster and more all at once if its insufflated so I figured id try it with 5HTP.

0:00 I dumped out the pill and split it into 2 piles and then one pile into two. Snuffed the first small line. Really wasnt bad at all to snort. Kinda weird, but no pain but it tickled the back of my throat and I coughed once and some powder came out, which I think was a bit of the 5HTP

0:05 Hm.. Mood a bit lightened but idk. Next line! I snuffed the next small line and waited

0:10 in a rather good mood sorta like it just pulled me out of the rut a bit but deffinately not euphoric, which wasnt expected. I decided this was enough and wiped up the remaining 5HTP

0:15 definitely not so grumpy as I was before

0:20 left for my friends house woot! But I知 walking.. Oh well!

0:25 I知 rather content with everything. In a pretty jolly, overall good mood. I知 surprised! I feel pretty social at the moment

0:40 this feeling persists and I知 watching the show weeds with my 2 guy friends and my friends girlfriend in the dark

0:50 starting to feel a bit drowsy but still content! Maybe the drowsiness is because of the dark

1:10 fuck most of my friends have to do stuff soon. Still, I dont seem to be upset with this and my friend drives me home. I知 awaken at the view of sunlight

1:10 decide to relax and play video games which is what I was doing before I left the house, which I was really bored with. But yet again, I知 content with playing video games for a while!

A few hours later I reverted back to my bored state. But over all I would definitely say this was quite an effective mood lift and should definitely get you going

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89648
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 24, 2011Views: 2,627
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Tryptophan - 5-HTP (196) : General (1), Alone (16)

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