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Morning After
by Saba Khan
Citation:   Saba Khan. "Morning After: An Experience with MDMA (exp89637)". Sep 3, 2011.

1 capsl oral MDMA


This account is my observation of my sister on MDMA. I was unable to take the MDMA because I am on SSRI's, so I got a pretty sober description.

Effects did not kick in until about 2.5 hours, we now regret our timing with when she took the pill.

While on MDMA, subject was speaking in drawn out questions and also cared about MY experience:'Is everything OKaaaaaay? Where are you goinnnnnggg?' --and this was in response to me getting up to use the bathroom. Maybe this suggests some anxiety on her part, but I couldn't help but think I had some fault in this because I didn't know how to react to someone rolling and if I should laugh or actually help her understand. Now I wish I did the latter.

I tried to offer support like giving her a massage, thinking positive thoughts, helping her in decision making, because that seemed to be very difficult for her, but she was easily convinced once I suggested something more authoritatively. (Come on, just try to eat this.)

Did not sleep very well, maybe 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep. Now is trying to sleep again with a pounding headache, feelings of needing to throw up. Adersion to loud sounds, photophobia, and is being negative 'I had to study today, I feel horrible'.

Gave her ibuprofen, vitamin C, and Geritol (Multivitamin), and black salt pill called Hajmola (she likes taking those they are for digestion and it is the only thing she feels like eating)

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89637
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Sep 3, 2011Views: 5,746
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