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Quite Visual with a Significant Moodlift
2C-B, Ketamine & Hash
by Azgaza
Citation:   Azgaza. "Quite Visual with a Significant Moodlift: An Experience with 2C-B, Ketamine & Hash (exp89492)". Feb 5, 2011.

16 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
    repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  


I'm a 20 year old female and this is the report of my first 2C-B experience. At the time of this trip I was already rather experienced with (trypamine) psychedelics and dissociatives. I have somewhat extensive experience with LSD (44 trips), psilocybin mushrooms (14 trips), ketamine (over 100 experiences) and nitrous oxide (not even going to try counting that). I've also been smoking hash and weed daily for about 6 years, hash was also smoked during this trip but since being high for me is roughly the same as being sober I don't think it significantly influences the experience. I feel mentioning this is relevant because I will note the mental effects of 2C-B to be 'completely non existant' later in the report, and that just goes for me, it might be very different for someone taking their first psychedelic.

I was at an illegal psy trance party in a squatted building with quite a few friends there, I arrived with two friends who I'll name Hat and Joe. Quite a few more friends arrived later, they are not very relevant to the report itself. My friend Hat had brought some recently acquired 2C-B to the party and I was considering taking it for the first time at this event. The 2C-B was in pill form and had been lab tested (that is possible in my country) and was confirmed to be 2C-B, each pill containing 16 mg.
I had never before done a psychedelic phenethylamine but had been curious to them for years, because of the structural differences but similar effects to tryptamines and reading could only explain me so much, I wanted to experience the difference and 2C-B seemed a safe and comfortable choice. The pills being 16 mg in dosage each seemed just about right too. For most of the night I had been doubting about wanting to do the 2C-B or not, but finally decided to go ahead and I definatly don’t regret that.

I also took quite a lot of ketamine before and during the experience, which I also included in the report. All ketamine was by the way taken nasally in the form of lines of pure ketamine hcl, I had both racemic and S-enantiomer ketamine with me that evening and consumed both, it is mentioned when I did which. I did not weigh my ketamine, but I can say average amount consumed each time would be two lines of about 1.5 - 3 cm length and 2 mm width, I have some tolerance but its not high by any means, a gram lasts me up to months. Synergy between 2C-B and ketamine was as lovely as I hoped it to be by the way.

Quick, non descriptive time line of ingestion and basic effects, times are guessed / rounded off but rather accurate:
0.00 to +4.00 – Repeated ketamine, roughtly every half hour to an hour
+4.00 – Took the 2C-B
+4.15 – Come up started, moodlift, more energy
+4.30 – Visual distortings starting, noticable speedy feeling, happy
+5.00 – Visuals very obvious now, strong OEV and CEV patterning, very neon, still speedy, very happy, talkative too
+5.15 – Start of peak / plateau effects, walking around a bit, very noticable moodlift
+5.30 – Took ketamine again
+5.45 – Strong visual effects, wonderful synergy between the two substances
+6.00 – Walking around, mild confusion, visual effect comes in waves
+7.00 – First hints of a come down, time between waves of visuals become longer
+8.00 – Visuals have gone down noticably, waves of visuals are now less intense, moodlift still going strong
+9.00 – Definate comedown, very mild visual distortions remaining, moodlift still noticable
+10.00 – Effects are all gone, except for a lingering moodlift which lasted until I fell asleep around +11.30

I believe the come up was fast because I hadn’t eaten food for about 8 hours around that time and I have a fast metabolism. There were no physical side effects (no nausea, no coughing, no blood circulation issues of any kind) and no after effects other then ‘being tired because I slept really late’ and some mild visual distortion the next day, I also get that from LSD. It only lasted for a day, just like with LSD.

The ketamine, pre-experience:
We started off the party by doing some ketamine around midnight, partially because we felt like doing ketamine but also because it was very cold in the building as it was freezing -6 C outside and the building wasn't well isolated at all and a dissociated body can tolerate cold a lot better. We took some S-enantiomer ketamine and the effects came up strongly within about 10 minutes. For Joe it was his first time ketamine so he kept asking us whether we already felt it, and what we felt, and I certainly did. For me, it did what it always does, my body feels sedated and slightly buzzing although not nearly as buzzing as with nitrous oxide, I love the physical dissociation, ketamine feels great on my body. As usual it was like I was pushed back a bit out of reality, making everything feel distant and even slightly unreal, typical dissociation. Everything seemed to be in a different angle, including myself. Also a certain unique visual distortion was noted, some grain and especially in the dark things seem to pull / slide in certain directions while never actually truly leaving their place. I often also physically feel this pulling and sliding too, especially if dosage increases, eventually if the dosage is high enough I will slide out of reality entirely, but this time the dose wasn’t high enough for that so I would just feel like I floated around a bit, feeling unattached from my body the world and even certain parts of the mind.

After a while we had all properly come up on our first dose, and seeing how ketamine doesn’t last very long we ended up taking more after about half an hour. During this first dose our friends R, T and L had come in and they stood around us, as we, dissociated and sedated did not feel like giving up our comfortable sofa to them. At some point I had reason to walk around though (such as a full bladder) and to my liking, R, L and T also felt like walking so while Hat and Joe kept the sofa free for my return we went on a walk across the building. Walking was, as usual, both weird and entertaining. I barely felt my limbs as I moved them, yet getting them to actually move seemed harder. All my limbs felt a bit like.. mittens, very unrefined, numb and blunt and my balance was quite off, due to the world appearing to have turned sideways around 30-45 degrees (it does while sitting down too on a medium dose of S or racemic ketamine), trying to compensate that would lead to nearly falling over and after falling on the ground on ketamine a few months earlier I learned to avoid that. While walking it quickly became apparant how crowded the party was, this gave me the temporary decision to not do the 2C-B at this party and just stick to ketamine for the night, keeping in mind how standing in a very crowded area on LSD feels.

We soon came back to the sofa and I was able to take my previous place, we then did more ketamine and L and T joined us in doing so. We kept making the dosage slightly higher and higher by taking more lines of ketamine well before the previous ones had worn off which led to that starting around 2.30 am I had noticable open eye visual distortions from the ketamine, not just the sliding, 30-45 degrees sideways slightly blurry vision with lowered framemrate I already had before but noticable colour distortion as well, with random dots/lines appearing in mostly blue and green (it reminds of nitrous oxide ‘visuals’, only instead of buzzing its more sliding). I would feel myself sliding more and I felt rather removed from reality as I knew it.
Conversation was still possible and easy, although walking at this point may have been impossible. I wasn’t really intending on walking though, I enjoyed the dissociated body feeling and mindset, it makes me feel relaxed in such a wonderful and unique way. During conversation I would stare at a random space without really focusing or looking at any thing with my head in a somewhat unusual angle, it felt comfortable and I was feeling very calm and peaceful on the ketamine. I couldn’t focus even if I wanted to and the normal easy process of rolling a joint was actually difficult with such a severe case of mitten hands.

Luckily with such numbed skin and lowered overall sensory input we were barely aware of the cold anymore and just generally having a good time filled with conversation while just enjoying the effects. Dissociated conversation is quite fun by the way, concepts are often very odd and dissociated leading to odd concepts like what failing matter would look like, or asking people to describe the process of imagining; the only obstruction is the lack of short term memory causing everyone asking ‘what were we talking about?’ way more often than is practical.

The 2C-B:
It was around 4 am now, I had just taken quite a lot of racemic ketamine and some extra S-ketamine, I added the racemic because it gives more thought-related effects and just more ‘confusion’, and I had to decide fast whether I wanted to try the 2C-B that night or not. I was told it would last around 6 hours, which was about right with the remaining duration of the party. The reason I doubted was because I had never done a phenethylamine psychedelic before. On the other hand, I had been wanting to try it for years now. Hat convinced me it would have no unpleasant side effects and that crowds were as annoying on 2C-B as they were sober. I had a somewhat hard time fully trusting that, but it started sounding like a better idea with everything Hat said and I did feel like having about 6 hours of visuals and I was very curious. I asked then who would be doing it with us as I knew that R and Joe weren’t going to try it. Hat himself would do it and L was interested in trying it. That, for some reason, finally convinced me to do it and I accepted th pill and downed it with some water. Luckily I did not taste the pill at all (it probably had a taste, I wasn’t interested in finding out).

The first ten minutes after taking the 2C-B was mostly the extra dose of (racemic) ketamine having taken effect. The visual distortions of the ketamine had come to a max, making all dimensions seem very out of balance with a lot of distortion in the form of sliding and by this dose even buzzing like nitrous. My vision had lost most of its colour appearing a bit grey, but then the sliding bits, which were everywhere in all random directions would have blue and green lines in them. Even sound was buzzing like on nitrous and my vision even a bit, closing my eyes would give some abstract and odd CEVs and as soon as I would close my eyes I’d forget which was up, down, right, left or what those concepts even were.

I wasn’t nearly as sedated as I should’ve been in this state though, normally I can’t move much with those effects but I was sitting upright while tapping my foot and talking quite a lot, I believe due to an adrenaline rush caused by the desicion to try taking 2C-B after I had really already decided I’d try it some other time. After about 15 minutes what I believe to be the first hints of the 2C-B became apparant. I noticed a starting mood lift, making me feel warm inside and happy, I also noticed I had become much more speedy then I should’ve been on still such a high dose of ketamine (I was still very numb and dissociated), after the feeling of adrenaline wore off I was still feeling rather energeric. It was now roughly half an hour after taking the 2C-B and I noticed a real come up starting. The ketamine was beginning to wear off and my vision turned straight again instead. Things stopped ‘sliding’ in random directions but the colourful distorting was still there and was actually gaining colours. It started to look a lot like HPPD now, like the visual distortions I will see for about a month after taking 3 high doses of LSD in one week. This HPPD-like visual distortion kept building up while I started feeling significantly less numb or dissociated and more normal as well due to the ketamine wearing off.

I noticed absolutely no physical discomfort or any mental effects at all during this come up, in fact I felt normal overall, but these random colourful dots were now starting to form rather basic patterns that consisted of lines of neon colours and I felt an unusual feeling building in the back of my head, reminding of how LSD feels in the back of the head, but without that buzzing sensation in every cell of the body so really just the head feeling. I believe this effect has to do with both substances being rather speedy in nature.

I was surprised how I experienced the come up basically just in the terms of visual. There was no confusion or discomfort at all, no feeling weird of any kind, my body felt good and my mind felt wonderful. The only mental effect that I noticed, which is really more of an emotional effect, was a strong definite moodlift and I actually became more talkative then I would usually be giving it a bit of a speedy nature too, there was no restlessness though, I actually felt like relaxing (although the afterglow of ketamine contributed to that I assume). I was describing the visual effects almost constantly to the people around me. By now, about an hour after taking the 2C-B, they had pretty much settled and there was clear open and closed eye patterning. The patterns were in the same neon colours as LSD patterns come in, but they weren’t nearly as detailed and not really fractal like either, just random shapes of lines, often hexagon like shapes connecting and forming a network of multi coloured hexagons over for example people’s faces or the walls or in the empathy spaces between. There were no noticable tracers and things weren’t moving around much but these neon coloured patterns started taking over my entire vision.

I decided to try out my closed eye visuals and I was instantly impressed. There were neon coloured patterns mostly consisting of a balanced mix of sharp lines and sharply shaped ‘blocks’ of a certain bright colour that were all connected in strange shapes, they reminded me of psychedelic art, with their very bright colourful but rather simple patterns. They weren’t moving as fast as on LSD, but they were moving for sure, in a slow relaxed pace they were twisting, sliding and moving around forming new patterns while doing so. They reminded me a lot of colourful oil on water, and when I said this to my tripping companion Hat who was on the same dose he said that phenethylamine visuals indeed remind him of oil on water as well. In the centre of all the moving patterns which all connected to each other as well was a gold patch that had sharp lines edging it and was moving, changing colour and twisting slowly, taking all the patterns around it with it. These closed eye visuals were wonderful and when I opened my eyes again I noticed the intensity of the 2C-B was still building, as now absolutely everything was covered in these neon brightly coloured patterns, especially faces and walls seemed to be affected, the floor was as well and the air in between too, at this dose I could still see the reality behind it with some ease most of the time but I could imagine that just like LSD patterns, these visuals could take over the entire visual field in a high enough dose.

I actually felt like exploring these effects in some different settings than this sofa and we decided to go check on our friends L and T who had gone outside, wondering what L was thinking of these effects now that the peak had fully set in. R and Joe who were both sober at this point decided to stay there and drink beer keeping our seats while we were off exploring the world on a psychedelic. When entering the well-lit hallway I noticed the visuals were much less apparant there, the neon coloured patterns where still there but not as much all over the place at they had been in the slightly darker hallway where the sofa was, when going outside and still having not as many visuals as earlier I realised the visuals come in waves. We decided to first check on our friends outside and walked through the door. Outside it was really, really cold and we found T and L at a fire near the building. I still noticed colourful lines and shapes everywhere, especially on the clouds, trees and fire itself, usually in low detail patterns, at this point they would just ‘lay over’ reality, while on medium to high doese of LSD the patterns usually morph the reality under them entirely, combined with tracers making for a constantly shifting and reshaping fractal world, on the 2C-B this was not at all the case, the patterns themselves would move, but they would just move to a different place in reality, not move reality with it.

We found L on the ground and upon asking him how it was we were met with a smile and he said ‘spacy’. Upon realising that these friends weren’t talkative and annoyed by how cold it was outside I decided to go back inside where it was much more comfortable. Back inside we quickly took our places sitting down again. R and Joe were complaining about the bad music coming from the chill out area which was near that sofa. Upon listening we agreed and sat back down. I was feeling very comfortable, my clothes felt very comfortable, sitting was comfortable, even smoking my joint was more comfortable. Mentally I was still feeling sober, although I was noticably more talkative then usually and I felt more ‘clear’ in my mind, also there was this huge moodlift which made the entire 2C-B experience feel really happy, a simple kind of happy, just basic happy, somewhat like mild euphoria. Upon sitting there for a while we noticed the music was indeed quite bad, it was somewhat casino-like music and with all the different coloured lights of the music it gave off a casino-like atmosphere. I actually felt the whole space and atmosphere reminded me a lot of fear and loathing in las vegas, and everyone strongly agreed with that. Hat even noticed his visuals had become casino-like and mine had become so too.

I closed my eyes again and the patterns seemed to be even brighter the first time I closed my eyes, they were everywhere, mostly two dimensional, mostly red, blue, green and gold, with eyes closed they took on casino-like shapes and associations, again a lot of hexagons, circles, triangles and really strange shapes with lots of sharp corners that appeared to be a mix of hexagons, triangles and squares. Occasionally these shapes would become so complicated they started looking like actual objects and becoming less abstract.

When opening my eyes again patterns were on everyone's faces, both people in the distance and near by, on the walls they were actually now sliding across showing different shapes the whole time, dominant colours were red, green, blue and purple. These shapes are hard to describe but they were very ‘sharp’, but not very fractalled, but they were patterns. Joe asked me what it looked like when I mentioned I saw a lot of visuals on his face, and I told him it was a network of green hexagon lines looking like scales, and occasionally the visuals would take on the shape of borg-like face implants. The visuals reminded me of lower and medium dose LSD visuals, but without the strong tracers, detail or fractals, mostly just bright simple neon patterns. Joe mentioned he was jealous of the visual effects and that even LSD wasn’t very visual for him. I told him that due to my low body weight and visual thinking I am more sensitive to strong visuals in general but not so much to side effects or mental effects (to explain, 50 ug of LSD already gives me moving fractal neon patterns and tracers, while up to 300 ug isn’t even slightly confusing, these doses are also lab confirmed). He said he has the opposite and gets strong mental trips but not many visuals.

I told him that at a higher dose he would probably see things, but possibly experience more mental effects too and that if he wants to do such a thing indoors would be best. I had to admit to Hat that he was right and crowds and chaos did not bother me one bit on the 2C-B and that there were indeed no noticable mental effects, that it was indeed quite visual, euphoric, and that there were no physical side effects at all, not even a body buzz. Each of those statements was met with a ‘duuuh’ since I had been questioning all of that right before, but I was glad the 2C-B was everything I hoped it would be. In the mean while I talked to some strangers and acquaintances, as mentioned, this trip was very social and I was more talkative then sober, while I am used to trips making conversation more difficult instead of easier, this was odd, but very fun.

It was now about 1.5-2 hours after taking it, it feels much longer looking back so I assume there was also some time dilation and we decided on doing some ketamine again. This was because T had come in asking for some ketamine to do outside, I was slow in getting things done, mostly because I was easily distracted by both the visuals as the conversations that were going on. Eventually I got some ketamine down on my mirror and did some with Hat, I took the same dose I had been taking earlier that night, possibly even a bit more. It kicked in rather fast. All the physical and senses-related effects of ketamine I described earlier were noticed, they were not conflicting with the 2C-B and it just felt like being on both drugs at the same time. While the ketamine came on further the visuals intensified quite a lot, the patterns were now so obvious I actually gained a harder time at telling what things were from just looking at them. The music was still very casino and the whole thing felt like fear and nothing in las vegas only a lot happier and less messed up, just that atmosphere. It was a strong association, but a fun one. The intensified visuals, together with the loss of balance made for quite a gain in intensity of the effects. It was more difficult to follow everything that was happening around me now.

T started to insist on going outside for a while now and I asked him to wait until the ketamine effects had peaked due to the new combination. It soon did and the effect became rather stable. My body felt absolutely wonderful, everything was numbed except for the comfortable skin feeling the 2C-B gave, making me feel perfect and mentally the calm ketamine feeling mixed in very well with the cheerful happy 2C-B mood.

The only confusing moment of the evening came as we were getting ready. I wanted to check my stuff as I didn’t want to loose any of it and found everything except for my phone. We looked around and this is when I noticed how impaired I was, I couldn’t see the floor well enough to even tell if there was anything on it, I mean, there were patterns on it, but actual stuff? I wouldn’t have known. My sober friends told me it wasn’t on the floor or sofa itself so I asked one of them to phone the number, that didn’t give any results either and with numb skin on my hands it was hard to feel for my phone's texture between the other stuff. My boyfriend R then gave it a try and found it, in the linings of the bag, where apparantly a hole had started that evening, and was able to pull it out by sticking two fingers through the hole. That had been rather confusing and both my vision and senses were too impaired to locate my own phone. I believe sober I would’ve found it easily. When standing up balance felt even more off then earlier on just the ketamine and walking proved a real challenge. We quickly got outside though and walked to the fire.

This time outside the visual effects were much more intense then earlier, with obvious patterning everywhere, and faces of strangers looking oddly caricaturised. Outside we found L and T by the fire again, in the same spot as earlier. L apparantly hadn’t even moved at all yet. He also wasn’t speaking and just sat there curled up like a ball. R and T, both not on 2C-B, started holding a conversation with each other and me and Hat where just talking enthusiastically about the synergy between 2C-B and ketamine, how the effects of both seemed to be exponentially enhanced by each other, leaving for beautiful visuals well above the intensity of the peak of the 2C-B earlier and for a nearly perfect mind and body feeling.

Where 2C-B on its own had no clear mental effects, with the ketamine thinking felt a lot more psychedelic, even more psychedelic then dissociated. The fire was covered in bright green patterns and patterns were also in the ground at the edges of the fire. Some of them bright yet others more subtle. I noticed I barely felt I was standing yet I was very aware of how nice the fabric of my clothes felt on my back, this was an odd contrast, but a perfect one. We talked about the effects, the visuals, other experiences and were just enjoying ourselves. We noticed T and R had settled on chairs by the fire on the other side and were effectively ignoring us so we moved closer to their side. Upon closing my eyes I’d have lovely closed eye visuals, but I only did that occasionally as I had very little balance and needed my eyes to check I wasn’t falling over or anything. I was surprised how far removed from reality L appeared to be and was wondering if he felt the effects different from us.

After about 15 to 20 minutes of just standing and talking there I noticed that when the ketamine started to wear off a bit, I would feel cold again and that it was really cold. I told Hat and R my hands were cold and when I closed my eyes I saw nothing but hands, hands everywhere and all in an icy light blue colour. I even saw hands made up entirely of hands, and all those hands appeared frozen and their fingers were twisted in angles they’re not supposed to be able to twist in, so I again told Hat and R about my cold hands and that it was so severe that my visuals even became cold hands. That convinced them to come inside with me and we headed off for the dancefloor. To our surprise even L got up and walked with us.

We had hoped the dancefloor had cleared out a bit by now, as it was now around 7 am, but it really hadn’t at all. We went on it anyway as it looked like the best place to warm up quickly. The decoration was amazing, they had a smoke machine and coloured lasers, which combined looked really, really nice. There were also kaleidoscope projections on the walls. The music wasn’t good, but I was still energized and moving around felt good and the decoration just made me stare enthusiastically. I think we stayed on the dancefloor for about half an hour before deciding the music was actually too bad to keep on dancing. We then checked out the chill out which had gotten progressively worse and the music was even worse then earlier, and the whole atmosphere was just... off. Also, our seat was taken that we had carefully watched over all night, so we went down again in the room which had the bar and black light and some black light art. By now it was around 8 am and I noticed the first decline in visual effects, the peak really is quite short, but the decline was by no means a quick end, and I was still in a really good mood and much more energetic, considering that I hate standing and at this point had been doing so without a break for nearly two hours.

We stood talking for a while and I was introduced to a neuroscientist by Hat, it was a friend of his, I talked to her for a while about why and how psychedelic phens have similar effects to psychedelic tryptamines and how LSD probably has the most perfect binding for psychedelic activity under the serotonin subreceptors, and that 2C-B was such a warm and happy experience. It was fun to talk to someone with a PhD in one of my biggest interests, especially at a timing and situation such as that. After a while, nearing 9 am now, my sober friends started complaining about being tired.

I wasn’t tired at all yet but there was no place to sit and my legs were finally getting the first hints of ‘being tired’. When we went outside the sun was already up but it was a grey cold and dark morning. I still had neon patterns all over my vision but they weren’t ‘blocks’ of colour but just colourful lines making several shapes now. Once outside it turned out that L had lost his coat in the confusion and that he wanted to search for it alone and that we should just go. We doubted how good of an idea that was, but after 10 minutes of standing in the cold decided to leave anyway, we were with public transport and he on a bike anyway. On the walk back I still noticed both colours and visual patterning that I wouldn’t see while sober, but the intensity had gone down quite a lot. There was white frost on the ground and I still had a higher appreciation for things I saw. When waiting for our bus I was very easily humoured and laughed a lot, to the point that I was laughing so much it was hard to breath enough, I don’t really often get that so I assume it had to do still with the 2C-B comedown.

By the time I was home it was a little past 10 am and the visual effects had gone down to just being a few colourful dots in my vision at random places. Sleeping after the effects, 7 hours after taking the 2C-B was easy unlike with LSD where I can’t sleep for hours after it's worn of, often sleeping maybe 14-15 hours after taking LSD, with 2C-B even though it felt quite ‘upper’ in nature with its talkativeness and moodlift, sleep was really easy. Eating by this point too and I assume eating is also possible in the late plateau, probably easier then on LSD. The stimulation felt both stronger as well as less forced then with LSD.

This was a first impression of a wonderful psychedelic, the lack of strong mental effects makes it more easy to do this in chaotic settings, the moodlift is wonderful, the stimulation just to the point where I like it. I’m curious to repeat this dose in a calmer setting, like my house, and also curious to trying higher doses of this, to see how the visuals develop with increased dosage. I still prefer LSD over this (more beautiful visuals and I like the tryptamine buzz in all my cells, makes me feel connected to the universe), but I am also planning on making 2C-B one of my regular substances, with its nice visuals, lack of side effects, strong moodlift and tendency to make me even more talkative, this is a great psychedelic for recreative social settings, or maybe people who have never tried a psychedelic before. I also found it rather unique to discover a psychedelic that makes me more talkative, even with my experience on LSD I find myself more silent in the peak of the effects than I would be sober, while on 2C-B I spoke even more then I would otherwise. Trying something new again was also wonderful, and I’m curious and excited to get to know this substance better. This first impression of psychedelic phenethylamines was certainly a good one.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89492
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Feb 5, 2011Views: 26,688
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Ketamine (31), 2C-B (52) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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