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My Heart Stopped Beating No Pulse
Unknown/Mephedrone ('Molly's Plant Food')
by Never Again
Citation:   Never Again. "My Heart Stopped Beating No Pulse: An Experience with Unknown/Mephedrone ('Molly's Plant Food') (ID 89369)". Feb 2, 2011.

450 mg oral Unknown (powder / crystals)


So like the rest of you I wanted to know what every one was talking about, this drug called Mephedrone, or Mollys Plant food. I used the substance before with no problems but on the third time, I took about 450mg orally (1.5 mollys) and within ten minutes of the drug kicking in I didn't have a pulse. I will say that at first, it was just like every one is saying. I had fun with it. It was a mild coke like buzz but not on the third time. On the third time I used the same amount about 450mg and the feeling was terrifying. Everything sped up about 10,000 times and I was scared. Before my heart stopped I knew I didnt like it and it was too much. I tried to eat something but my appetite was so far gone I couldn't even swallow food.

I am warning you, this stuff is unstable. This wasn't a fun experience and to any one wondering about molly, stay the fuck away. This is no joke. DO NOT USE THIS STUFF. MY HEART STOPPED BEATING. It literally stopped. I am an experienced drug user who has experimented with more drugs than I have fingers. This shit is more dangerous than crack. Not to mention the come down was the worst experience of my life. It lasted 9 hours. I thought it would never stop. Nothing but fear, heart palpitations, jitters, severe nausea, and everything coming and going a million miles an hour. It was fucking terrible. Because of this experience I will never use drugs ever again. I am lucky to still have a living human body to use to warn you with. In short, DO NOT FUCKING USE THIS STUFF. IT IS TOO UNSTABLE. The third time I tried it, the high was not fun, euphoric, or exciting. It was too much. I was scared shitless. Everything was sped up by about 1000x. Nothing happened before but a coke like buzz. It was fine the other times. I never mixed with other drugs or alcohol. I straight up took this shit and almost died. I AM WARNING YOU NOW THIS IS NO FUCKING JOKE. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS SHIT.

I didn't believe so before, but after my experience this should absolutely be illegal. It was authentic Mollys Plant food, but the problem is inconsistency. People have died from this shit. I thought it was propaganda but it surely is NOT.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89369
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Feb 2, 2011Views: 14,374
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