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Mentally Settling Slight Dissociation
Piracetam, Choline & Cannabis
by ReaDMe
Citation:   ReaDMe. "Mentally Settling Slight Dissociation: An Experience with Piracetam, Choline & Cannabis (exp89258)". Mar 25, 2020.

2400 mg oral Piracetam (daily)
  1300 - 2600 mg oral Vitamins - Choline (daily)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


I have been taking 2400mg of piracetam with 1300-1950mg of choline citrate daily and 3-6 grams of fish oil daily for a month, and I have loved the benefits: Metal clarity, improved vision, improved mood, better focus, and a stronger inclination to do things that are rational rather than impulsive, unhealthy, or wasteful.

It was my first day back to college after winter break, and I wanted to start off good, so I decided I'd up my dosage. This time, I took 4g more of fish oil and 650mg more of choline citrate. I don't take more than 3500mg of choline because the documented 'tolerable upper limit' of daily intake is 3500mg.

The day starts off fine. I am productive in the morning and have a good lunch. At 1:00, I go to smoke a bowl of very fresh and almost completely side-effect free cannabis. No short term memory loss, no haziness, no anxiety, no 'stone'. Just good feeling all around, and given my low tolerance, one large bowl is enough to get me quite high.

All is pretty well for a while. It is now approaching late afternoon. The come down is as smooth as can be, but I notice something about my emotional state, or near lack thereof. In the past on piracetam, I have noticed a decrease in the range of fluctuation between the highs and lows of my emotions
In the past on piracetam, I have noticed a decrease in the range of fluctuation between the highs and lows of my emotions
(almost like medication for bipolar disorder), but if the amplitude of a sine function represents my range of highs and lows, it is near zero right now. I feel almost nothing. I enjoy the music I listen to, but I don't 'feel' it. While in the room with three of my very good friends, I feel disconnected. The usual unnoticed feelings I have around them and other people are absent. But I don't feel bad.

Problem is, my realization that I feel disconnected begins to bring upon depression. I start to constantly remind myself of a horrific 150x salvia trip from two weeks prior; the remembrance of the intense ego death only makes me feel more disconnected. I start to question the wonderful happiness I felt just two days before about starting the improvements drugs have made to my life in the last six months. I have significantly changed since then, and right now I implicitly am thinking: 'What have I become?'

Later in the evening, the disconnected feelings slowly start to decrease. I drink a cup of hot green tea, and I can almost feel my normal self radiating back into existence with each sip. I take some deep breaths, and gain some optimism that I'll feel completely normal tomorrow.

Even later, I notice a small sex drive that slightly increases as the night goes on. My recognition of this purges the occasional dissociative thoughts and any disturbances from remembering my bad salvia trip.

Piracetam doesn't make me randomly come up with great ideas, but my brain just functions better and more efficiently. I feel like part of the reason this happens is because of a decrease in natural distractions, like strong emotions, hunger, and sex drive. The high dose, for me, put my brain in the perfect place for maximum practical efficiency but in a horrible place for feeling alive and connected.

I think I'll take a break from piracetam for a week or so.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89258
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Mar 25, 2020Views: 1,095
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Piracetam (95), Vitamins - Choline (467) : Not Applicable (38), Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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