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So Is That 4-HO-MET, Right?
by ErowidLover
Citation:   ErowidLover. "So Is That 4-HO-MET, Right?: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp89111)". Jan 23, 2011.

T+ 0:00
8 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 8 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00   smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


Hello everyone,

First of all sorry for my english, hope you can understand! After a long absence I'm back but I preferred to wait a while before coming back because I had a sacred experience .... I'll tell you. First I start with my first test which was the best of all my test. I said before all I have no gift to write and may be shared 'good' phrases so I'll describe the trip in my own way (time for syntaxes cough cough).

So here we go!


Name of the experience: So is that 4-ho-met right?
Experience: 1st test
Date of experience: Month of August, not sure of the date but it is between 20 and 30.
Age: 18
Weight: 45kg + / -
Height: 1m66-68
Template: Thin

Substance tested: 4-HO-MET Fumarate 98.99% Grad Lab (powder)
Dosage: Start - 8mg +1h - 8mg = 16mg total
Quality of experience: Good experience

WARNING! Use of CR can be dangerous! Only you know your body!

Well, I warn, I'll tell my experience based on how I lived and I saw things during this trip ...

It was the first time I had the opportunity to test this product I did not know, but I was told basically that it is metabolized in psylocin (I think) in the body (like mushrooms) I tell myself that it must be substantially the same. I was right but not quite ...

It happened about the month of August 2010 if I remember correctly (it's funny looking back because we can remember the trip like it was yesterday). It was 7:00 p.m. when I decide and a person called 'X' to test the substance (X having already had some testing with this product). With some hesitation and trepidation, I decided to swallow 8mg 4-ho-met fumarate (X advised me to take more if I do not feel ....). 'X' on the other hand takes a dose between 20 and 25mg (significantly high).

I stay on my position and decided to stick to 8mg for now and see just what the beast has in the belly. Oops ... I had to go eat with 'Y' located in the living room, not knowing more than that, I was a bit stressed at the idea that 'Y' sees me in this state. I am invited, it's not too cool to use products like that 'X' in turn decides to not eat.

19:30 I'm in the living room with 'Y' still eating, I had a little trouble eating but I did not notice any effects yet ... I felt it by cons 'working' inside.

After the meal, I go back into the room with 'X', 'X' told me he feels the 4-ho-met, I still do not feel anything and 'X' gives me 8mg more.

15-20 minutes later I told myself: 'Oh shit, I feel like I'm starting to be different.' Indeed! The 4-ho-met is triggered quickly, I was full up.

Me and 'X' quickly decide to go for a walk outside while smoking a cigarette and chatting. On the way, I felt the product, which increased in intensity (shit it would be hard!). The ground began to drip slightly, the colors seemed more pronounced. Mentally nothing very noticeable, it was still very easy to talk normally and be rational (something which was more practicable thereafter). The flowers on the bottom sides seemed alive and strangely similar to marijuana leaves (maybe it was because we had smoked some marijuana before the trip). Quite beautiful I must say! On the road we saw a dead cat, oddly we laughed, thinking how he has landed here! (Sorry for the trip but the situation seemed funny, 'X' and I love animals!)

I noticed that a trip to 4-ho-met seemed more 'What the fuck?' and more organic than LSD. Especially for the colors and deformations .... but that's not safe! (You will see the upcoming trip reports, 4-ho-met is not always pink). Were more likely to laugh with 4-ho-met and find situations immediately funniest. Brief return to our sheep. We returned home and bitterly sit in the room. The Chemical Brothers were launched, it could be that good!

It should be 8:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. and was still coming up, I remember a time because everything was much stronger in a while! In short, this come up was rather pleasant, I noticed almost no bodyloads apart from a kind of tension in the face (this is a tryptamine, that would explain this?), not really annoying, it is easy to do abstraction). Mental effects is also very clean, very manageable and it was easy for me to keep cool even though I raved dry by now!

On his bedroom, wall was moving in all directions, as if a huge wave stick to a multicolored hues on the walls. The grooves of the wooden floors were alive! it flowed like a river, mouths filled with very white teeth decided to come and settle on its soil. Eye also had sparkling blue iris decorate the situation Very funny!

I really was leaving in all directions so that the trip gave me that 'X' was more introspective and spiritual, yet I found that 4-ho-met is not very strong mentally (until I go up the mix in my other TR).

21:00: We decide to smoke a bit of JWH-018 (synthetic cannabinoid). Placed on a cigarette and go!

9:15 p.m.: Once burned JWH-018, we wanted to smoke a cigarette! BLAM it feels good effects with JWH combined with 4-ho-met! My hands seemed empty as if it weighed a little gram.

I put my jacket somehow and it was pretty hard to go down the stairs, pulled into the ground, definitely! The colors were revealed on their best days, tones purplish, greenish, yellowish gave more energy at home but also more heat. We felt safe (even if the ripples of tiles gave a bit of nausea).

Once outside, I pull out my cigarette, but it does not strike me as usual. A cigarette is all soft, no longer have any taste and the more it shall not sink to the ground and fraying everywhere! The garden was enchanted. Perhaps the elves or astral spirits watching us, who knows, perhaps!

It is from here that the mental side appeared. Looking at the sky, I see one form of life, such as small UFO that cross the sky, or perhaps energy ... I spoke with 'X' and asked his opinion about the paranormal and extraterrestrial side of life, the discussion was initiated! 'Can it be cool to visit every country in the world and bring a specific object of the country, it would be great no?' I said to 'X'. 'X' on my question dubious think we should just let these items to countries is something heritage of life ... why we need to appropriate this, take advantage of each property provided by Mother Nature, 'he said. In short, the discussion was no longer the same original subject on the sky that we looked, I was delirious and he asked me not to cry too. Yes I was screaming with joy all seemed so logical and explicable, I know in me but it was hard to share it with him ... that's what my hardest when I trip.

Soul of our discussion, we go back to his room, the effects were very strong. I sit and decided to design, too bad, i was uninspired, my drawings were confused and was not really what I wanted to draw. 'X' prefers to write his 'thoughts' on paper. It was fascinating and intriguing to watch. It's really impressive 'to see that each individual perceives things very differently'.

Truce drawings, I settle into the chair and takes the good old book from Hofmann (LSD, my terrible child), it seemed much more attractive to read on 4-ho-met, besides I had the impression of being in the book! But that does not dureras point it was impossible to concentrate on reading, I was literally drawn to the bindings of books and drawings took on another dimension (as if you know the drawings of the book emerged, as if there was a thick).

23:00: A little tired from the trip that lasts forever, I landed on the mattress and enjoy the music, the music enters my head and make me travel through pipes organic, as if to lead me to my inner heart, to my soul! It was ENJOYMENT: D

I listen to music during 1h-2h00, it was so good! I open my eyes and I feel slightly confused, I wonder what am I doing in this room besides, I even had trouble telling me that I had taken a trip because it was as if I had lived with since forever!

Nevertheless, the trip begins to leave, it stirs a lot weaker than the 1st few hours and it feels good! The descent is pleasant and makes me especially sleepy. I'm too lazy to remove my clothes so I was finally well. I finally fell asleep clothed with music!

Summary: really good experience for the first time, I was surprised by the clean side of the trip in general, easily manageable (thing rather mixed thereafter). The 4-ho-met was much more visual for me, I would say a mix between LSD and something more organic! Standard colors for sure, is more 'ambient' than LSD or other hallucinogenic experience that I had. The come-up is particularly short (more or less 1h-1h30) for me and lasts between 4 and 8 hours maximum! For me it's the safest RC that I have tested:)
But still beware ... ;)

Thank you for reading and sorry for the spelling mistakes;)

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89111
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 23, 2011Views: 15,530
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4-HO-MET (436) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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