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Waves of Calm and Happy
by Halcyon
Citation:   Halcyon. "Waves of Calm and Happy: An Experience with Hydromorphone (exp88827)". Jan 26, 2018.

4 mg oral Hydromorphone (ground / crushed)


My girlfriend gave me a few of her extra hydromorphone 4mg tablets left over from her gum surgery (she's allergic to codeine so the doctor prescribed these). So, I decided to work on my latest programming project and chill out with my last 4mg tablet and record it here. My opiate tolerance would be considered very low by most even at this point. I've never done heroin, opium, poppy tea, kratom or taken prescription opiates. The only exception is that last year I split my thumb in two while moving my girlfriend's fridge and was given 4mg of morphine intravenously at the hospital and prescribed some 5mg oxycodones for the pain, but I gave most of them away to friends for recreational purposes. Anyway, this report is about hydromorphone which I find to be a particularly interesting opiate. Given my limited experience I can say that it's much stronger than oxycodone and also much different feeling. It seems to wash over you in waves rather than a gradual increase and decline of the effect's strength. The first time I tried it was a single 4mg tablet while I sat down to watch tv. It came over me like a wave and proceeded to brighten and defocus my vision. I was staring at the tv but I could see everything around me change color as the image on-screen changed. The next two times, I took two 4mg tablets about an hour apart from each other and sat down to program which became a difficult task due to the strong effect the drug had on me. It lasted much longer both of those times than in this report and was much stronger (about 2x or more which makes sense) I should have recorded one of those as it happened as my memory is a little hazy from both but I can say they were similar to this experience with no bad side effects to report.

I waited a week after my last experience to try it again. This is how it went:

T+0:00 - queued up my favorite deadmau5 and massive attack tracks while I crushed the pill, sipped it down with my soda and started working on the computer.

T+0:08 - walked down the hall to the bathroom to pee

T+0:10 - back, already starting to notice characteristic opiate feeling

T+0:15 - had a little trouble with keyboard and mouse, felt a little like waves were slowly travelling across my body

T+0:25 - pretty confortable, just listening to music and working on the computer still

T+0:30 - music switched to massive attack, feeling it a little more

T+0:40 - feel a little wavy & drunk

T+0:45 - not much different

T+0:50 - noticing less sensitivity to touch (especially in hands)

T+1:00 - feel very awake and aware still, things seem a lot brighter but not it a bad way, noticing my periphery more in my vision for some reason

T+1:25 - need to pee again, standing up again felt funky, so did walking

T+2:00 - feeling pretty damn good

T+2:20 - my brother took me to lunch

T+2:45 - ate a burger and fries

T+3:00 - starting to come down

T+4:25 - was feeling pretty itchy for the last 15 min, still feeling the effects a little

T+5:50 - effects are still there but very mild

T+6:30 - things seem to be back to normal now.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88827
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 26, 2018Views: 13,820
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